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Lightbulb Hoax coming apart - 07-30-2011, 01:33 AM

Hoax coming apart

Frontier Post :: Editorial :: Hoax coming apart

Posted on July 30, 2011

The western powers’ hoax of successes is coming apart as abysmally in Libya as it is in Afghanistan. Gen. David Petraeus had laid down the baton of coalition forces’ command in Afghanistan, declaring he had subdued the south and the occupation militaries would now move in to pacify the east. But just the recent Taliban’s lethal strikes in Kandahar and Uruzgan alone fly rippingly in the face of his wild boasts. More bluntly, the US-led occupiers have throughout fiddled with their Afghan war, not fought it, bragging of successes where existed none. At war are, more accurately, the Pakhtuns as a whole, not some segregated Taliban or other insurgent groups. And the community, shed aside stupidly by the occupiers from the power dispensation in the post-Taliban Afghanistan despite being the country’s largest and traditionally its kings or king-makers, is fighting as has it always against the alien invaders or occupiers: the guerilla war. It is with this method of warfare they have vanquished the invaders or driven out the occupiers. They did this to the British imperialists during their Great Game in this part of the world as well as to their Soviet occupiers. And it is a big delusion of the US-led occupiers if it is going to be any different with them. With their hit and run ambuscades, they tease and torment the enemy incessantly, forcing it to leave in grief and distress. And that flight is now very much in the works. The Dutch have already left; the Canadians are in the departure process; and the Germans, French and British too are flapping their wings to fly away the soonest possible on one pretext or the other. Even President Barack Obama’s planned drawdown is just another name, albeit deceptive, of this exodus. But it is Libya where the limits of the western militarists’ power projection are being tested to their great humiliation. With their nostrils being tickled greedily by the intoxicating smell of the Libyan fine oil, the inebriated war leaders in certain western European capitals jumped in the fray as soon as the uprising erupted against strongman Muammar Qaddafi. They thought Qaddafi’s ouster was just a cakewalk. And cakewalk it would have been, had they not sought to do it with their military might. A cornered Qaddafi was desperately seeking a political way out that could have possibly ended up in his exit and the carnage of the civilians on both sides of the Libyan partisans would have been averted. But by maneuvering the UN Security Council for military intervention on the specious excuse of saving civilian lives as well as the reference of Qaddafi and his son along with a some other close relations to the International Criminal Court for indictment, they closed all the exit routes for the autocrat to depart, leaving him no option but to survive or die fighting.So while a desperate Qaddafi is hanging on, even though by a thread, the western interventionists are falling prostrate. The Americans had largely taken their hands off after going in for massive bombing of Qaddafi’s military assets and compounds in the initial campaign of the interventionists. The French and the British, the two main war protagonists, too are now finding it had to keep up with their intervention, turning out to be very costly to their tight public exchequers. And they are now falling flat on the ground increasingly. They all are now saying that Qaddafi may stay on in his homeland; only he has to step down. He is adamant and intransigent. Stand down he would not in any event, he declares. And the interventionists are palpably are in a quandary, knowing not what to do with an obstinate autocrat as he. But in the mean time they have thoroughly tarnished a popular uprising by siding with it as active partisans, not outside sympathisers and moral champions of people’s cause. Not just that. They have with their stupidity opened up tribal and factional schisms and ignited the chronic rivalries in the Libya polity that would haunt this North African Arab nation for long whether Qaddafi survives in power or not and lives on or goes.
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