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03-05-2010, 01:52 PM
Since the mass explosion of electronic media in Pakistan, the war on terror, being chiefly fought on Pakistan's north western borders, has finally arrived in every Pukhtoon’s House. Time has come for Pukhtoons to fight or perish as this is the way a Pukhtoon lives!

Starting from the days of Russian invasion on Afghanistan, Pukhtoons have been used by ISI and the hard core religious parties of Pakistan with funding from Saudia Arabia, USA and Iran.

Before I elaborate the misery of this nation, I would like to highlight some of the background of this nation.

The Best way to describe “Pukhtoon” is with words from a great Pushto Poet, Ghani Khan (Brother of Abdul Wali Khan and son of Baccha Khan, A Pukhtoon Legend)

Pukhtoon loves fighting but hates to be a soldier, love music but has great contempt for the musician, he is kind and gentle but hates to show it, loves his new rifle and his old wife, hot-blooded and hot-headed, poor and proud with strange principles, might be a loving friend or a deadly enemy in general he is the most simple complicated simplicity.

With the invasion of Russian, First they were fooled in the name of “Jihad” and were used merely as the fighting machines while our so called “Establishment” rear the benefits of this war. Yes! There are people who have enjoyed the benefits by diverting all those $$$ to use them for their own motives. Afghan Refugees only received nominal aid as most of the aid went to please the war lords or used by Pakistani Bureaucracy.

On the other hand, Pukhtoonkwa (North West Frontier Pakistan) got only bombs, explosions and army operation in return. Today Pukhtoons are dispersed as refugees in their own country. There are thousands of Pukhtoon families living under sky with no help, what so ever from the Pakistani Govt.

The Families who moved/migrated temporarily to other cities like Karachi and Lahore have been labelled as “Talibaan terrorist” Scores of Pukhtoons are killed recently in Karachi. Most of these innocent Pukhtoons were from labour class including, Rickshaw drivers, Cobblers, Guards (Chowkidars) Tea stall workers and owners. These People are killed not by anyone else but one of the biggest ethnic groups called MQM who are apparently fighting for the rights of suppressed Pakistani’s.

So where Pukhtoon does stands today? After fighting for years against Russia and then now America, these Pukhtoons have been declared “Unwanted”. There is a full Army Operation in Pukhtoonkwa and they have been disposed from their own land with no where to go?

When people like me were screaming and protesting against these Drone Attacks, then there was no Voice from any political leader except Imran Khan. When I objected that “Punjab” should come out and their leaders should condemn these attacks, I was considered racist but as soon as the Talibaan penetrated northern Punjab, all of a sudden, everyone is active in stopping those Talibaan who are allegedly less then 80/90 Miles away from Islamabad.

An Ordinary “Pukhtoon” can see and understand the “Love” pouring for them from all over Pakistan! They can see that they are deemed terrorist in Sindh by the goons of MQM who is the biggest terrorist organisation of Pakistan’s history. Scores of Pukhtoons have been killed in last few months in the name of Talibaan. On the other hand, the champions of Pukhtoonkwa, ANP are busy dealing with PPP and MQM for more benefits in return of selling Pukhtoons.

So what should an ordinary Pukhtoon do? They have been killed by Talibaan on one side; they have been disposed off from their own land into camps. They have been even killed in Karachi by the thugs of MQM. They have been attacked by Americans with their Drones and our army are the facilitator of these attacks. Our So called corrupt President is too busy begging the Americans to get more money so that he and his party can sell the rest of Pakistan to these Americans.

I have no hope left that “Pukhtoons” will ever get any “Rights” in this country. We have been robbed off by our Big brother first and now by our big sister. We can give our land for Dams but we should not get any royalty back. It’s amazing when you see villages which are couple of miles away from these dams (e.g. Shabqadar village which is in Mohmand Agency) and they are without any electricity for 20 hours and Islamabad is kept “Roshan” as that is “Islam abad”

I remember when the Afghan conflict came to have a defining moment in Afghan politics as well as Pakistan’s , Wali Khan, like his compatriots, had objected to the superpower meddling in the region, which in his words, will bleed the Pukhtoons. Watching Waziristan and Bajaur and the rest of Pukhtoonkwa today, this prophecy seems to have come true.

Pukhtoon is bleeding to death and all my fellow countrymen are standing and watching the sad demise of this nation, thinking that Americans and Talibaan will never knock at their doors!

It’s the time for Pukhtoons to Fight or perish forever as there is no “Tomorrow” for them. If they don’t want Pukhtoonkwa to be another Afghanistan, they have to take their matters in their hand. We don’t want traitors like ANP who cannot leave the collation govt because of their greed unlike the Great Baba of Pukhtoon nation who said goodbye to politics after his defeat to Maulana Hasan Jan during the 1990 elections. He simply left the political scene - a graceful act in this dastardly world of politics.

Nineteen years on, one wonders who has had the last laugh. Perhaps Wali Khan is no more with us but his sagacity and vision shall guide the future generations - that is if we can avoid the follies and traps that he and the great Baccha Khan warned us about - but we did not heed their advice because Pukhtoons are a too greedy, impatient and unprincipled lot as a nation. Wali Khan never surrendered or bowed down to power intrigues - so he shall never die but unfortunately his party has sold his Leader.

Pukhtoon needs to wake up and fight against every one who is taking this great nation for a ride. Be that the Talibaan or MQM. We must stand up and fight! It’s not late to go back to our basic tribal ways as “Hum tou doobain gay sanam… Pur… tum ko bhee lay doobaain gay!


شمله ور خراساني
07-31-2010, 03:46 AM
Buddy, you are depressed. Go to the doctor. And seek counseling. Oh and throw away those filthy Ghani Khan books. It is messing up with your mind.