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03-24-2010, 07:21 AM
Saturday, 20 March 2010 at 21:20[/B]

Peshawar: Declaration of Pakhtun AMN Jirga [Peshawar Nishtar Hall]

To day in this jirga the representatives of all the Tribal Agencies and all the districts of the province are present. Despite the various dangers and unsecure roads members from every sect, belief groups and language are present in this jirga. The presence of a good number of females in this jirga clearly indicates that Pukhtoons have due respect for the role of women in their Jirgas.The presence of minorities (totally a Pakistani terminology) representatives indicates that Pukhtoons have never measured their relations with others on the basis of religion, colour, languages in their 5000 years long history.

This jirga believe that the Peshawar peace declaration is a historical step towards peace, an end to terrorism and durable peace. Implementation of this declaration is the guarantee of peace. This jirga request Pakistan, Afghanistan and UNO to take this document seriously and implement it in its real spirit.

We appeal to the provincial and federal governments, armed forces, intelligence agencies to act on the recommendations of the Jirga. Those individuals or institutions that are responsible for promoting and strengthening terrorism and religious extremism should seek the apology for their sins and give up such destructive and anti-human games.

This jirga fully support the continuation of democracy in Pakistan because terrorism is the baby of dictatorship, so any effort to destabilize the democracy in Pakistan means to invite the terrorism back, and this jirga will oppose anti-democratic acts and behaviors.
This jirga advises every institution to play in its constitutional limits and the formation of internal and foreign policies is the responsibility of the elected government. The army must do for what they have been recruited and the duty of the army is to follow the policies of the democratic and elected government of the people.

This Jirga demands that the aid given to Pakistan in the name of terrorism must be spent in North West Frontier Province and Federally Administered Tribal Areas. Furthermore, the people responsible for the corruption in those funds must be made accountable.۔ This jirga suspects the formula of war against terror between Pakistan and USA, because sparing some terrorists, targeting others, shaking hand with some and leaving some on the mercy of Pakistan Army and intelligence agencies can neither vanish terrorism nor bring peace. To root out terrorism needs to root out the mind set of terrorism.

The formula between Pakistan and USA can help Obama to win election; it can also help Isfaq Pervaiz Kiani to get further extension in his service but it cannot bring real peace to the region. To root out terrorist mind set one needs to vanish the curriculum and literature taught in Pakistan which is based on hatred and fighting. Are those terrorists organization really banned or they still functional, or those individuals, institutions, and schools who support terrorism are prosperous and progressing or not?

Has Pakistani media transformed from pro-terrorist mind set to anti-terrorism or not? Has any operation been taken in Muridke, Jhang, Dera Ghazi Khan, Rahim Yar Khan or not?? One must measure the decrease or increase in terrorism on the criteria set in the Peshawar declaration.

This Jirga strongly condemns the pro-terrorist statements of the Punjab Chief Minister Shabaz Shareif and this Jirga has no doubt that Muslim League Nawaz Sharief have long standing relationships with terrorist organizations including Osama-bin-laden, and Sipah-e-Sahaba. In Peshawar declaration PML(N) was in the watch list but the request of Punjab Chief Minister to Taliban , not to attack Punjab has clearly indicated their friendly relationship . We strongly condemn these anti–Pakistan behaviors’ of Punjab government.

This Jirga recommends the formation of a five thousand member jirga in the coming three months. This Jirga also demands the opening of the Peshawar –Kurram Road which is closed for the last three months. In addition this Jirga strongly condemns the killing of an innocent student by an extremist organization IJT in Peshawar Engineering University. The family of the deceased must be compensated and the killer should be immediately arrested. This jirga announce the formation of 40 member committee and handover all the authority to that governing body.