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Default Farhat T Anderson still gets it wrong part 2 - 12-03-2011, 05:01 PM

Barakzai posted this in history, but I the discussion belongs here.

Farhat T Anderson still gets it wrong part 2 -
11-29-2011, 07:15 PM
A great article on ISI Pak Army afilliated Al Jazeera by that ISI agent colleague of ISI agent Clive Stafford Smith, Miss ISI agent Jennifer Robinson.

So recall Miss Andersen had the gall to claim a 0% civilian kill rate via drone ops.

More information on young Tariq and his cousin:

"Three days later Tariq was killed along with his 12-year-old cousin Waheed when their car was targeted by a Hellfire missile as they headed home to Norak, a village in Waziristan near the Afghan border."

"Drones are described not only as the future of warfare, but as risk-free war. But Tariq's death - and the hundreds of other civilian deaths recorded in a recent Bureau of Investigative Journalism study - demonstrate that this PlayStation warfare is only risk-free for operators of these remote-controlled killers. From the safety of an office building in Langley, Virginia, CIA operatives play games with Pakistanis' lives."

"Yet, according to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, at least 225 of those killed in drone attacks during the Obama administration "may have been civilians". Add Tariq to the fast-growing list."

Also Farhat T ANDERSEN, should be weary, because it looks like another band if ISI funded Western do gooders is about to take on the census of civilian deaths:

"Access to information and reliable statistics is vital. Neither the US nor Pakistan provide accurate reports of civilians killed, in breach of the recommendations of the UN Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial Killings. Reprieve, a British charity, is working together with lawyers and villages to better document the attacks. Tariq had volunteered for this task. He did so in the hope that his efforts would assist us - foreign lawyers - to raise awareness and to take legal action to stop the collateral murder he witnessed in his homeland and to compensate its victims."

Now this ISI lackey agent Miss Robinson goes on to one up Miss Andersen. Recall how Miss Andersen somehow dons the burka and finds her way into dark alleys, deep nooks and cranees of Waziristan and interviews her tribal elder colleagues who all tell her: "Farhat, we are gonna hold a Andersenzai jirga next week and please, bring starbucks mochas so we can really stress how much we can be caffienated when we stress just how much we love drone strikes."

Interestling enough, Miss Robinson's elder's dont seem to agree:

"How do we know how many civilians are being killed? From what I heard from village elders at the jirga, the majority were civilians, not militants. Was Tariq a militant? By all accounts, no. Yet "official" reports of the attack told us that four militants had been killed. In truth, the only victims were Tariq and his young cousin."

And No Soldat, my friend, I dont care who your uncle is and I dont care who you know, I just plain trust Miss Robinson over you any day of the week because she is more reliable. So please do not offer any commentary at all that relates who your uncles might be, who your uncles were, or how you have footage of tribal leaders saying this that or the other.

As soon as Reprieve's work is complete, expect that skank Miss Andersen to release her own Asian News article, minus her legal surname of course, detailing how Reprieve, a British charity, utilized Pakistani military approved data gatherers. This is despite the fact that Reprieve was using young folks who live in Waziristan, like Tariq, to do the work.

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Default 12-03-2011, 05:02 PM

Another of Barakzai's post

11-29-2011, 07:30 PM

On a side note, I watch with glee and amusement, relishing each rapid article posted by the failure ANPiites and the ever lazy, dregs of society, welfare recipient pro Karzai crowd in regard to this Mr. Khan. The fact that it took a 3 part expose by Farhat Andersen to deal with him really provides us a great weathervane. I knew there must be some value in this individual if their shrill cries were rising to a fever pitch over his escalating candidacy. When they were cornered, red faced, they resorted to the: "he committed zina and sits with girls... you cant, you cant, you cant vote for him otherwise you are a mo mo mo moounafiq." LOOOOOOOL. I knew right away something was amiss for their interests in Pakistan when they rolled this last line of idiocy out.

Oh really? Who is the mounafiq when you know full well that in a secular democratic system that you are forcibly implementing, his zina ought not matter a lick or wit. Where is Mullah Omar to stand in this election of the farcical one across the border? Where is Hakimullah Mehsud to stand in this election or the farcical one across the border? By your rules, if they standin the election, their reward is a missile from above. These are your rules chumps, not unknown prince's. You wanted a secular democratic election with secular democratic candidates and you got them. Now play by your rules and quit being histrionic hypocrites. After all, Miss Andersen's last name doesnt matter right? Yet the video that Toramana posts about Miss Sita White indicates that Mr Khan ought to bestow his surname onto his illegitimate daughter. So when the fundamentalists are starting to play by your rules in the system you chose, on the chessboard you picked, with the endorsement of Abdul Ghaffar's descendent, now you want to change the rules to Islamic candidates? Thats rich. LOOOOOOL.

No, lets shed these layers of retardedness aside and examine what outsiders view as the facts:

" Imran Khan, leader of Pakistani political party PTI, argues that the US counter-terrorism strategy in Pakistan is counter-productive: Rather than targeting militants, drone attacks merely create them. For every innocent civilian like Tariq that is killed, many more militants are created. Having witnessed the fervent emotion expressed during the jirga in Islamabad and the sorrow and anger I felt upon hearing of Tariq's death, I cannot but agree." - ISI agent Miss Robinson.

As I decided to familiarize myself with this Mr. Khan, here is little gem I found:

So the only objective information we have on this individual's policy platform derives from the above wikileaks cable. And it appears that the reason for the histrionics and the shrill cries and attempts to deter Pakistanis from halting the drone attacks is basically because when that happens:

1) The Wazirs and Mehsuds can do what they have done since time immemorial, unseat illegitimate governments in Kabul

2) Affect the interests of the histrionic few.

Expect a barrage of articles to be posted in the coming hours. I for one am getting the coffee ready, and am prepare for a great degree of entertainment. Thus far we have had everything from a 50 acre house article about Imran Khan to the continuous hot air posted on this forum about the ISI controlling every single aspect of our lives. Lets see what the next round of clever assaults hold.

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Default 12-03-2011, 05:04 PM

Please move Barakzai's original thread (if it is ok with him) here, and then delete this. I think this thread deserves more attention,
Despite the fact that Farhat ANDERSEN has been proven to tell lies, it appears her lies are continuously tolerated here.

I think this thread that Barkazai posted needs to be discussed, as it got lost in the History section.

Last edited by unknownprince; 12-03-2011 at 05:13 PM.
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