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Default 02-17-2012, 10:17 PM

Originally Posted by R3SISTANC3 View Post
Our culture thought us to be noble men/women. Thought us to be men and women of integrity, honesty, hospitality. Our culture teaches us that value freedom, independence, and never to tolerate tyranny. Our culture teaches us to help the weak, the poor, the orphan, and the widow. To give and stand for justice. What did our culture do for us? It made us civilized (contrary to what they feed you), because only the civilized honors the roles of man, woman, elder, younger, guest, stranger, and most of all, living beings.

To put in perspective, with all the wars, drugs, turmoil, we are not slum dogs, or ghetto super stars. Our sons are not calling their sisters bitches and hoes, and our daughters bouncing their fat behinds making it rain in strip clubs. Because my friend, that too is culture, 21st Century culture.

Watch this video

‫د غريبو لاس نيوى ٥‬‎ - YouTube

Even though this Pashtun family is in such a dire situation, look at what the mother teaches them. Look at what those little kids have learned and teach. That is culture, even in destitute, they don't forget their humanity.

Now what have you done for your culture instead of expecting?
Many other cultures teach the same thing. I wish we had the determination to seek knowledge as the Chinese do, I wish our culture could look beyond engineer,doctor, lawyer. What I am getting at is that our culture is not perfect, in fact, I find many things that are wrong with it that I don't bother to think about it too much because it is not important.

Torkham brother mentioned that culture gives literature, poetry, music, etc.. This is all nice but there are 1000s of other cultures that do the same. There have been great writers all over the world. Why should I stick to one? Why not appreciate them all. Should we appreciate the work or where it came from? Should we appreciate that the person was born in our region and that should give us happiness?

I get tired of people taking pride in that some great writer, poet, storyteller, musician is from their land.

Biggest reason why I dislike our culture: Pashtuns take pride in their culture to extreme levels. Pashtuns cannot live with hazaras, tajiks, uzbekis, etc... Pashtuns have to have complete control in everything. People actually go fight for this. Sometimes I wonder if taliban are fighting for "pashtuns" or do they even know what Islam means?

Moreover, culture is sort of a tool that can be used in dangerous ways. For example, in my university I ask ROTC students, Why they want to go fight for their country and kill innocent people, have they learned nothing from Iraq and Afghanistan? Their answer is always the same thing, " I am protecting our freedoms." They are simply fighting for the money, honor, and pride that comes with the position. One of the best recruiting methods in any country any culture is what: music, speeches about great people in the past, freedoms, nice stuff.

I am content with Islam and I don't need anything else. I don't want to stick with something that forces me to get away from Islam and that is the final and best point.

There are countless examples of cultures (Pashtun also) disobeying Islam. We listen to music, watch movies, look at the crap that Pakistan puts in their dramas, the indian dramas that pashtun women watch. And one of the biggest problems plaguing my younger generation: Why the hell does it cost so much money to have wedding!!!!!!!!

If it was up to me I would do the nikkah and the hell with the attan, hotel, engagement, 3 days of parties, car with flowers, all of this nonsense.. This is why I keep getting far away from culture and closer to Islam. I don't understand how people live with themselves; how can you have a wedding for thousands of dollars in a hotel while their are people begging for food to stay alive across the street!!!!

I don't meant to offend anyone because I know I am not perfect, I am just putting my thoughts out there.

BTW: I won't ever do anything for pashtun culture but I will do everything for the poor people of Afghanistan. Not because of the culture but because that is where I was born and that is my home. Those are the people that I should take care of first.
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Default 02-19-2012, 06:08 PM

i agree incidentally that Pashtuns should have complete control over Afghanistan, with a bit of Tajik and Hazara input. But the Pashtuns should be the head as they are overwhelmingly the majority ethnic group.
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Default 02-19-2012, 06:10 PM

A point about extremism is that it comes about through instability, war, too many bongas. Pashtuns are not inherently extreme (real ones, I mean - those in Afghanistan Pakistan anyway).
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