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  1. Apple Releases New MacBook Pros
  2. Adobe Readying to Sue Apple?
  3. Here is a normal water drop at 2000 frames a second.
  4. Jalalabad WiFi
  5. Palm to go out of business, probably soon
  6. Internet leads to addiction
  7. For a rare few, driving and cell phones go well togethe
  8. D.C. as science mecca
  9. Why Antivirus Programs Are Most Important in Computers
  10. Top 10 impt things about Anti viruses
  11. Top 100 Mac essenial apps
  12. Mac tips and tricks
  13. Keyboard tips and tricks
  14. Fastest cars in the world.
  15. Porn virus publishes web history of victims on the net
  16. The Robots Are Coming to Town
  17. Man fined for Bebo friend request
  18. Pakistan made UAVs
  19. Pakistani WizkID sets 4th world record in IT
  20. Pakistan launches first core i3 desktop machine
  21. How apple lost the next iphone
  22. Check this out!
  23. When Over-Sharing Leads to Problems
  24. Facebook: Social Network or Spying Network?
  25. Mac or a PC
  26. Criminal Charges Possible in the Case of the Lost iPhone
  27. Which country leads censorship requests to Google by population - or internet users?
  28. NSA key to Windows
  29. Cell phone spy
  30. HP acquires PALM
  31. Top 5 bright spots for Android — plus a dark cloud
  32. DropBox
  33. Pashtoon Websites - د پښتنو ویب پاڼی
  34. Android OS being ran on an Iphone!
  35. Virus Protection
  36. Pakistan's gaming industry
  37. 45 Gigapixel Image of Dubai Sets Record as World's Largest Photo
  38. Facebook, Deny? Or confirm?
  39. Pashtun kid sets a world record in IT
  40. 7 Things to Stop Doing Now on Facebook
  41. Make me babies
  42. Sending a Text at a meeting? Rude or Multitasking?
  43. Obama Cautions Grads Against Getting Tangled in Tech
  44. Pakistan Widens Online Ban to Include YouTube
  45. Can Steve Jobs still wow after leaks?
  46. Yankee stadium bans the I-Pad
  47. Facebook CEO: 'We've made mistakes' on privacy
  48. String of Suicides Continues at Electronics Supplier in China
  49. Most lucrative career for Afghans
  50. Apple Passes Microsoft as No. 1 in Tech
  51. Apple is now the U.S.'s No. 2 e-retailer
  52. Anyone with photoshop? Need urgent help (for an afghan cause)
  53. YouTube Dominates Online Video Views
  54. Want to speak with Dolphins? Buy an Apple Ipad
  55. George W. Bush joins Facebook
  56. U.S. Is Still Using Private Spy Ring, Despite Doubts
  57. help
  58. Apple WWDC 2010: Five Things To Watch For
  59. Mother finds children with Facebook
  60. Peugeot SR1
  61. Any Ipod Experts?
  62. Hosting Photographs
  63. Traffic Accident video by City District Government Karachi (Must Watch)
  64. Carz
  65. Tapatalk
  66. Post a screenshot of your PC Desktop
  67. Skype
  68. 22 Percent of Internet Time Is Social, Nielsen Says
  69. White House Seeks Input On IT, Science
  70. nintendo 3ds
  71. oovoo ?
