View Full Version : Reporting Insulting/Inappropriate/Offensive Posts

07-06-2011, 11:07 AM
So the moderators have been receiving complains that this forum doesn't do enough to keep up with the standards of a 'professional' forum and that 'freedom of speech' is being violated here. Well, first of all, freedom of speech is one thing and inappropriate language, offensive posts and insulting remarks are something completely different. And I have requested several members before and will request them again to please, please report any insulting/inappropriate/offensive posts so that the moderators also know which posts are disturbing the forum, and need to be dealt with. We can't be at all places all the time, we also need corporation of the members to keep the forum clean and tidy.

Until and unless a post isn't being reported, the moderators might not notice any fault in it. If you want the moderators to do a fair job then corporate, start with reporting posts which cause trouble in this forum. We, the staff, will take it from there. And if you still think we are not being fair enough then just share your complain in this ( section. Thanks.