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  2. The myth of Punjabis Pashtuns enemity and blame game of Pashtuns Part I
  3. Breaking the Panjabis-pashtuns myths Part II
  4. Pashtuns and Tajiks ,,breaking the myths
  5. Infinite thoughts and hard talk
  6. Isi/pakistan army and pashtuns, to disclose the myth and to discover the reality
  7. A short story of mine
  8. I am LOST
  9. "Mirwais"
  10. De Tawde Baaduno Bewasi
  11. "The Death of Truth and Hope"
  12. "Caught in the Middle"
  13. I am a Pashtun Nationalist by Qawmparast
  14. "The Winter Rains of Quetta"
  15. شعر او دَ هغې لوازمات......... شيرين يار يوسفزے
  16. The right approach to the solution of the problems of Pashtuns
  17. O Worshipper! Where was your heart?
  18. ... what the Burqa hides ...
  19. Alluring Deceptions
  20. Islam is just a religion like any other religion
  21. Pashtun purpose of life
  22. USA is the Blessing. Savior, Friend, Helper and a Messiah for Muslims and Pashtuns
  23. Abstract of my M-Phil research: as per promise
  24. August 19th 2010
  25. "At least try"
  26. Informed opinion Vs agenda!
  27. My conversion to Islam
  28. Why all terrorists are Pashtuns?
  29. Why all terrorists are Pashtuns?
  30. Why all terrorists are Pashtuns?
  31. No Loy Afghanistan or Pashtunistan but bridging the distance by non political means
  32. Feroza Banu's signature's story *WARNING* very sad
  33. Honor, Women, and the Pashtun Society: A Bibliography
  34. ... you were strange ... (a poem)
  35. My Understanding of Oranges
  36. Pawns
  37. Pashtun woman, a challenge to the conscience of the Humanity and human rights groups.
  38. My Heart Bleeds Pashto
  39. Secularism and Pashtuns....the panacea for all the ills of Pashtuns.
  40. Isarel as a model state for Pashtuns, Arabs and Muslims
  41. Why Education is over rated.
  42. My article:Downfall of our civilisation
  43. The Militant Mullah and Pakistan
  44. Why Pakistan is a threat to the Pashtun people
  45. Arab terror in the land of Pashtuns
  46. ISI and Afghanistan
  47. The Punjabi Taliban
  48. Badal
  49. Clouds of Green Smoke Are Where The Wild Things Grow (The Wilderness)
  50. [Article] Obstacles to Loy Afghanistan
  51. Poetry and Stories
  52. Qeesey Meesey...pashto short stories newly published book.By taj Rahim
  53. Few lines of Hakim Khan's poem
  54. Words for father and mother
  55. afghanistan centre at kabul university.
  56. What you can do to improve Afghanistan and the condition of Pashtuns
  57. The Confused Pashtun
  58. Request for Help!
  59. Conflict - A story by Hakim Khan the Great