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Reload this Page how Super Jats Ruled Afghanistan till the Mughals came
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Default how Super Jats Ruled Afghanistan till the Mughals came - 12-05-2017, 08:49 AM

These hairbags thinks that they were ruling us when it was other way around. No wonder these cucks are classified as sudras/Chamar/untouchable by their Rajput and Brahmin Masters.

Afghanistan - Jatland Wiki
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Default 12-05-2017, 09:02 AM

Afghanistan was part of Bharat Varsh during*Mahabharata*period. The wife of*Dhritrashtra,*Gandhari, was from this area. Sometimes there were Indian rulers and sometimes there were*Iranian*rulers in Afghanistan. During*Chandra Gupta’s period*Saubhagsen*was king in*Afghanistan. Jat rulers till the invasion by Mughals ruled*Kandahar. After the Mughal invasion some*Jats*moved to India and others were converted to Muslims. Jats from Afghanistan moved to India during the rule of*Shalivahan. According to Henry Eliot, author of the book “Distribution of the races of north western provinces of India”, The Jats settled on the banks of Chenab River in Punjab, call there area as*Herat*because they believe that they had come from*Herat*of*Iran. According to*Thakur Deshraj*the present*Sistan*was ruled by Jats and that area was known as*Shivistan*(place of*Shivi*gotra Jats).*Cunningham*states that Jats mixed with Rajputs and Afghans. Later these people were called*Bloch.

Ram Sarup Joon[8]*writes that ....*Afghanistan*was called*Upguanstan,*Baluchijostan*both of that are Sanskrit words. Both these countries were part of India till, as late as the Mogul period. King*Seth*of the*Ardas*branch of*Yayati*dynasty had a son called*Arh, whose son*Gandhara*founded the town of*Gandhar, now known as*Kandhar.*Gandhari, mother

History of the Jats, End of Page-38

of*Duryodhana*was from this town.*Jats*have gotras of this dynasty named*Gaindhar,*Gaindhala*and*Gaindhu. King*Gaj*founded*Ghazni.

Todd, quoting*Strabo*writes that a large number of people East of*Caspian Sea*are called*Scythians*and further East live the*Dahiyas*the*Maha*Jati, who used to provide three hundred horsemen and seven hundred foot soldiers in times of need.

Gedown*and*Niel*write that the forefathers, of*Laumiri*Baluchis*were*Jats.

According to*Todd, in ancient times the boundaries of*Jat kingdom*of*Sindhu, included parts of*Baluchistan,*Makran,*Balorari*and the*Salt Ranges.[9]

People of*Gill*gotra came to known as*Gilzai*Pathans; Gill Jats at one time ruled the area of*Hindukush Mountains. The last ruler of*Ghazni*was*Subhag Sen. At the time of*Alexander's invasion king*Chitra Verma*ruled*Baluchistan.

According to*Todd, in*1023, Umer Bin Moosaiw wrested*Hirat*and*Kaikan*from the*Jats*and made 3000 Jat soldiers prisoners. The*Tawarikh Tibri*by*Sulaiman Nadvi*also mentions this event. It states that a Jat Commander of*Umer Bin*Moosa*refused to join the attack. But in spite of this, Umer was victorious despite heavy losses.[10]

Sialkot*and*Quetta*of*Baluchistan*were capitals of*Madrak*Kings.

Makran*province of*Baluchistan*belonged to the*Jats. When King*Sapur*the second of*Sasanian dynasty

History of the Jats, End of Page-39

became friendly with*Samudra Gupta,*Sindhu*and*Makran*provinces were given to the*Jats.

In the history of the ruling dynasty of*Jaisalmer*there is reference to an event in*Yudhisthra*Samvat 3008, that when their ancestors were driven out of*Gazni*and were advancing towards*India, they had to battle with*Tak-is*(Takshaks) on the banks of*River Indus.
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Default 12-05-2017, 09:07 AM

In Afghanistan, the "Jat" have no connection to the Punjabi Jat. They are related to Domari gypsies of the Middle East. The only actual Punjabis in Afghanistan are the Hindus and Sikhs. The Gurjar tribes, while of Indic origin, are not Punjabi.

Originally Posted by Bengal_Tiger View Post
He is a very clever guy, very intelligent. The clown persona he has on here is just for messing around and time pass on the net...
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cucks, classified, brahmin, masters, rajput

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