View Full Version : Afghanistan rushes medical aid to Pakistan

Admin Khan
10-06-2010, 11:46 PM
KABUL (PAN): The World Health Organisation (WHO) in Afghanistan rushed emergency medical aid to flood-hit Pakistanis living in the worst-affected areas in Sindh and Punjab provinces, the UN agency said on Monday.
The 1200-kilogram dispatch, airlifted on a UN charter aircraft, contained 160,000 Rapid Diagnostic Tests that would be used on-site to diagnose malaria - a potentially lethal disease - in flood victims.
Peter Graff, WHO representative in Afghanistan, said in a statement: "These life-saving medical supplies are meant to reach communities, especially children and (pregnant) women, worst-hit by the continuing crisis in Pakistan."
Additionally, he added, the WHO had deployed a number of health experts specialising in early detection and response to disease outbreaks, among other areas of public health expertise that were urgently needed in Pakistan.
The assistance from the WHO and the Afghan Ministry of Public Health had been crucial in this critical moment of emergency, said Guido Sabatinelli, WHO representative in Pakistan.
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