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06-04-2011, 10:24 PM
Green Energy Deal Involving E-Cat to Target Americas

An American company tied with the US defense and energy departments has struck a green energy deal with Energy Catalyzer (E-Cat) inventor Andrea Rossi to put his invention to the Americas market.
The green energy device has previously attracted clients, including the Defkalion Green Technologies based in Greece that has already been distributing the E-Cat all throughout the world except the Americas.

Defkalion shows interest to market the E-Cat in Europe and in the Americas. The deal calls for delivery of a one megawatt heating plant that consists of 300 reactors of 4 kW connected in series and parallel. The plant will be inaugurated in October 2011 and would supply heating for Defkalion’s own uses only.
US-based Ampenergo, on the other hand, announced that it has recently closed a deal with Leonardo Corporation, Rossi’s company, to acquire rights to manufacture and market the E-Cat in North and South America. The price remains undisclosed however.
Rossi will receive royalties on sales of licenses and products built on E-Cat.
E-Cat produces large quantities of cheap, safe, clean energy and copper using small amounts of nickel and hydrogen. Described as Low-Energy Nuclear Reaction, the process uses no radioactive material and yields no nuclear waste.
In a demonstration held at Bologna, Italy on January 14, 2011 and monitored by academics from Bologna University, E-Cat was able to produce approximately 10 kilowatts of net power after having been “loaded with one gram of nickel powder pressurized with hydrogen” according to Ny Teknik, a Swedish technology magazine.
Craig Cassarino of Ampenergo told NyTeknik that his company is “impressed” with the green energy device.
Bologna University physicist Giuseppe Levi said in an interview with the magazine: “If you search the literature you’ll find serious scientists…describing that they managed to produce 50 watts in an experiment one day, failed to repeat it the next day and the third day it was 30 watts. These are things that are difficult to repeat and hard to understand.”
Ampenergo is also in talks with several companies in North and South America, though some of which express doubts to the practicability of the technology.
One of the companies that believes in the device is considering to put the technology into fuel applications for its supposed high power density.
According to Rossi, to power a unit for six months after a recharge would cost only $100, which would cost thousands of dollars to produce the same capacity using energy from oil.
Space travel, Rossi said, is also one potential application of the green energy technology.

Green Energy Deal Involving E-Cat to Target Americas (

Using nickel and hydrogen (plus an undisclosed catalyst), heated to 500F at 16 bars of pressure will yield copper and lots of extra heat. This technology has been compared to man discovering fire. Energy for less than one cent per kilowatt hour (the nears competitor is coal which cost around 5 cents per kilowatt hour)! Nickle is 3% of the mass of the Earth, and our globe is 70% covered with H20, a ready source of hydrogen.
Very very inexpensive desalination (no more water shortages), very cheap heating and cooling of buildings, low cost transportation costs, and the best is the huge amount of energy necessary to power mankind up and out of the Earth’s gravity well is now available (cleanly). This is a real game changer.
By the way, what happens to the 100 trillion dollars in worldwide energy infrastructure, once the E-Cat makes it obsolete? I wouldn’t want to own a coal plant right about now…can you say highly disruptive energy technology?