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03-22-2011, 05:38 PM
The origin of the Afghan solar calendar (aka Jalali calendar) is the migration of Muhammad SAW to Madina. The year in which the migration occurred is considered the first year, so the current year is 1390.

"Nawai Kaal" (New Year, the first day of spring, aka Nowruz) is the first day of the Afghan year. Nawai Kaal is an Afghan holiday, and even Aryans of ancient Afghanistan also used to observe it.

Months of the official Afghan calendar in Pashto are:

1 Wrai (lamb) aries
2 Ghwayai (bull) taurus
3 Ghbargoli (twins) gemini
4 Changaakh (crab) cancer
5 Zmarai (lion) leo
6 Wagai (virgin) virgo
7 Tela (balance) libra
8 Larram (scorpion) scorpio
9 Lindei (bow) sagittarius
10 Marghumai (mountain goat) capricorn
11 Salwaagha (bucket) aquarius
12 Kab (fish) pisces

(Today's date was Wrai 2nd, 1390.)

Da ttolo laro aw baro Pukhtano nawai kaal nekmergha sha!

03-22-2011, 05:46 PM
Ka tsok Basant ya Holi nmanzi no haghuy ta de hum khpel khpel akhtar nekmergha shi. :p Aw laa de bya da Valentain day ya Krismes pore waar uki (paak ke pe 25 disamber tel chutti wi!!) ya de da itwar wraz ta waar uki (pak ke pe har itwar chutti wi hahaha). :tongue:

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manena arya ... sta de ham nawai kaal mubarak si :)

03-22-2011, 11:10 PM
these Pashto names are just translations of Greco-Roman names; this cannot be an authentic Pashto calendar.

03-22-2011, 11:13 PM
Todays date was 2nd of Lamb. :-o

03-22-2011, 11:52 PM
Nawai Kaal is an Afghan holiday.....

Chay MAnzalay da ?...........Ror


03-23-2011, 12:41 AM
Can someone also please list, in order and accordance with the Gregorian calender, the Dari names?

03-23-2011, 12:46 AM
these Pashto names are just translations of Greco-Roman names; this cannot be an authentic Pashto calendar.
LOL What are you saying? The dates were fixed based on seasons of the country brother, the names were translated into Pashtu. But just because it has Greeco-Roman names you reject that?

Brother from historical point of view you are wrong. The modern calendars that we have in Afghanistan is Afghan in root because when the Greeks left they did not took their writing system nor their calendar.

So let me tell about the history a little, I am sure your aware but still i want to remind you a little about Greeks.

The Greeks had influnce and one of them that actually modivated Afghans to join the Greeks was Alexander's proposal of uniting the Persian army had been part of Darius and so Afghans who formed as the main opposition of their rule were really impressed by the diversity Alexander's the acceptance of multiple ethnic cultures. Therefore When Alexander offered the Afghan a share of power and even wealth by officially accepting any girl of their choosen tribes he was ready to do so. This was something that in reality made Alexander weak and it showed that he lost, which is why a the story of Alexander and the truth remained that conquring Afghanistan was not easy. Alexander knew that regardless to how many ethnics, nations, number of different soldiers he place in Afghanistan, it will never end during his life time so he did gave up.

The result was know as the Greco-Bactrian rule and the kingdom was no longer Greek but rather mixed, maybe this reaction made persians jealous, one of the reasons was the promise made to Darius's wife to be his wife but she was too old and so promise to marry her daughter was made. However once he entered Afghanistan looking for Darius's killers, there was stuck never to return 3 and half years of war made him weak. The divided tribes of Afghanistan was united against him and like today he was left with no choice, so when he got back he was poision by the Persians, that is one theory or a myth that still makes it to history book, and yes Alexander's 13 years old son who was the next king was simply tyargeted because of the opposition in the Persian, Egyption and Greek kingdoms to not let him rule.

Now imagine the world conqurour having to fall by his knees off course Afghans would simply admir his actions, and his rules of shared power, off course Afghans would fallow their writing system, and culture.

So you question is what is the conclusion.

