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09-23-2010, 02:18 PM
Regimens: Massage Benefits Are More Than Skin Deep


Does a good massage do more than just relax your muscles? To find out, researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles recruited 53 healthy adults and randomly assigned 29 of them to a 45-minute session of deep-tissue Swedish massage and the other 24 to a session of light massage.
All of the subjects were fitted with intravenous catheters so blood samples could be taken immediately before the massage and up to an hour afterward.
To their surprise, the researchers, sponsored by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (, a division of the National Institutes of Health (, found that a single session of massage caused biological changes.
Volunteers who received Swedish massage experienced significant decreases in levels of the stress hormone cortisol ( in blood and saliva, and in arginine vasopressin (, a hormone that can lead to increases in cortisol. They also had increases in the number of lymphocytes, white blood cells that are part of the immune system.
Volunteers who had the light massage experienced greater increases in oxytocin, a hormone associated with contentment, than the Swedish massage group, and bigger decreases in adrenal corticotropin hormone, which stimulates the adrenal glands to release cortisol.
The study ( was published online in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.
The lead author, Dr. Mark Hyman Rapaport, chairman of psychiatry ( and behavioral neurosciences at Cedars-Sinai, said the findings were “very, very intriguing and very, very exciting — and I’m a skeptic.”

09-23-2010, 08:46 PM
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Catya Sher
09-24-2010, 03:42 PM
That's critical, Aseer Jan. Not for you but everyone.

The problem is that whoever the massage therapist is, they DO inject invisible - either negative or positive - energy into you their client.

One has to find the massage therapist with the most positive energy. That's difficult TODAY in America.

Young American women often choose this route because it's billed as a good moneymaker with not that much effort. No college education needed, but in cases of more qualified massage therapists, they undergo a two or even three year course.

Others take the easy route out of 6 month courses and are not advisable to have as a massage therapist because their training is so slight.

A lot of indepth study is desperately needed. Many of this generation of Americans do not have the patience for that.

My advice is: check WHERE the massage therapist went to school, how long the course was, did the person get a license. If that's OK, then do you feel creepy or OK around the person? Does something about them annoy you?

If so, listen, and don't waste your money. Massages are too expensive these days.

If anyone lives near San Francisco, ask me by PM, because I know a SAFE, inexpensive place where the therapists really work. Most American therapists are lazier than anything. If this sounds harsh, I know it by comparison with the very nice Chinese girls at that place, which is called a Healing Center for Women Only.
These girls barely speak English but it's not needed. They work unbelievably hard and don't skimp on your time with all sorts of tricks the way most American therapist develop to maximize their income and minimize their work output.

I'm in a hurry, so this post is not well put together.
But I do know about this topic and wanted to write something while I have a moment.
I am a great advocate of such, especially if the massage therapist will agree to use essential oils in a natural oil base, preferably cold-pressed or better Organic Olive oil. Thereby, the benefits of the lavender, marjoram, clary sage oil, go right into your blood and heal everything that's wrong in your entire system! I bring my own oils, I never trust them to give a good quality one. They always scrape by with Canola or even worse oils.

It's the best way to prevent any serious illness happening in later life, to have regular massages.

However! Finding the right person is extremely tricky. A massage from a discordant person - perhaps they are emotionally upset, or a drug or alcohol user, or just a very angry person who can cover up her anger and fool you - is going to cause you friction and spiritual discomfort in the long term and usually the short term too.

Catya Sher
09-24-2010, 10:06 PM
Thanks, you two, glad you could appreciate the info.
I had to summarize complex topics, but I felt if I didn't write it right then, I might not return to the post. You know how some threads seem to disappear into the sands of time...!

I don't mean REAL injections. I used a strong term like that to wake people up to the fact that massage therapists are going to transmit some of their OWN energies while working on a client. Same goes for if a family member or friend works on you.

If aware of this phenomenon, you as the client can make a wiser decision about which person to select. Sometimes one can see by their face right away.

What I'm encouraging is for Forum members to exercise discernment. Rather than taking any person who is assigned. For example you go to a spa. That's very fashionable: they are all over America now. [Not a good value, though.] The receptionist will say "so and so will be your massage therapist". You don't get to see who it is until she appears.

My caution for you is at that point to trust your own sense and say NO! Who else do you have? If you get even a little bad feeling, listen to THAT. It's your money after all, and even if the massage were a Gift card or free, then you still don't want to have a really negative person work on you, EVER EVER EVER! It can take days to get that uncomfortable feeling out of the system.

But worse, after a massage, one is relaxed, not on guard. So at that moment, the devils may be waiting to see if they can cause you some trouble. You won't be alert and may walk into a trap.
This, if the massage therapist is not a high-energy woman.

Most of them AREN'T. That's why I want to alert people. Most - like psychologists! - have their own problems which they bring to the massage room.
They talk incessantly when you are supposed to RELAXING - it's so inconsiderate, but most are addicted to endless talk
They unload their problems if you evince the slightest sympathy
I know for I've had bad experiences over many years.

So I'm trying to save you guys from the problems lurking beneath the surface which could NEVER NEVER be anticipated by the usual person.

Whereas, Chinese girls are usually the opposite.
Their auras are much 'clearer' so they don't give YOU their negativity. There is a crispness about them which means their auras are not sieve-like, hence you as the recipient of the massage work don't get any ill effects.
They are more quiet, don't chatter endlessly the way a lot of the American girls do.
They don't ask intrusive questions which take up brain power to fend off when YOU are supposed to be the person getting the help!

These are more caveats.
I could write a treatise on this subject....

It's not a subject most people think about discussing. But the health benefits are SO extreme that I always maintain that with good food, vitamin supplements, essential oils, and massage, one will never once need to visit a doctor in one's life. For sure it's true, but do you think the Western medical industry will ever let you know this??!