View Full Version : The persainised pashtuns of afghanistan

12-12-2010, 04:05 AM
I have a great respect for all the languages including the persain/dari or farsi but persain langauge realy harm our language and culture in afghanistan.
Many of our fellow people of pashtun origin(now mixed with persains) do,nt even know their true identity.I found them very pro persain and anti pashtu.This is realy sad in a country created by pashtuns.
Like great Khoshal Baba said,,bala jaba zdakawol kho 1 kamaal de-khpala jaba prihodal bekamaali da,,,
Well,the language of majority in afghanistan today is farsi or dari but pashtu is also a very important language of eastren and southren region and the govt of afghanistan should do more for pashto language.
There are more then 55 millions pashtun living on both side of durandline with no such power base and cultural center.
zamong da pakhtano gati khabari zda de kho pa amali zovand ki tar tolo qaamono rosto paati yuw.
allah mo di mal she