Well my conclusion we fallowed Zodiac signs since Alexander married Roxana, and until Kushans and even Habdalites and Kadarids (indo Saka). When Sassanians came they introduced Yazdgari calendar but that was rejected by Indo-Saka (Kadarids) and Apadalites, despite Sasanians ruled for 120 years before Islam, Zodiac system was still in use in East of Persia. When Islam came they introduced Islamic calendar, What we did was changing Qamari into Shamsi, used Arabized Dari names of the Zodiac and set a solar calendar famous regional Afghans and Arab astronomers such as Abū al-Rayḥān, and Ja'far ibn Muhammad Abu Ma'shar al-Balkhi.

Well after that Jalali calendar was not yet used in Iran, until Safivad era, in fact Ulug Beg mentions this when he completes his work, he was using Jalali Calendar and making in reference to Persian as being something else. Simply because there were many other calendars as well such as Yazdi.

However 400 years after Islamic rule Persia and Afghans agreed with their calendar but only 16 days apart. Thanks to Omar Khayam born in just 50 km east of Herat which used to part of Afghanistan, everything worked out well. The names would either have to be Persian or Afghan, so Afghans won and it was named Jalali. In Iran the Jalali was not as famous even when it was legalized in 1925 people were still confused in 1975 Persians decided to change the names of their Jalali calendar and that would be reflecting the history of Iran. Dari, and these names were translated from Arabic, and Arabs simply used Zodiac signs to make their calendar. It was in Afghanistan ( in the city of Lashkargah when Al Biruni observed and described the solar eclipse ( on April 8, 1019, and the lunar eclipse ( on September 17, 1019, in detail, and gave the exact latitudes ( of the stars during the lunar eclipse.

This was found recently in Aikhamon Balkh Afghanistan, yes its a Sundial from 3rd century BCE, this was said to be brought from Greeks not sure it maybe native but Greek style is present shows Greek influnce.

Even in Dari its same
hamal (Aries)
wrai (Aries)
sawr (Taurus)
ɣwajai (Taurus)
Jaowza (Gemini)
ɣbarɡolai (Gemini)
saratɒn (Cancer)
t͡ʃanɡɑʂ (Cancer)
asad (Leo)
zmarai (Leo)
sonbola (Virgo)
waʐai (Virgo)
mizɒn (Libra)
təla (Libra)
'aqrab (Scorpio)
laɻam (Scorpio)
qaws (Sagittarius)
lindəi (Sagittarius)
Jedi (Capricorn)
marɣumai (Capricorn)
dalv (Aquarius)
salwɑɣa (Aquarius)
hut (Pisces)
kab (Pisces)

So now brother tell me brother what is Afghan and what is not Afghan.

03-23-2011, 01:34 AM
The Iranian are so against us that we all know their scams and lies since ages, but recently ones such as claiming everyone as Persian being simply because of their language being associated with Iran. The fact that Iran had nothing in terms of what we know from histroy be it any book no such nationalism was there to simply divide a Sunni from Afghanistan and make him sound Shia/Persian. Or the other way around.

In case of Jalali Calendar lol in 1975 when Iranians did changed their calendar they made another move that even Afghan calendar was named Persian calendar. Go ahead google Persian Calendar and you will see Afghan Jalali reference. As I mentioned Al Biruni's famous dsicover as well as discoveries of other solar systems was all from Afghanistan, above that all the tools used as well as the persons who combined data and information to make this Calendar and named it after a king (Not that the king discovered LOL) but because in respect to him all data was collected to make a united Calendar that his Afghan and Iranian land can fallow.

How did Iranians claim Jalali Calendar? well before they claim it was a properganda that Iranians always had in their books and during the time when Iranians and British/Americans were good friends Iran was to be credited for everything.
In 1919 We used Jalali and even before that we used Jalali now I am not saying Iranians never used perhaps they might of, but from what I know it was never in their system, in 1925 it was the first time that even such thing can be documented. But still Zodiac and Afghan related root bothered them and so they just changed the names. In fact the also made another lie that still can be found.

Now hear in 1919 we got our independance and we used it, it was a fact that no Iranian can bring forth, the Afghan government offically claim it in 1922 again, its a fact, but in 1924 there was political problems and Reza Shah who was a Turk made up lots of lies and fake BS, but also copied Afghan Calendar, and that was 1925 when was the Shah of Iran.
Now read this from different source saying same crap again and again.