  72. Phone Software Takes the Taps Out of Typing
  73. Unknown Number
  74. On New iPhone, a Mystery of Dropped Calls
  75. Changing Phone Number
  76. If Cars Could Fly...
  77. IT park to be set up in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  78. ~~*Requst Any Software Mobile OR Pc Which You Want*~~
  79. ~10 Google Search Tips and Tricks~
  80. Clean your RAM by Notepad
  81. Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus RTM (x86 x64)
  82. Iphone 4 catches fire
  83. Apple News | YouTube Announces Support for 4096p Video
  84. Design Flaw in iPhone 4, Testers Say
  85. What to do with passwords once you create them
  86. Digital Diplomacy
  87. Pay and Sit LOL
  88. India unveils $30 laptop
  89. Even With All Its Profits, Microsoft Has a Popularity Problem
  90. Plane you can park in your garage. WHAT YOU NEED IN AFGHANISTAN
  91. Readers Are Abandoning Print, Yet Don’t Trust the Web
  92. The Facebook Data Torrent Debacle: Q&A
  93. White House Seeks to Clarify F.B.I. Powers vis-à-vis E-Mail
  94. How fast can clouds run?
  95. Afghanistan Websites
  96. Did you know?
  97. Internet Privacy Infographic: Do You Know Who's Watching You?
  98. Military testing Nexus Ones for real-time translation in Afganistan
  99. In Dubai..
  100. Technological effect on our brain
  101. 13 Things An Identity Thief Won't Tell You
  102. Indian Scientists Discovered novel Insulin: once in a month only.
  103. Military Computer Attack Confirmed
  104. help!
  105. ~ Make dirty water drinkable!
  106. DocuWeb
  107. Computer Casings Made from Cashews
  108. Scanned Docs
  109. Trusting People Online: Some Advice
  110. Pashto Fonts
  111. How to get 'back home' channels on satellite in Canada
  112. Google Unveils Tool to Speed Up
  113. The Story Behind a Wikipedia Entry
  114. What's Dirtier, Cell Phone or Toilet Seat?
  115. First And New Pashto Mobile Browser
  116. Proposal for the Establishment of SAP Partner Academy in Afghanistan
  117. Helmand locals want ban on camera cell phones
  118. A solar flare could set us back 100 years
  119. Computer Abbreviation
  120. Smartphone App for Genes on Earth Is Tool for Scientists and Entertaining for All
  121. Create One-click Shutdown And Reboot Shortcuts
  122. U.S. Is Working to Ease Wiretaps
  123. A Silent Attack, but Not a Subtle
  124. New Blackberry Tablet
  125. Anti-outsourcing bill blocked in US senate
  126. Jalalabad's Fab Lab
  127. SDM Data Recovery Software
  128. How To assign/add an Icon To a Flash Drive/ Flash Memory
  129. Need help please!
  130. Drawing A Basic Pencil In Paint In Pashto
  131. What is tethering?
  132. all about the thumbnail view, how windows generates the thumbnails views....
  133. Live Blogging Apple’s Mac Event
  134. Apple Flips the Playbook, Putting
  135. Google: We collected e-mails, passwords
  136. Tech Talk Podcast: Adoring Your Computer
  137. Google gaining on booming smartphone market
  138. Chasing Pirates: Inside Microsoft’s War Room
  139. Tag-Along Marketing By JOSHUA BRUSTEIN
  140. Apple and I.B.M. Aren’t All That Different By
  141. When a Camcorder Becomes a Life Partner
  142. Netgear Wants to Wirelessly Connect New Televisions
  143. One on One: Vivek Kundra, U.S. Chief Information Officer
  144. IBM and Oracle are going to work more closely together on Java
  145. Protect your hotmail accounts
  146. Apple Computer Sells for $213,600 at Auction
  147. German vandals target S reet View opt-out homes
  148. Hylas-1 net-dedicated satellite launches
  149. Car or computer? How transport is becoming more connected
  150. Pretty tables in Python
  151. F.T.C. Backs Plan to Honor Privacy of Online Users
  152. Russian man accused of running vast spamming network pleads not guilty in US
  153. Data Visualization
  154. CopyTrans Ipod Musik Transfer
  155. Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard
  156. Free Translation
  157. Need help?
  158. Dreamweaver
  159. You are in the future, do you know?
  160. For Your Files, Lots of Room In the Cloud
  161. European Commission of Two
  162. How to write in Pashto?
  163. E-Readers Catch Younger Eyes and Go in Backpacks
  164. Apple Patents a Stylus to Reach Students
  165. Twitter Can’t Save You
  166. Mubarak moves to restart economy
  167. wifi....
