View Full Version : Ghwara Ashar by Gulpacha Ulfat

11-08-2010, 10:47 AM
Beautiful book by Gulpacha Ulfat.

Please take time and check his poetry. His words must be read and spread among every Pashtun brother and sister, among every AFGHAN no matter which qawm or nationality they belong. Ulfats words and poems speak of afghan traditions, afghan mentality and our problems. His poems are so great they deal with subjects and problems that are still present in AFG.

They must not be forgotten. When I was in AFG I was looking for Ulfats books and they are very few left. He was writing his poetry 50 years ago, when majority of afghan population had no access to information, to books, didnt go to school, just as the current situation now but however times has changed and more afghans have access to internet and education. I believe his poetry is simply NOT KNOWN among afghans and even very few educated afghans have read his words.

Ulfat speaks on democracy, traditions, religion, independence, Pashtunistan and Pakistan, woman rights, education, rights and wrong, good and bad, young and old etc. There many Pashto-English dictionaries uploaded on PF, just in case when you have word problems. If you need more dictionaries, get at me, contact me.
Read it, print it and give a copy to your afghan next door. Thank you.