View Full Version : New Subsection For Research Projects, Thesis Proposals etc.

10-07-2011, 01:10 PM
Admin Khan has created another subsection in the Philosophy & Education section..The purpose of this section is to encourage member to post their OWN research, thesis etc. (whatever they may have done) within their fields of study. Please do not post random journals, they have to relate to your own research. And most importantly, please post sensibly..this subsection can be a great asset for this website if you guys post sensibly

All posts should adhere to the following format for making threads

Title of the thread: Thesis Research title

Thread content :

- Abstract from your thesis should be posted, as in written in the thread and not as a link to a pdf/word etc.

- Link to your project Proposal..everyone who writes a thesis always has a project proposal or a brief document detailing the project and the course of its implementation

- Full document - as it may take shape over the course of your project

- PRIVACY: Please make sure your name, address and contact information as well as those of your project partners is blanked out. Users who wish to show this information may do it at their own risk, this does create a loophole for people to post random thesis topics from other people...To those few people -> Get a life

Special Note regarding Religious Research - No one here is a prophet and therefore no one an authority on beliefs of other people, however this bit of common sense doesn't come naturally to some of the more "enlightened" individuals of this forum..Therefore, EVERY Religion based topic should be approved by a mod i.e send it to them before posting and that particular MOD must take responsibility to take care of that thread.