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Amir al Ghaznavi
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Default 07-02-2011, 07:53 PM

Originally Posted by emkhan View Post
This is a blame game from both the sides but the reality is that we don't have sincere leaders or masharaans. If we had we would not be in such situation.
Blaming pakistan or Afghanistan will not make any good to our people but we should make our own pukhtuns strong. The day we stood on our own feet, nobody will be able to interfere in our personal matters. For the time being, the reality is that Afghanistan is influenced by non Pashtoon elements and ideologies and Pukhtunkhwa is also influenced by non Pashtoon elements and ideologies.
I agree and again I am not absolving Afghanistan of any blame. I think the Royal Family was for the most part useless. Its also our very character as a tribalistic society that brought about our down fall.

we need to be realistic moving forward. we cant be concerned with the lar side anymore. those days are done. lets focus on our own side first. its for the betterment of our people over all
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Default 07-03-2011, 02:40 AM

.The man name akhtar abdurahman was an indain mahajar with roots to afghan ancesters.Born in peshawar to indain parents.He was mahajar and not pashtun.
He was a loyal servant of punjabi establishment and enemy of pashtun unity.
Many afghan leaders like gul badeen or budin,masood,khalis,nabi,khaqani etc were his pupets.
It is interesting the leaders afghan-pashtun followed today are still paid ISI sevants .
Even karzai was ISI agent.They should ask their leaders why are they loyal ISI servants.
What makes me laugh when the supporters of gulbudin and mula omar calling names to pakistan .

Support pashto language and greater pukhtoonkhwa.

pa prady jaba khabarai pakhtun naka
be laila bala soda kho majnon naka
gero jabo kre lahoo pa khpal tahzeeb ki
be pakhtu ba de bal hestsok rastoon naka
hamza baba
پَښتو کښې اُولېکئ
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Default 07-03-2011, 04:53 AM

Gadoonwal, thats what I am saying. But they don't see agents among themselves and always point on others.
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Default 07-03-2011, 11:16 AM

a couple of fake paki propaganda pieces which are used by the fradulent Pashtunistan gang (peopel who think Pashtuns are yet to have their own country and are anti the name Afghanistan) is that Afghan mujahideen were isi agents,this very info is channeled to them through the very isi and paki government.

just to support their own seculer agenda they will make various things up such as "isi made TTP and sent it in pukhtun areas and later came to clean them up" lol
or that "Taliban in AFG wrok for isi" the second one is also propagated by the failed leaders of Afghanistan such as karzai who himself is puppet of foreign invaders so to divert the attention he tries to blame it on isi and pakistan while pakistan is blaming karzai for being in bed with Indians,Pakistan also says that "Pashtuns from waziristan are raw agents and after checking their genitiles they gounf out they were indian agents."these are all nothing but diversions to save their own asses.

Gulbudin was no agent matter of fact he was admired by pakis (known cowards and slaves).Only people who are anti Pashtuns will call Pashtuns agents of isi(again to supprt their own agenda which might be different than mainstream pukhtane).

even karzai is isi agent?maybe partener in crime since karzai is a puppet of the foreign invaders and isi is also agents of the same invaders we can say karzai and isi are both working for the foreign invasion of Afghanistan,and thats about it.
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Default 07-03-2011, 11:24 AM

Originally Posted by emkhan View Post
Leave all other things aside what Pakistan did to you and all that. Because I know its an unending debate.

Actually pakistan hasnt done so much bad against us in Afghanistan than they have done to you in pukhtunkhwa.

You asked about I hate anp more than anp and ISI. so I Tell you my own own uncle is mpa from our constituency and my family, I liked ANP as it always talked of the rights of Pukhtuns but now since they have come in power they have done nothing but humiliating and killing Pukhtuns and still supporting the army's operations in the area and pressurising army to operate in N.waziristan.

ANP arent such bad people as you make them to be,they are victims of the situation and it is people such as you who have made them the way they are.They had the balls to say on national tv that they cant deny themselves their Afghan identity and they are Afghans.
The humiliating and killing is done by isi and army and if you cant blame them what right do you have to blame ANP?
ANP itself is under pressure and threatend by paki establishment and their phatans.

So the thing you have to understand is that these people just doing politics on the name of pukhtuns and filling their bank accounts and making properties in different countries. my own uncle has been in England for the last three years, only a month ago he went back and started inaugerating some projects Lol. just imagine people waited for him for three years. what would people think of ANP if he is disappear for three years. Is he doing something good for Pukhtuns ?
well when i took part in this durand jirga there was also this guy from ANP who held a speech about history and pukhtunkhwa and he also lives in Germany so he is doing something for his people by telling them truth.Why should people be waiting for others to help them,why not help themselves?since the control is in the hands of Punjab and some pro punjabi phatans ANP people are left with not much options.
you asked about TTP.
So I like them when they kill pak army, ISI agents. Those who say TTP is ISI's sub group are stupids. I wish may Allah give them more power so that they kill more army and more ISI supporters. what else do you want from me lol?

so what about Afghan taliban(both are Afghan afterall)?
do you think they are isi agents?

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