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  1. New developments in Afghanistan
  2. London and New York tied as top financial centres
  3. Kandahar laptops
  4. Kandahar has the worlds busiest runway.
  5. President launches development projects in Quetta
  6. Afghanistan-China Signs new Agreements
  7. Navy to buy seven submarines
  8. Army ready to forgo Military Hardware for Economic Boost
  9. Pakistan to get US drone technology soon
  10. Afghanistan boosts budget revenue by 45 per cent
  11. Afghanistan's wealth of mineral reserves
  12. Indo-Afghan trade has potential to double to $1 billion
  13. Cornerstone laying ceremony for new Afghan Defense University held at Qarghah
  14. IT park to be set up in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  15. Pakistan offers global nuclear fuel services
  16. New Hospitals in Bagram
  17. Developing human skills in Balochistan
  18. Direct flights now available between Tehran and Kandahar
  19. Restoration of Kabul University’s herbarium announced
  20. One hundred school buildings constructed in Paktya over past two years
  21. New Textile Factory Opens In Jalalabad
  22. 9 hydrometric machines installed in Logar
  23. India to fund construction of new schools in Kunar
  24. Pay By Cell Phone Program Implemented To Reduce Corruption In Afghanistan
  25. Afghan Airline Industry Continues To Grow – Safi Airways Plans To Expand Fleet
  26. Peshawar: Rs 4,000 million community development project ready for launching
  27. Rs 6 billion uplift projects launched in Swabi
  28. Iran starts mass production of Mesbah 1 air defense system
  29. Pakistan's Female Sky Marshalls
  30. Jobs to be created in Zabul,Projects completed in Samangan
  31. School building construction completes in Nangarhar and another starts in Ghazni
  32. Pakistan test-fires pair of ballistic missiles
  33. Pakistan Power shortfall drops to 1426MW
  34. Medical facilities re-open in Herat
  35. Pakistan students make country's first Hybrid car
  36. Pakistan training saudi special forces (NSSU)
  37. New School Building And Masjid Inaugurated In Balkh Province
  38. Medical facilities re-open in Herat
  39. India to fund construction of new schools in Kunar
  40. Afghan Railway to Aid Economy and NATO, Rile Taliban
  41. Afghan geological reserves ALONE! worth a trillion dollars
  42. Reforms increase state revenues in Afghanistan
  43. Road maintenance project in Kandahar province
  44. ADB invests in energy distribution company in order to increase access to.
  45. The World Bank’s Economic Update On Afghanistan
  46. Revenue collection swells in eastern Afghanistan
  47. New hospital and school for herat
  48. Kabul: Americans restore historic Masjid.
  49. New Afghan railroad
  50. New hospital in Kandahar - for non-Afghans
  51. Afghanistan to get cargo ships to transport goods
  52. Ancient Monuments To Be Reconstructed in Ghazni
  53. Ministry of planning has approved Godah Girls' Primary School in Wardak Province
  54. Fantanstic new: New discovery mines and minrals in Afghanistan!
  55. 5 More School Buildings Inaugurated In Nimroz Province
  56. Afghanistan's trillion dollar battlefield
  57. Pakistan asks US to provide advanced attack helicopters
  58. Afghanistan Moves Quickly to Tap Newfound Mineral Reserves
  59. Is money required to stay happy?
  60. Two school building reconstructed in Kabul, and new school to be built in Herat
  61. DSL rolled out in Mazar-e-Sharif,Kabul and new police building is opened in Kabul
  62. US money reaching Taliban, says report
  63. Historical Qazi Garden To Be Restored In Old Kabul
  64. Pakhtunkhwa presents Rs 294bn budget with zero deficit
  65. UAE's Dnata nears agreement to operate Kabul airport
  66. New Apartment Blocks in Kabul
  67. Peshawar to get its first Cancer Treatment hospital
  68. Peshawar to get modern garbage recycling plant
