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Default Ghani bends over and opens buttock at just the right angle - 03-19-2017, 06:57 PM

Interesting article:

Ghani is hilarious. So in his mind he though to himself: "Hmmmm The Donald is into 'deals'"

To interest Trump, Afghanistan dangles investment opportunity - POLITICO

So this fool forgets how "The Donald's" mind works. When it came to taking a country and its valuable we can refer to his commentary on the Iraq War:

Iraq leader "not clear" on Trump intentions for Iraqi oil reserves - CBS News

To the victor belong the spoils,” Mr. Trump told members of the intelligence community, saying he first argued this case for “economic reasons.” He said it made sense as a counterterrorism approach to defeating ISIS “because that’s where they made their money in the first place.”
“So we should have kept the oil,” he said. “But, OK, maybe you’ll have another chance.”
So this monkey named Ghani decided: "Wow, every day is a set back. Every day something retarded happens here and this new guy is pretty much onto the thieving game me and the other technocrats are playing (i.e. using Western largess to boost the bank accounts and build some mansions)... looks like I am going to have to go full prostitute mode"

So what does the moron do? He offers him the nation's lithium reserves on a silver platter.

These "technocrat" morons for years have been trying to sell the world and the watan on the notion that they know how to gain investment and turn Afghanistan into the next Central Asian Switzerland (its like reading a fairy tale - if you believe it enough Tinkerbell gets to live).

They argued that the accusations of selling the country out with the signing of these accords and parceling out the resource was just "gaining investment" and not really the progression toward a tin pot diamond mining style African experience.

The question is particularly acute for the Afghan government, which has proved unable to defeat a 15-year Taliban insurgency, and, more recently, a nascent Islamic State. Without continued U.S. support, Afghanistan’s government is at severe risk of collapse.

On Wednesday, at least 30 people were killed in an Islamic State attack on a military hospital in Kabul. Last month, the top U.S. general in Afghanistan told Congress he needs “a few thousand” more troops, in addition to the 8,400 American soldiers already there, to back up Afghan security forces suffering horrendous battlefield losses.

“If I’m Ghani and I want continued U.S. engagement, and Trump has said things like, ‘We’ve got to get the hell out of that place’ — how do I get his attention?” said a former senior Obama White House official.
Ghani understands that mineral wealth “can help Trump have a different narrative for engagement in Afghanistan,” he added.
So what this boils down to is that these guys have their backs against the wall. Ghani is the prime example. He published next to nothing with one of the shortest CVs coming out of his graduate program and like most career politicians, he relies on his current job. That is, like most his technocrat émigré "we know what's best in the West and how to bring it" drunkard bosom buddies - he has no skill on which he have to flee in ignominy back to Baltimore.

So without thinking it through he pretty much is bending over and saying "Hey Donald - I know you pretty much flat out stated that it should be like olden times and the conqueror should get the riches so I am going to offer you up a potential natural resource to steal because somehow our nonfunctional military and the Kabul regime can keep you from "seizing" the very Lithium reserves you develop for us. Wink wink."

Its pretty sad begging at this point and rather open prostitution.

The man has already said very clearly:

Trump's Foreign Policy: Ends 'Era of Nation Building'

If I become president the era of nation building will come to a swift end - Trump

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Default 09-27-2017, 03:30 AM

Trump, Ghani agree U.S. can help develop Afghanistan's rare earth minerals | Reuters

Beghairat Mordagaw Ghani got his wish and successfully propstituted his country to Trump. He shows no shame in doing so, and probably feels proud to have made use of the assets available to him to enrich himself and hold off his inevitable hanging a little longer, just like a pimp may feel a twisted sense of pride in finding a great price for his prettiest daughter.

Best part about this? Just like any other pimp, you should never trust the rat Ghani. He most likely exaggerated the actual mineral wealth of Afghanistan, and most of it is in Taliban territory anyway, so idiot Trump and his legion of vulture capitalists will (inshallah) never see a penny from their attempted plunder.
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Default 10-07-2017, 03:31 AM

The region where the lithium/other mineral reserves are has been out of Kabul regime's control for over 7 years even when 140,000 US/NATO troops were present in Afghanistan.

Ghani is a 5th rate hustler who can't even do a good job at selling himself. Trump is not that smart, but neither is he that dumb.

"Nothing ever lasts forever"
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