View Full Version : Reforms Committee signs 18th amendment draft

03-31-2010, 06:42 PM
Good times are returning, with talibs on the run, the constitution being restored to its original form, army doing its job and staying in the barracks, economy pickin up and a major energy deal signed with china..its our time to shine again

ISLAMABAD: A parliamentary committee agreed on a constitutional amendment Wednesday that strips the president of powers inherited from the country's former military ruler, fulfilling a long-standing opposition demand.
''This was a difficult job that has been done amicably and with consensus,'' Senator Raza Rabbani, the head of the parliamentary committee, told reporters Wednesday.
He thanked all the members of the committee and said the nation’s interest is kept first after setting aside party’s interest.
Federal Law Minister Babar Awan, after singing the draft, said there are nearly 100 clauses in the draft amendment.
“We will soon announce when we will take the draft to the parliament,” said Awan.
The draft amendment transfers a variety of powers, including the ability to fire an elected government and appoint military chiefs, from the office of the president to the prime minister, said Senator Hasil Baloch, another member of the committee.—AP/DawnNews