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Admin Khan
08-12-2010, 05:46 PM
Pashto Reader
This reader is the basic text for a set of instructional materials in Pashto.
Consists of 45 authentic passages in Pashto script, each accompanied by background
information, a vocabulary list, hints for scanning, comprehension exercises, and
notes for detailed rereading. Offers study suggestions for the student in the
introductory section. Presents passages in 7 groups: essays; articles; stories;
poetry; public writing (signs and advertising); letters and memoranda; and fractured
Pashto. Each group is acompanied by an introduction and answers to comprehensive
questions. Additional jokes and anectodes are included throughout the materials.

Click on the link below to acess the book
Pashto reader ( Reader.pdf)

Authors - Tegey, Habibullah; Robson, Barbara