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The following story was NOT written by me. Last year I asked a friend to write a story :) I loved what he wrote and I wanted to share it with you all. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did :)

"The Winter Rains of Quetta" by H. Kasi

It was December and winter had come to Quetta. It had rained the night before and people were anxiously hoping for snowfall and the happiness and beauty it brings. The roads were almost empty making it seem as if there were not many people living in the city. The trees were lush green again after the rain as if they were washed gently by some tender hands. Schools had closed and I was on my way back home after my last examination paper. Everything seemed so calm and I could smell the aroma of the earth after the rainfall. Everything around me was reminding me how beautiful Quetta was.

I sent my car back home that day because I wanted to walk and enjoy the soothing weather. I started walking all alone because I didn't want any one to bother me by talking to me all the way about the exam and vacations. The roads were wet and I was walking on the sidewalk. It was starting to get quite cold as the wind started to get its grip on the city. I opened my sleeve buttons and my jacket buttons to feel the chilly air on me. I was feeling like I was flying in a dream. The roads were getting more and more empty as I neared the city center. I was wondering all this while how God managed to pour so much snow over our city and other countries simultaneously. I was singing my favorite hindi song "chehra kya dekhtay ho" while I was passing through the city center. I was visualizing how the rain falls on the mountains, imagining the animals hiding in their dens and nests watching the rain and I was thinking about how people living in small huts managed to keep the water from getting in their houses as they sat under steel shelters enjoying Quetta's winter rains which often brought blessings to her people.

While I was thinking about all this I came across a big oak tree which has been standing for seventy years in the city cantonment. Beneath it I saw a small orange flower washed by the rain, dancing to the rhythm of the wind. I went near to smell the flower. I closed my eyes and could feel the fragrance inside me as if the flower was welcoming me to herself. I took out a piece of paper and wrote on it the words " Anyone passing by please don't break this flower but feel the fragrance and tenderness it has". Although this was a strange thing to do, I did it anyway since my heart was saying to do so. All this while I was singing the Hindi song to the flower as if she was listening to it. I asked the flower if it loved this song because if so then definitely my beloved will love it too. A drop of water fell from the tree branch onto the flower and it briefly swayed to both sides. I assumed this was it's way of answering yes and I smiled.

I started walking again singing and looking around and found myself all alone near a park. I entered the park and started moving around looking for flowers. Instead I saw garbage all over the place. This made me a little sad and I went out of the park intending to go home. While on my way back home I passed another magnificent oak tree. In it I saw a nest where the mother bird was sheltering her young ones from the winter wind. It again started to drizzle. I looked around me and seeing a few children playing in the rain and singing I put my school bag down and decided to join them. For a moment I forgot all my sorrows in life and I was feeling like a child who was born to dance and play in the rain. I held hands with the children as we sang a song in Pashto part of which says "Its raining and my beloved is watching me from her window".

I started dreaming about a certain Pashtun beauty who for ages I had admired from a distance. I could see her face in the rain and was I calling out her name looking up the sky. The kids were laughing as they thought I was trying to copy someone from the movies by taking the name of a girl in the rain. Intoxicated by my day dreams, I left those children and walked in the rain hoping she would be standing somewhere on my way wearing the same clothes and holding the same notebook in her hand as the last time I saw her. Since I was nearing my house I started singing that Hindi song louder so that maybe she would recognize my voice and show up. I was starting to pass by the street where she lived when I saw a tree which had no leaves but was surrounded by red flowers. I started thinking that she might have already come home from school and that she most likely would not be coming out in this rain so I decided to pluck out the most beautiful of the flowers as a gift for her. I carefully chose one and kissed it. Looking at the flower I said "Please don't fly with the wind or wash away with the rain, just wait till my love one sees you."

With the flower in my hand I went near her house and waited until I was sure no one was watching. As soon as I felt safe I decided to put the flower on top of her gate. While I was climbing the gate I saw the window of her room and could see her sleeping inside. Though temporarily distracted, I knew I needed to act quickly so that her dad wouldn't see me climbing on the gate like a monkey. I placed the flower on the gate and carefully jumped down making no noise so I wouldn't attract someone's attention. I start running away from her house and was jumping with joy thinking to myself "Mission accomplished!" When I got home my mom was rather angry wondering why I was late. I received a good scolding from her but it didn't matter to me since I just had the best day of my year. The next day I come out of my house to take some palao to our nearest neighbor and I saw the girl of my dreams going out with her dad. She had the red flower in her hand. Full of joy I thanked God she found my gift. I was sure now that she liked me too. She saw me with the plate of palao in my hands and looked so happy. I saw her father suddenly turn and walk back towards the house. He must have forgotten something. While he was not looking, I quickly put the plate down and pointed to the flower and moving my lips I silently mouthed to her, "It was for you". She smiled sweetly and then shyly looked away as her father started coming back.

I came home all excited and was running around the house over joyed until I heard my mom on the phone telling my Aunt that one of our neighboring families was moving to Europe. I was shocked to hear my mom saying my beloved's father had plans to leave very soon. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My happy day suddenly turned into the most sorrowful of my young life. I couldn't stop listening to that Hindi song and crying. I cried that whole night but I knew there was nothing I could do to stop her from leaving. A few days later I woke up early in the morning and while the rest of my family was still fast asleep and I walked by her house. I was horrified to find a lock on her gate. It made my heart break that she was already gone. I looked up the sky with sad eyes that knew they would never see her face again and called out her name as the cold winter rains of Quetta fell like icy tears upon my face.

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Thats a good piece :)

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manana for sharing. He is a good writer.

he should join here.

sorry for my late comment I was busy reading your other story.

He comes and visits here as a guest sometimes :) I am trying my best to convince him to join and to write more stories :)

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He is just as talented as you.

you know what they say smart people have smart friends. Be my friend too

I'm starting to get jealous lol just kidding :) I'm happy people are liking it :) He is very good at describing things and that part about looking like a monkey climbing the gate made me laugh too much :) And Kandahary I AM your friend graana wrora :)

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That was very good, but I think he can learn a thing or two from yourself.

please take this positively and as a compliment.

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That was very good, but I think he can learn a thing or two from yourself.

please take this positively and as a compliment.

Thank you Amna :) I wish I was as good at describing things as he is but my mind doesn't work that way. When I see wet trees they are just wet trees lol not trees washed by tender hands. I think he is very blessed to see the world around him in such a poetic way :)

Admin Khan
07-07-2010, 10:39 PM
Marvelous, He really has the power to convey his message with the pen!

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Awww, what a heartbreaking ending! :lal3: Is it based on a true story, Anjalai? If so, I wonder if the the girl he's talking about has come across this. (Whaat, that matters to me! That's cute.)

07-08-2010, 07:40 AM
Awww, what a heartbreaking ending! :lal3: Is it based on a true story, Anjalai? If so, I wonder if the the girl he's talking about has come across this. (Whaat, that matters to me! That's cute.)

He told me that it was based on a true story and that that girl unless she's here on Pashtun forums has never read this story :)

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The simplicity of this story makes it one of a kind. Simply told, yet true. Simple, yet painful. As much as I like this genre, I've given up reading stories like this. This one drew me in though.

Nice share Graane, as always.