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03-28-2010, 09:40 PM
what is it to you?
how do you imagine it to be?

Master Khan
03-28-2010, 09:48 PM
Wrost place ever.
Don't even want to image how it is like.

Islam teaches that Hell is a real place prepared by God for those who do not believe in Him, rebel against His laws, and reject His messengers. Hell is an actual place, not a mere state of mind or a spiritual entity. The horrors, pain, anguish, and punishment are all real, but different in nature than their earthly counterparts. Hell is the ultimate humiliation and loss, and nothing is worse than it

The Prophet of Islam said:
“When any of you dies, he is shown his position (in the Hereafter) morning and evening. If he is one of the people of Paradise, he is shown the place of the people of Paradise. If he is one of the people of Hell, he is shown the place of people of Hell. He is told, ‘this is your position, until God resurrects you on the Day of Resurrection.”

Son of Mountains
03-29-2010, 08:11 AM
No hell.....but one conducts his fire with him from this world...which goes with him wherever he goes!

Master Khan
03-29-2010, 08:14 AM
if you close your ears you can hear the fires of hell

03-29-2010, 07:35 PM
Hell is the Low level of self consciousness which befalls on a person as a result of actions which hinder or decelerate the evolution and progress of humanity.