View Full Version : Hypocrites and unbelievers attack the Holy Quran

10-10-2011, 12:14 PM
When the Holy Prophet departed from this world, Hazrat Abu Bakr became the khalifa. During the Khalifat, of Hazrat Abu Bakr the hypocrites and unbelievers decided to attack Islam. In the battle that followed, a large number of people who had learnt the Quran by heart were killed. Under these circumstances, Hazrat Omar drew the attention of Hazrat Abu Bakr towards the compilation of the Holy Quran in book form. Hazrat Abu Bakr agreed to the idea and proclaimed that whosoever of the companions of the Holy Prophet who had heard the verses of the Holy Quran directly from the Holy Prophet and noted them down should present them to the Khalifa. Zaid Bin Sabit, who had been appointed by The Holy Prophet to write down the revelations received by by him, was selected to gather and compile the Quran. The Holy Quran was compiled in the form of a book and the copy was handed over to Hazrat Abu Bakr. After his death, this copy remained with the second khalifa Hazrat Omar and after him it was kept in the custody of Hazrat Hafsa.