The Persian Calendar also known as the Iranian calendar or the Jalali Calendar is a solar calendar ( used in Iran and Afghanistan t ( 3D10%26hl%3Den)oday. "It was introduced in Persia in 1925, while Afghanistan adopted the calendar in 1957,

Persian /Iranian and Afghanistan Calendars

The Iranian and Afghanistan calendars or Persian calendars (Persian: گاهشماری افغان و ایرانی Ghšomri-ye Irni’ afghan ‘) are a succession of calendars invented or used for over two millennia in Greater Iran. One of the longest chronological records in human history, the Iranian calendar has been modified time and again during its history to suit administrative, climatic, and religious purposes.
The modern Iranian calendar (Solar Hejri) is now the official calendar in Iran and Afghanistan. It begins on the vernal equinox as determined by astronomical calculations for the Iran Standard Time meridian (52.5E or GMT+3.5h). This determination of starting moment is more accurate than the Gregorian calendar because it is synchronized with the vernal equinox year, but requires consulting an astronomical almanac. Its years are designated AP, short for Anno Persico. The Iranian year usually begins within a day of 21 March of the Gregorian calendar.
Although the earliest evidence of Iranian calendrical traditions is from the second millennium BC, predating the appearance of the Iranian prophet Zoroaster, the first fully preserved calendar is that of the Achaemenids. Throughout recorded history, Persians have been keen on the idea and importance of having a calendar. They were among the first cultures to use a solar calendar and have long favoured a solar over lunar and lunisolar approaches. The sun has always been a symbol in Iranian culture and is closely related to the folklore regarding Cyrus the Great himself.
Modern calendar (Solar Hejri)
The first day on the Iranian calendar falls on the March equinox, the first day of spring. At the time of the equinox, the sun is observed to be directly over the equator, and the north and south poles of the Earth lie along the solar terminator; sunlight is evenly divided between the north and south hemispheres.
In ca. 11 century CE major reforms of Iranian calendars took place and whose principal purpose was to fix the beginning of the calendar year, i.e. Nowrūz, at the vernal equinox. Accordingly, the definition of Nowruz given by the Iranian scientist Ṭūsī was the following: “the first day of the official new year [Nowruz] was always the day on which the sun entered Aries before noon”.
The Solar Hejri calendar year begins at the start of Spring in the northern hemisphere: on the midnight between the two consecutive solar noons which include the instant of the Northern spring equinox, when the sun enters the northern hemisphere. Hence, the first noon is on the last day of one calendar year and the second noon is on the first day (Nowruz) of the next year.
Afghanistan legally adopted the official Jalali calendar (from the medieval era) in 1922 but with different month names. The Persian language in Afghanistan uses Arabic names of the zodiac signs, while the Pashto language in Afghanistan uses the Pashto names of the zodiac signs. The Persian calendar is the official calendar of the government of Afghanistan, and all national holidays and administrative issues are fixed according to the Persian calendar. ( just 2 days ago lol

LOL right here this one answer us when we accepted it but never talks about Iran and when they introduced this Calendar lol Besides LOL at Afghanistan legally adopted the official Jalali calendar (from the medieval era) in 1922 but with different month names. Didn't Iran change the names in 1975? LOL

The calendar in use in Iran and Afghanistan today was introduced in Persia in 1925, while Afghanistan adopted the calendar in 1957, using the Arab names of the zodiacal signs. (
This one again said something right about Iran and then puts Afghanistan back for 1957 lol Someone should ask Why? Why make up lies

The calendar in use in Iran and Afghanistan today was introduced in Persia in 1925, while Afghanistan adopted the calendar in 1957, using the Arab names of the zodiacal signs for the corresponding months of the Persian calendar. (
Watch this one right confusing hey? We used Arabic names of the Zodiacal signs for the corresponding months of the Persian Calendar. LOL Persian Calender means Jalali Calendar but in names from Cyrus era LOL. Youtube before making such lies LOL or at least look Omar Khayam's book and you will see Greek or Kushani influnce. Here is the Video from Iranians at 3:20 and then talk about who changed what Mr. Iranian
YouTube - Iranian Calendar - Omar Khayyam Taghvim - تقویم ایرانی ([/URL]

You want laugh more here is this one
The Currect calendar has been used in Iran since 1925 and in Afghanistan since 1957. However Afghanistan used Islamic calendar in the years of 1999-2002 (
What does it mean from 1999-2002 LOL idiotically they made a mistake it was from 1996-2001 during Taliban and this was written by Iranians just to show that we Afghans have no or little interest in Jalali calendar lol
And these two as well claim Afghans legalized "Persian Calendar in 1957" LOl or they just iqore the Legalized part and say the enforced, adapted.

