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  1. Pashtun culture ATTAN
  2. What tribe are you from?
  3. Are men and women together in your weddings?
  4. Pashtunwali
  5. Is knowing Pashto a requirement to be a Pashtun?
  6. Excuse my ignorance
  7. Common Problems after Childbirth (in Rural Areas)
  8. Self-Defense Tips for Women
  9. Marriage to non-Pashtuns
  10. Afghans Harassment by the Pakistan Police
  11. Afghani and Pakistani Pashtuns
  12. Is it possible that a good pashtun can be a patriotic pakistani?
  13. Pashto baby names
  14. Pashtun Matters?
  15. Pashtun Nomads...(Powindas/Kochis)
  16. Characteristics of Pashtuns
  17. Why do Pashtuns curse themselves out?
  18. Pashtun/Pathan and Afghan
  19. You know your Pashtun when
  20. Why do people marry their cousins in the south asian sub Cont.
  21. The word 'Pathan'
  22. We are not South Asian!
  23. Why do we Pashtuns get mad so easily?
  24. pakhtoon tribes...
  25. پګړۍ پټکۍ لونګۍ
  26. Do you consider imran khan a pashtun?
  27. Tribes are one of the major reasons why we are divided.
  28. Tribes and Turbulence an interesting article about pashtun people
  29. Is Dis True ?
  30. What does Khan mean?
  31. Going back to your origin?
  32. Lets say you are getting married to someone...
  33. Afghanistan is not motherland of pashtuns.
  34. Speaking evil of other Pashtun tribes
  35. Pashtuns and other muslims immitating the KUFAR!
  36. Pashto Translators?
  37. How is land distributed and owned by pashtuns.
  38. whats the difference??
  39. Afghan
  40. Your Positive Experiences Meeting Muslims who Praise Afghans/Pashtuns
  41. Pashtuns are caucasian
  42. PASHTUNS ARE UNIQUE why should one be proud to be a Pashtun?
  43. Ladies, what do you ask for in a man?
  44. افغانان اسلام غواړي، ډمتوب نه غواړي
  45. The Pashtuns by Ghani Khan
  46. Lost Campanian
  47. Need some help, what should I do?
  48. Is this Punjabi and Pashtun call for unity?
  49. You know your Afghan when...
  50. folklore and childrens stories
  51. Pashto renaissance
  52. Pashtuns and marriage
  53. current state of Pashtun women in Pashtun society
  54. Before And After Marriage!
  55. Folklore and Proverbs
  56. Attan
  57. Wikipedia
  58. Pashto Cultural Museum inaugurated
  59. Respecting!
  60. Mom's are yes importent
  61. I
  62. Pakhtoonwali
  63. Helping or ruining culture?
  64. Pashtuns' Rich Musical History
  65. Khattak Attan
  66. Is Attan a Dance? Or not?
  67. Tell us about your tribe! Who are you? Where are you from? What's your history?
  68. Calligraphy
  69. An outside - box look at afghanistan
  70. Pashtun female honor
  71. Be thankful everyday!
  72. Do U think???????? Pashtun.
  73. I hate Pashtun Urban Culture and Attitude
  74. ON THE ROAD in Kandahar: Exploring Kandahar City
  75. Youth Enagagement Program
  76. My Pashto Nasheed Blog!
  77. Why We Don't Need an Islamic Art Museum
  78. Both Afghan and Pashtunkhwa's Pashtuns are in denial!
  79. Marry a kid?
  80. hamza shinwari
  81. Walwar
  82. Sher Poem About The Situation In Afghanistan About Pashtuns Afghans Pathan
  83. Ban Pakistani Mujra ,Lollywood Porno from Pashtun Areas.
  84. The Great Kuchi'an - Kochyan Short Documentation
  85. ~ Modesty in Today's World
  86. what would justify hitting a woman...
  87. Pashto translator and Linguist
  88. forced marriage
  89. ~ Shallow.
  90. What would justify hitting a kid...
  91. Import Brides
  92. Marrying a Divorced Man/Woman
  93. Pashtun Family Feuds - Any solutions?
  94. Pashtuns culture
  95. Typical pashtun :D
  96. ~ Hijabis.
  97. Swat Tourism Peace Festival
  98. socio-cultural challenges faced by Afghan women in the west
  99. You know your Afghan when....
  100. Payluchan (Payluchaan)
  101. About Pashtun Attan - A Traditional Pashtun Dance
  102. Is cooking a requirement for a Pashtun Men?
  103. Pashtun weddings
  104. Are we Pashtuns Hotheaded and hardheaded?
  105. غزل
  106. داموننګ دی دا خو واړه پښتانه وړي
  107. Pashtun clothes
  108. Rabab : King of Pashto
  109. Is Subservience to Non-Pashtuns Against our Culture?
  110. Share unusual Pashtun customs here
  111. بلجيم : جهاني او د هغه دجهان څېړنغونډې روان
  112. The Men From the Mountains
  113. Pashtun Respect
  114. Pottery Art and Pashtun Culture
  115. Pashtun embroidery
  116. Khamak embroidery of Kandahar
  117. Basic question -
  118. The "jingle trucks" of Peshawar
  119. Pashtun culture vs Others
  120. Naswar
  121. You know you are from swat when....
  122. سپلنيَ spalanaey
  123. Pashtun Culture
  124. Pashtunwali, Womens legislative authority
  125. ~ You know you're Qandaharai when...
