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07-05-2011, 12:49 AM
LulzSec Laughs Last

WSJ: LulzSec Laughs Last (

Why the Latest, Hottest Hacker Group May Never Have Existed.

Now, if you’re in any way tuned in to the latest Internet happenings or follow cyber-security issues, you’ve been hearing a lot about LulzSec of late. If not, here’s a short primer: when they popped up on the hacker scene just a few months back, it was hard to know what to make of them. First, there was its mascot. Unlike Anonymous’ iconic empty black suit, or taunting Guy Fawkes mask, LulzSec’s logo was a somewhat snooty-looking creature, complete with top hat, monocle and a glass of wine. Then there was its name – “Lulz Security” or LulzSec for short – suggesting more mischief than activism.

But few were laughing once LulzSec got up and rolling. They’re widely credited with engineering a major hack of Sony’s Playstation Network, exposing the private information of potentially millions of players. Sony was so embarrassed by the attack that the chief corporate officers offered a rare public apology, bowing deeply before the press. And the attacks didn’t stop there: among LulzSec’s other targets: the U.S. Senate, the Arizona Police Department,, the FBI, the Public Broadcasting Service, the state of Brazil, and the CIA.