I people we Afghans are not educated and we don't care much about who is what and why is this and that, but Iranian do anything to claim something from Afghans. ( (

I just wish to educated our Afghan to know a little more than just speaking Endlish, praying without knowing what they are parying, or why they are praying or watching Indian movies.

03-23-2011, 01:55 AM
Can someone also please list, in order and accordance with the Gregorian calender, the Dari names?

I posted the Dari names

But my point is simply the fake and Lies and crap that Iranians (Shias) make up, anyone reading think about Afghanistan from wikipedia would simply make mistake about Afghanistan we are not what is said to be.

In fact Iranica the most famous and also anti-Afghan a way to have some sort of twist in everything crediting back the Iranians and Persians. Iranica as a properganda gave bad image of Islam as well as Sunnis, Afghans, Indians, and Arabs.

However aside from Wikipedia and Iranica there is no other reliable source that has documented 1911, the fact that Iranian parliment did exist in 1906, since then lot of stuff before Reza Shah is claimed such as Passport to Jamaludin Al Afghani and even worse to call him a Shia, LOL his parying way lol I wonder Iranians know we pray different from them and one who prays in Shia way is different from Iranians, where as Jamaludin always prayed in Sunni society of Afghanistan, Egypt, Turkey etc, so how can he be Shai? was he a liar lots of questions can come forth.
Anyways from Iranica (
But I will use the source since after all Iranica can't lie with recent history.
The solar (šamsī) hejrī calendar, beginning with the vernal equinox, has been official in Afghanistan since 1301 Š./1922 (See afghanistan x. political history). Prior to this time all official events were recorded according to the lunar hejrī <---- wasn't in Persia until 1925? :fighting:

"The Afghan solar calendar (Table 39 ( is basically the same as the Persian one:banghead::banghead::banghead:. In Persian of Afghanistan (darī) the names of the twelve months are the same as the Arabic terms for the zodiacal signs":evilgrin:
Here is a Question then WHat is Persian Calendar? Because at the same page it shows that Zodiac was already used "Medieval astronomers mention that, because the Jalālī year was a true solar year, some people assumed, that the length of its months was that of a true solar month; they therefore also assumed incorrectly that the beginning of each month was the day on which the sun entered the associated sign of the zodiac."
Here is another paragraph that Iranica should change cause it lecks some truth "According to early historians and astronomers, the main purpose of the reform was to fix the beginning of the calendar year (Nowrūz) at the vernal equinox. Thenceforth the first day of the official new year was always the day on which the sun entered Aries before noon. That is in fact the definition of Nowrūz given by Naṣīr-al-Dīn Ṭūsī (Zīj-e īl-ḵānī, fol. 15b), Oloḡ Beg (p. 310), and many later authors (Bīrjandī, fol. 23b; Mollā Moẓaffar, bāb 2, sec. 4)."

"In 1329/1911 the Persian parliament adopted as the official calendar of Iran the Jalālī solar calendar with months bearing the names of the twelve constellations of the zodiac and the years named for the animals of the duodecennial cycle; it remained in use until 1344/1925????
The solar Hejrī (Š. = Šamsī) and Šāhanšāhī calendars. The combination of the solar year with the Hejrī era, called Taqwīm-e hejrī-e šamsī, is a comparatively recent development. The law by which it became the official Persian calendar was enacted by the Majles on 11 Farvardīn 1304 Š./31 March 1925; it has remained in force since, except for a short break (Table 37 (
On 24 Esfand 1354 Š./14 March 1975 the Majles approved a new era based on the supposed year of accession of the first Achaemenid king, Cyrus the Great (559 b.c.); thus, 21 March 1976 became the first day (Nowrūz) of the year 2535 in the Šāhanšāhī era. The month names of the Persian solar Hejrī calendar were retained without change."