  69. Afghanistan sees 'revolution' with first railway
  70. Two new hospitals under construction in Paktya province
  71. New Afghan School for deaf
  72. 3G opens modern IT avenues in Pakistan
  73. Rs 62 billion canal project for DI Khan
  74. Swat (Shamozai) mines reopen, future outlook positive
  75. $25 Million Peshawar Ringroad Project Inaugurated
  76. Karzai launches sales pitch for Afghan minerals
  77. Pakistan wants early transit trade accord with Afghanistan
  78. Rich in minerals -- and in people's potential
  79. Islam & the Economic Question
  80. Iowa National Guard team to help Afghan farmers
  81. Afghanistan to complete first railway by end of year
  82. Khyber Pashtunkhwa plans Rs699m projects to overcome energy crisis
  83. BRAC (Bangladeshi NGO) in Afghanistan.
  84. کندوز: د غاليو اوبدلو نوي فابريکې په کار پي
  85. کندوز: د غاليو اوبدلو نوي فابريکې په کار پي
  86. $300 Million Dollar Power Station Built In Kabul
  87. New Girls school in Zabul
  88. Afghanistan Opium
  89. Herat: New School inaugurated
  90. Solar Power Installment in FATA; Bajaur, Pakistan
  91. Water scheme completed in Khyber Agency
  92. 41 FATA Developmental Projects at Rs.1150 million
  93. Improving Engineering Education in Afghanistan
  94. Afghan Marble Offers Beauty and Hope
  95. Cornerstone laying ceremony for new Afghan Defense University held at Qarghah
  96. Bangladesh helping Pashtuns in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
  97. Overview of Pak sponsored development projects in Afghanistan since 2001
  98. 5 new schools in Nimroz
  99. New Dams; 7,000 to 8,000 megawatts in Northern Areas of Pakistan
  100. Textile Art & Apparel Academy for Women in Herat
  101. Afghanistan gets first 24-hour news TV
  102. Army working towards development of South Waziristan
  103. Pak-Afghan Rail Link - MoU signed
  104. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, When is the Next AIG to Fall? | Marc Faber
  105. new schools have been constructed in Samangan
  106. Kabul Medical University now has A faculty of public health
  107. Four Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Developmental Projects worth Rs 1.5 billion
  108. Plan to bring thousands of trees to Panjshir province
  109. Karzai invites Mitsubishi to discuss mining projects
  110. 2 news hospitals for Paktya province
  111. New doctors in Afghanistan
  112. Kabul Currency Market is Thriving
  113. Afghanistan order of the battle 2007
  114. Amnena Afzali minister of work to help...Program to Improve Work Conditions Launched
  115. Pukhtunistan Police
  116. India to resume medical missions in Afghanistan
  117. M2M (Mountain to Mountain) is creating a Women prison in Kandahar
  118. Gaza's only Fisherwoman
  119. Hong Kong's Cage home's
  120. India to use pakistan's air space for trade with afghanistan!!
  121. داسلامي بانكدارى پیژندنه
  122. New road to make Bamyan to Kabul travel easier
  123. Pashtuns want an image change
  124. School is reopened in Zabul Province
  125. Ethnicity and the Political Reconstruction
  126. Pashtana Founder of Kandahari Khazanay
  127. Nine years, nine conferences
  128. New schools built in Jalalabad and Paktiya. Girls school as well.
  129. Swat: 3 libraries and 1 new Park
  130. Keiser Report no 63
  131. Work Begins on Jalalabad Reconstruction Team Site
  132. Women donate jewellery for Ghor mosque
  133. School re-opened in Herat Province
  134. New road to make Bamyan to Kabul travel easier
  135. Afghan and Combined Force Reopens School
  136. Airport to be built in Uruzgan
  137. Ghazi Amanullah Khan Project
  138. Golden city project - Kabul
  139. Nangarhar:Numerous Development Projects Have Been Completed.
  140. Pakhtunkhwa needs you
  141. Kandahar Irrigation project
  142. PRT Ghazni invest in mullahs and womens advocacy
  143. you think charities are fraud, you can help here!