  168. HP think beyond event
  169. The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Wins GSMA Government Leadership Award
  170. Google Appreciation Thread.
  171. (mamma) The mother of all Search Engine
  172. Convert your Birthday to Islamic Date
  173. Feudal culture, social institutions and technological innovation
  174. Apple announces the iPad 2.
  175. The Footprints of Web Feet
  176. A good website to download books of all sorts
  177. Any advice on the Bloggie?
  178. AT&T buys T-Mobile, creating wireless giant
  179. Htc hd2 ?
  180. Installing Windows Less Than in 5 Minutes
  181. Help!!!!
  182. Kabul - World communication day
  183. Free EVO 3G Nitro USB on payment of 3 months advance : PTCL
  184. Building Windows 8
  185. Micro Air Vehicles
  186. Cheap Green Energy
  187. Share best online Games
  188. Facebook dangers
  189. Hacker Promises to Leak Personal Details of Tony Blair, MPs
  190. Launch Code for the US Nuclear Arsenal
  191. LulzSec Laughs Last
  192. Reporting Insulting/Inappropriate/Offensive Posts
  193. Salman Khan: Let's use video to reinvent education
  194. Transparent batteries Made
  195. Laser Interceptors for countering Police radars
  196. Afghan home-made plane flies
  197. Star Trek Theme Park to Run on Clean Energy
  198. New Cognitive Chip
  199. Bulletproof Skin Made From Spider Silk
  200. Learn Pashto through Pashto TV and Pashto Radio
  201. Google Street View to Map Amazon
  202. Microchip implant monitors
  203. turn platic waste into oil.
  204. Typing Test Post
  205. ezetop - Free Recharge Quize
  206. Electrified roads could power cars from the ground up
  207. Afghan Develops Afghan Messenger
  208. can someone access these ?
  209. Motorola sued over patents
  210. Electric motor made from a single molecule
  211. Cyber attack tests for Olympic Games
  212. Sony HMZ-T1 Video Headset
  213. How to dye with Syrian rue
  214. Does India's budget tablet computer work?
  215. Power from the people
  216. Web commerce hack attack may
  217. Android shows Ice Cream Sandwich
  218. Camera can snap now, focus later
  219. German Rosat spacecraft makes uncontrolled re-entry
  220. NHS must prepare for the genetic revolution, report says
  221. Iphone cool new features
  222. RIM faces compensation lawsuits over Blackberry outage
  223. Nintendo Won't Show WiiU Until E3 2012
  224. Google's Maps Street View service pilots indoor photos
  225. ۲جی بیا ۳جي او بیا ۴جي او بیا ۰۰۰جی، جی یعنی &
  226. Duqu infection linked to Microsoft
  227. Humanoid Robot Demo'd by Boston Dynamics
  228. Google updates search engine for fresher results
  229. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
  230. Google+ social network lets firms have their own pages
  231. Need Help About form to email
  232. Uganda's First Electric Car - Video
  233. Do-It-Yourself Home Reno./Mod Projects
  234. Can someone help me get an ebook?
  235. Programming
  236. for sale
  237. Iran says it has 'controlled' Duqu malware attack
  238. Google reveals how it ranks websites
  239. Conspiracy theorists say Google Maps shows China's 'attack plan' for Washington DC
  240. Facebook 'virus' shows hardcore porn and violent images
  241. World's Lightest Material Unveiled
  242. How to design a social networking website
  243. Bionic contact lens 'to project emails before eyes'
  244. Hello everyone!
  245. Secret net Tor asks users to sign up to cloud services
  246. Grow your own meat
  247. Worlds First Green Future City - Masdar City
  248. 'pathological internet misuse' as a mental health disorder
  249. Facebook settles privacy case with US regulators
  250. Electric motor made from a single molecule