So yeah we have alot of questions to ask, wonder Why Iranica should be banned all over the world. because they make up lies and try to get away with it, on the same paragraph.

03-23-2011, 02:16 AM
these Pashto names are just translations of Greco-Roman names; this cannot be an authentic Pashto calendar.

Brother I hope you read my 2 posts and once you did
a question for you.

If this cannot be an authentic Pashto calendar. What shell we do? Fallow Persians? Just Change names? LOL cause really this was created some 1000 years ago with 365 days most perfect way of organizing the months, weeks, days, and seasons. If you have some new name I am sure people might be interested but hey the Aryans did not had a reliable calendar just like Northern Europeans, Chinese and Indians. So we are glade to have something from greeks and Greeks took it from Assyrians and Assyrians took ity from Akkadians and Akkadians took from Egyptions. And Egyptions took it from Aliens lol as what atheists claim

03-23-2011, 03:08 AM
Aria I am glade you open this, it gave me a chance to say some things, LOL I always have things to say lol but I feel this was important when people have questions and regarding to the term "PErsian Calendar" but where as you needly described it as an Afghan calendar, You are smart lol to notice of not calling it Persian since most people almost 95% of our brother from PF use and believe in Wiki Bs.

03-23-2011, 12:13 PM
Nick I think you failed to realize that you proved my point; Pashtuns never had an ancient Calendar, in fact there's no academically credible evidence of anything Pashto related from Ancient times. I don't mean words like "Abagana" or "Avagan" or "pactyan" which has other reasonable explanations. I mean "PASHTOON and "Pashto"

03-23-2011, 05:16 PM
Pashtuns in Pukhtunkhwa/eastern Afghanistan have their own names for solar months. For example, Badru is used for August-September, and Wasa(?) for another month in summer, but I don't remember the other months.

Can someone please list the names of all 12 solar months used in Pukhtunkhwa/eastern Afghanistan??

PS: Apparently these names are derived from the months of the ancient Saka calendar (now the official calendar in contemporary India) which was used by Kushans in ancient Gandhara.

03-23-2011, 09:32 PM
Nick I think you failed to realize that you proved my point; Pashtuns never had an ancient Calendar, in fact there's no academically credible evidence of anything Pashto related from Ancient times. I don't mean words like "Abagana" or "Avagan" or "pactyan" which has other reasonable explanations. I mean "PASHTOON and "Pashto"

Nick I think you failed to realize that you proved my point; Pashtuns never had an ancient Calendar

Perhaps I did from your point of view but from my prospective I clearly stated the historical background as well as the reasons why those Zodiac names are still “afghan”. And why it would be reasonably called Pashtu as well since it was translated as well as the translation in Dari which was done some 900 years right before Mongolian invasion.
in fact there's no academically credible evidence of anything Pashto related from Ancient times. I mean "PASHTOON and "Pashto"[/
LOL Brother if the non-Afghans make such commons, or ask such question it’s ok because even the Afghan doesn’t know.
I live in Canada often when we want to attack Canada, Canadian history, and its people, culture etc We ask stupid question like What does Canada mean or Where does the word Comes from. The answer we know is very complex and no-one knew back in old day in 1535 AD that people are going to wonder in 21 century and ask these questions. Now from our prospective the question is not a stupid, we just want to be a little smart; in fact we think it’s a weakness to Canadian nationalists who are so proud of Canada. However it seems stupid when we know the answer to that or we know that there is a difficulty figuring out history or the root of that name. But the fact that Canada came from Kanata, meaning "village" now applies to some area of near 10 millionkm2. But that is our weakness we choose to be ignorant as we are minority of this country called Canada. The point is that Canadians are united when it comes to making political decision making. Another reason why I am proud of Canada, and love this country so much because they proceed to handle difficulties in great manner with no or less harm to others.