  144. Villagers build their own road
  145. For users of Facebook
  146. Largest-ever delivery of medicines and health supplies to Afghanistan
  147. Many new schools inaugurated in Faryab province
  148. وطن...! دَ هنرکده او جمال شاه صيب لۀ خوا قام ته 
  149. 6 Extreme Ways to Go Frugal and Save
  150. Maternity Hospital Inaugurated In Paktia Province
  151. Dairy Industry Revitalization in Afghanistan (DIRA)
  152. Gardens open world to women in Afghanistan
  153. Agriculture Helps in Wardak Counter Insurgency Fight, Afghanistan
  154. Government of Afghanistan and the World Bank Sign Grant Agreement to Improve....
  155. Al-Azhar University to open branches in Afghanistan
  156. Major increase in the harvesting of pistachio crops
  157. Herat : Plan to bring international flights to Herat underway
  158. 41.6m new textbooks published
  159. Afghanistan Sends Aid to Flood-Hit Areas Of Pakistan
  160. 120 projects completed in Ghor Province, Afghanistan
  161. 24 million to improve Educational infrastructure from Saudi Arabia
  162. New equipment added to printing press
  163. Kunduz teachers get free health care
  164. Schools being provided lab equipment, books
  165. First-ever gynecology hospital opens in Paktiya Province, Afghanistan
  166. PASHTUNFORUMS AID For Flood Victims in Pakistan
  167. PASHTUNFORUMS AID For Flood Victims in Pakistan
  168. Huge oil deposit discovered; Gas pipeline to bring in billions in revenue
  169. 800 Afghans to get vocational training
  170. Women's Farm Service Centre opens
  171. Afghan reconstruction with $12b project
  172. Jalalabad:Border police building inaugurated
  173. 15 Things You Shouldn't Be Paying For
  174. New high school building inaugurated in Logar Province
  175. Afghanistan's blue treasure
  176. What is your idea to change the future of Afghans
  177. New School Building In Kunar Province
  178. School building for girls high school inaugurated
  179. Pashto new developed book for class 2
  180. 31 welfare schemes inaugurated in Kunduz
  181. Center Promotes Female Journalism in Afghanistan
  182. Mobile access: Even more Afghans will have access to it!
  183. Rakshabw da pukhtunistan
  184. Buildings inaugurated for schools in Balkh, Herat, and Kabul
  185. Health clinic opens in Kandahar
  186. Iran gets contract to build road to Bamyan
  187. Afghan authorities take over largest bank to avoid meltdown
  188. Kandahar Province : One road completed and work on another started
  189. ILO scheme to help flood victims get jobs
  190. Your donations for the flood victims in Pashtunkhwa
  191. Afghan K-9 program saves lives, improves security
  192. Jalalbad gets WiFi
  193. Troubled Afghan bank faces further day of queues
  194. Women in Afghanistan need our support
  195. Rebuilding of water canal to begin, and new power sub-station inaugurated
  196. 2 new school buildings inaugurated in north eastern Afghanistan
  197. Construction on Ghazni-Paktia road launched
  198. Afghanistan to improve literacy rate
  199. Herat: Health center to be built; Farah hospital to get stable source of power
  200. Two education projects launched in Wardak
  201. U.N. agency to report fall in Afghan opium output
  202. India outdoes US aid efforts in Afghanistan
  203. Karzai asks AKF to modernise state-run hospital
  204. The Science of Development
  205. Afghan Woman Wins Asia Social Entrepreneur Of The Year Award
  206. PkMAP's Flood Relief Activities
  207. 2 vocational schools to be constructed in Logar
  208. New hospital to open in Khost; development projects announced in Farah and Kandahar
  209. Kandahar City to have footpaths, sewerage network
  210. Afghanistan adds female officers to swelling army
  211. Afghanistan and China sign agreement on railway construction
  212. Japan pledges $50m for Afghan peace effort for now and 5 billion in the next 5 years
  213. Italians train journalists in Herat
  214. Landmark gas pipeline deal signed
  215. Indian firm to expand Kabul power station
  216. Coca Cola returns to Afghanistan
  217. Our Development
  218. Indian-funded clinics open in Balkh
  219. Afghan railroad is under construction
  220. Shares and the stock market
  221. Samangan to get $1 million for reconstruction
  222. Roads asphalt project launched in Kabul
  223. Afghanistan : Unit supporting human rights established
  224. Afghan poppy crop down by 48%
  225. Farah to have new fruit market
  226. Work on Parwan-Bamyan highway begins
  227. Three innovative projects inaugurated in Swat district
  228. KP govt seals five illegal factories
  229. 100 selected at FRDP Job Fair
  230. CM asks Wapda to initiate CRBC repairs
  231. Wapda to initiate work on 10 power projects
  232. How internet helped
  233. School building constructed in Jalalabad
  234. Malakand varsity to have 8 more deptt
  235. Legislators for revival of flood-hit agriculture sector
  236. Japan grants US $ 89,378 for safe drinking water at Ossay
  237. Kurram Tangi Dam to cost Rs 46 billion, generate 83.4 megawatts power
  238. Afghanistan and African countries: Pakistan starts optic fibre cable export
  239. WBDC Peshawar to be functional by year end
  240. Agricultural University Peshawar to establish three sub-campuses
  241. Promotion of sports in KP and FATA Trust gets Rs one million grant
  242. Bridge dedication ceremony in Farzah District, Kabul province, Afghanistan
  243. Ten new bridges 'arrive' for malakand and FATA
  244. New building for school in Herat; Seminar for teachers started in Bamiyan
  245. Malakand/Swat Revitalization Programs (USAID and Partners)
  246. Wardak: Development projects executed in Wardak
  247. Girls school constructed in Afghanistan by Turks
  248. Mayor hints at new development plan
  249. RCA Inaugurates village in KP
  250. New law to ensure presence of teachers in schools