View Full Version : Afghanistan attacks kill Germans and other foreigners

04-15-2010, 09:32 PM
A bomb in south Afghanistan has killed at least six people, including three foreigners, while four German soldiers were among seven killed in the north.

A suicide attacker targeted a foreign security company based in a compound shared by foreign companies in the city of Kandahar, local police said.

The UK Foreign Office said it was in contact with local officials to try to find out whether Britons were involved.

The attack on German soldiers in Baghlan province also injured five.

Hours before the blast in Kandahar, a car bomb injured several people at a hotel in the same city.

Speaking about the latest explosion, the Afghan president's half-brother, Ahmed Wali Karzai, told the BBC that three foreigners and three Afghans had been killed, and nine people had been injured.

Car bomber

Reports say a suicide bomber drove his car past one barrier leading into the compound, then set off the explosion at a second barrier.

Map of Kandahar

The blast blew out windows more than 3km (2m) away and shook the compound, which includes the offices of the Afghanistan Stabilization Initiative, an aid programme.

On Monday, three suicide bombers tried to attack an intelligence compound in the city, leaving 10 people injured.

Kandahar is the main city of Afghanistan's volatile south. This week's attacks came after the Nato-led military coalition in Afghanistan said it would launch an offensive there in June.

Officials said some 10,000 troops would be involved in the operation to expel insurgents from the city - the birthplace of the Taliban.

Earlier, the UN special representative for Afghanistan, Staffan de Mistura, called for greater attention to civilian safety following the deaths of four Afghans who died on Monday when the bus in which they were travelling was fired on by US troops near Kandahar.

The US military has said it regrets the incident.

Heavy loss for Germans

Germany's defence ministry in Berlin confirmed the deaths of its soldiers in the northern province.

They died when a rocket hit their Eagle armoured vehicle during heavy fighting with Taliban militants, about 190km (120m) north of the capital, Kabul.

It was the biggest single-day loss of life suffered by the Germans since June 2003, when four soldiers were killed and 29 wounded in a bombing near Kabul airport.

Baghlan provincial police spokesman Habib Rahman said three Afghan policemen had also died in Thursday's fighting, which involved air strikes and the use of heavy weapons.

Germany's contingent, which comprises 4,300 personnel and is the third-biggest after the US and British forces, lost three soldiers in a gun battle on 2 April in Kunduz province.

German troops accidentally killed six Afghan soldiers in the same battle.