Canada is just among many other national, ethnical confrontation words, such as Uzbek, despite its history is less than 800 years old we still don’t know why Uzbeks are called Uzbek and what does it mean? Ok fine it means in reference to some speaking Uzbeki, ok What does Uzbeki means. This language like Pashto has many claims and explanations, a ) Its related to be one of Oghuz tribes, ok so in the world Tajiks, Turkmen, and Turkish people of Turkey, as well as Azerbaijani, Dagestan are also Oghuz?, well another claim is a Mongolian general Ozbek Khan, so 39 million Uzbeks claims to be his children LOL Yes 39 million imagine how many wife did this infamous general had? Again people don’t know. Another word we often pin point to Tajik, there not a single document that gives a clear indication that these people existed on planet heart and every document that indicates such group is sources from Russians who claims to have borrowed from Uzbeks. Another word who often target is Turk, What does it mean where does it comes from is all theory and like the word Pashtu, the history of the word Turk also came after Islam and associated with Usmani empire as well as Suljks. A mythical kingdom call Gogturk existed around 650 AD in upper Sand land of northern Uzbekistan and modern Russia and Mongolia.

Persian another word which I personally had been researching for years now, and now I a father two Child near 30s and wondered about the roots of this word when I was a teenager. Why because I am a Persian by tongue I really wanted to know why I speak, the language I speak today. What does it mean, where did it came from, etc.
I tell you after years of research I came to know and conclude that the word “Persian” or Parsi, has nothing to do with pre-Islamic history of modern Pars province. A theory that we all came from Pars province was just a joke when I remember such articles from books and Internet. The word Pars actually came to be rooted from Modern Turkmenistan. I know you might ask how come Iranians reject this. Well simply because Turkmenistan is
a) A sunni country
b) Persian Claims that Turkmens means Turks and they are invaders
c) Persian Claims that Turkmenistan’s whole population was destroyed by Ghangis like majority of Turkistan ie Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Northern Afghanistan, as well as North Western and north Eastern Iran
Well you might say they should at least mention it, they won’t because then it takes away the fame and joy they made up since 1818 when consulting with British regarding Afghanistan, just before British plans of invading Afghanistan. I mean they build themselves an identity based on their language Farsi in reference to “Farsihan” that is often mentioned in Poetry meaning Farsi speakers.
You might ask how does that happens, well what we call Parsi/Farsi actually an arabicized version of Parthi. Parthi was the Palavi language and also A tribe or nation native to modern Turkmenistan was called Parthians, these Parthians spoke in Palavi but writing was still Greek format, (Later Sassanians changed or modified it), and they also used Greek words. Once they defeated the Hellenic Persian rulers they soon came to dominate as an Afghan enemy fought 6 wars with Pakhtrian (Bactrians).
Today people still argue what where does the word Uzbek, Persian, or Turk other other such people or race came from, It’s unknown few historical, archaeological evidence we get and from there we conclude that Persians did existed on planet earth because Darius mentions Parsian lol he doesn’t but the translation from Palavi Parthi into Farsi changes the “thi” to “Sha” just as “kh” or “gh” is changed into Sha in our language, such Guri/Suri, Pashtu, Pakhtu, Pekhawar/Peshawar. I know people would disagree with me but this is a fact, Farsi influence in anything changes the “Kh” into “Sha”. Kandaharis don’t speak “Kh” because of Dari influence and so they have “Sh”, the fact that Kandahari language was formulized to be national language as well as formal dialect promoted by Zahir shah and prime minister Daud Khan is just another side of the story, which I don’t want to go into.
Above all Etymology can be given to every word in reference to a group/tribe/race. But to when did it became officially recognized or how came to be in use in modern times is unknown.
I mean "PASHTOON and "Pashto
Again going back to what I said, Aryans did not created calendar which is why we have lots of difficulties configuring their civilization, where some even argue that Aryans were not even civilized. Indian didn’t had calendar until 450 BCE nor did Persians before 550 BCE, they too copied it from Akkadians, Chinese didn’t had proper calendar until 120 BCE, Jews didn’t had calendar until 750 BCE, Northern European didn’t had anything like calendar until 200 BCE and nor did Greeks until 750 BCE. The oldest calendar was from Egypt another modern theory supports that Chinese Yin also had a calendar but still lack in terms of proves and evidence. As An Afghan I am proud that we had calendar around 300 BCE.
Which is Why I asked you tell me what is Afghan and not Afghan about this calendar not what is Pashtu, Pashtun or what is Parsi, Persian, because in this calendar roots there is nothing Farsi or Pashtu but rather Greek in origin, however the time, dates and seasons, and weather were observed in Afghanistand and was created right in center of Afghan region.