  126. Afghan sense of History and Pride
  127. Attention: straight forward request from everyone.
  128. ماشومانو لپاره پښتو نومونه
  129. Pashto musical instruments
  130. Afghan Mentality.
  131. Kunnar 1990
  132. Having multiple wives in Pashtun culture.
  133. The Vanishing Institution Of Hujra
  134. Pakhtun National Awareness Program
  135. Afghan man getting attacked inside a lion cage ( kabul zoo): Graphic
  136. Miss - elections
  137. ~Afghan Etiquette~
  138. What does a Pukhtana of today expect from her husband.
  139. shayesta and laila enter
  140. Your response....
  141. 'My Trip To Afghanistan'
  142. lost thread
  143. Who is a Pashtun?
  144. Afghan nationalism vs Pashtun nationalism
  145. زۀ دوه درې کتابونه ليکل غواړم
  146. Pa Kabul ki de Kochiano aw Hazaragano nakhata.
  147. Sheen Khaal
  148. Pashto Translator
  149. Pashtun Nationalism and Tribalism
  150. Panjpir Swabi
  151. ~Shorwa~
  152. Why are Pukhtuns from Afghanistan so conservative?
  153. Pashtun customs
  154. when going to college/university, stay home or move out
  155. Landai competition
  156. The Prince of Maseed Tribe
  157. Do You Have a Television at Home?
  158. Da sok da ao sa Qesa da Jenay ka ?
  159. Abdul Haq from Kandahar Province
  160. Pashtunwali*****پښتونولی
  161. ځما په نظر پښتون ولي
  162. Taking Everyone As A Good Person?
  163. Pashtun women belong at home
  164. Pashtun female Singers and actresses
  165. Pashtun wedding traditions
  166. Eid preparation
  167. Afghan Members
  168. New Attan Video by the Taleban Mujahideen l طالبانو اتن
  169. Pashtuns prefer traditional shoes
  170. momin khan aw sherino pashto nasheeds
  171. Afghan cultural centre inaugurated in Kabul
  172. Sharing and Caring
  173. Pashtun Last Names
  174. د اتـمـــان کــټـــوه
  175. So I heard there are these Pashtun...
  176. Saving Afghan Treasures
  177. Is me being a Pashtun who's religion is Hindu a problem?
  178. Pashto children's songs
  179. Pashtun youth society UK
  180. Kalo Khanay Taalay
  181. Pashtun tribes
  182. Mad Mullahs, Opportunists, and Family Connections: The Violent Pashtun Cycle
  183. strong Pashtuns
  184. Strong Women?
  185. Duff ~Daira ~ Daryaa
  186. All the Indians in the House - Please Discuss
  187. Afghan music before the war
  188. Mirza Khan Ansari, A Poet of Roshnaya School
  189. What type of wedding would you prefer?
  190. fateha
  191. Interesting Views of Pashtuns held by Non-Pashtuns
  192. Village Life
  193. Afghan-e-Ghul: Term Origins
  194. Warrookwalay
  195. Low Faith in our People Sometimes
  196. Divorce among Pashtuns
  197. Pashtun Manners
  198. Nishtar Hall to be made hub of cultural activities
  199. Controversial customs among Pashtuns
  200. Kandahar Through Afghan Eyes 2010
  201. Tor Topak
  202. Kite flying festival
  203. Stuck between two extremes
  204. Walking Down in the Aisle with the Quran
  205. Scientific and Research Seminar on Mawlawi Saleh Mohammad Hotak held in Kabul
  206. Sikh Community Endures in Kabul
  207. Non-Muslim Afghans
  208. دَ رنګونو ماښامCultural Show & Music Night @ Nishtar Hall, Peshawar
  209. Marriage issue
  210. Afghan[Pashtun]community in the U.K
  211. Pashtun Culture
  212. Afghanistan che kamaya shta?
  213. Seminar on “Pacha Khan and Non-Violence” End
  214. Security increased in Kandahar before Eid
  215. Women Rights in Pashtunwali
  216. Eid Special 2. ھلاکان
  217. Afghan Buddhist relics: Archaeologists issue warning
  218. Pashtuns marrying non Pashtuns
  219. سپلنيَ spalanaey - a cure for the evil eye
  220. For the non-Pashtuns here
  221. Relatives oh Relatives
  222. دېب او شاپېرۍ د پښتنو په فوکلوري نکلونو کي
  223. Arab Pashtuns?
  224. ~your lifestyle~
  225. Afghan-pashtun community in foriegn countries
  226. Never use the word "Pashtunwali"
  227. The persainised pashtuns of afghanistan
  228. The term ''pakistani pashtun''
  229. In pashtun culture you cant talk with or see your fiancee
  230. Rights of parents in west...can you slap your child there?
  231. Was Pashto filmed industry intentionally destroyed?
  232. American Pashtoons Yaw Zaay Shaa!
  233. pashto poetry/funny but true
  234. watani burqa LOL
  235. pashtun cultural music ENJOY
  236. people of waziristan the most beautiful
  237. khalek me pe goley weley-song
  238. Pashtuns wake up and dont let any invader manipulate you
  239. zmung qanun dey quran-pashtunkhwa zindabad
  240. racism is a disease,im not infected
  241. some vocal Patriotic Afghans from pukhtunkhwa
  242. Mullahkhel?
  243. Kathak and Khattak Dance very Similar
  244. Is it acceptable for Pashtuns to bow their heads to other men?
  245. Pashtuns should be more like the NWO
  246. Pashtunistan national ANTHEM
  247. Long live Afghan Attan
  248. Pashtun Nationalism or Islamic Nationalism?
  249. پاچا په فوکلوري نکلونو کي
  250. BKTEF Signs MOU with the Culture Department, Govt of Pakhtunkhwa