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  1. Random Thoughts
  2. Random Thoughts
  3. Random Thoughts
  4. Random Thoughts
  5. Soothing start to childhood weight problems
  6. Tyrannosaurs lived in the Southern Hemisphere, too
  7. Life on Saturn's Moon Titan: Stand Well Back and Hold Your Nose!
  8. Earthquake shortens the day
  9. One key to teaching toddlers with TV: trickery
  10. Ash from Icelandic eruption may just be the start
  11. Famous Martian meteorite younger than thought
  12. Stormy weather on Saturn
  13. Backward planets may have flipped into place
  14. Study reports hints of phthalate threat to boys’ IQs
  15. Physicists untangle the geometry of rope
  16. Not your grandfather's space program
  17. High-Performance Computing Reveals Missing Genes
  18. Playing a Video Game Before Bedtime Has Only a Mild Effect on Adolescent Sleep
  19. Bio-Inspired Computer Networks Self-Organise and Learn
  20. Creepy Crawly Cockroach Ancestor Revealed in New 3-D Model
  21. Treat Acne With Coconut Oil and Nano-Bombs
  22. Research downplays risk of cousin marriages
  23. Diet Alone Will Not Likely Lead to Significant Weight Loss, Study Suggests
  24. Fear of Getting Fat Seen in Healthy Women's Brain Scans
  25. Blinded by Jealousy?
  26. Why Humans Believe That Better Things Come to Those Who Wait
  27. Nuclear bombs are destructive, but nuclear science has many positives
  28. Animals without oxygen, underwater
  29. New study suggests sickle cell disease may affect brain function in adults
  30. Is Cleanliness to Blame for Increasing Allergies?
  31. Did you ever wonder how you are able to perform complex tasks - even under stress? An
  32. Grown men swap bodies with virtual girl
  33. Cars’ Computer Systems Called at Risk to Hackers
  34. Australian Lizards threatened by warming
  35. Decline Is Seen in NASA’s Research Side
  36. Study on cell phone link to cancer inconclusive
  37. What Makes Music Sound So Sweet (or Not)
  38. Male Antelopes Scare Partners Into Sex
  39. 9/11 link to rise in male foetal stress
  40. Gene makes kids more vulnerable to bullying's effects
  41. Air traffic poised to become a major factor in global warming
  42. Florida State researcher considers the role of morality in modern economic theory
  43. Caring for a spouse with dementia leaves caregiver at risk
  44. Elderly people who care for a spouse who has dementia are at increased risk of develo
  45. Dreaming makes perfect
  46. Research on Afghanistan and Pashtun matters (Updated with more links)
  47. Kids face up to disgust surprisingly late
  48. Honeybee death mystery deepens
  49. Making scents of a partner’s feelings
  50. China's censorship could lead to a brain drain
  51. A pepper part that burns fat
  52. Morality, Magnets?
  53. To catch a thief, follow his filthy hands
  54. Big Bang Theory vs. Islam
  55. Flattery Will Get you Everywhere or is it Nowhere?
  56. Secondhand smoke linked to mental distress
  57. How to survive freezing to death
  58. Sharks Can Really Sniff out Their Prey, and This Is How They Do It
  59. World's Oldest Leather Shoe Found in Armenia
  60. New Theory for how life formed on Earth
  61. Embryology Prof. Keith L.Moore
  62. Missing chemicals on Titan could signal life
  63. Afghanistan Research: Demographics
  64. Dreaming
  65. Your inner Neandertal
  66. Absence of sunspots: A calm before a storm of Energy
  67. Do you want to become a hero?
  68. Memories made of light
  69. Macropinna microstoma: Strange fish has a see-through head
  70. For the Hardcore Atheists
  71. 'World's Least Known Bird' Discovered Breeding in Afghanistan
  72. Social judgments take touching turns
  73. Discovering the Virtues of a Wandering Mind
  74. Brain regulatory gene identified
  75. Stem cells from blood a 'huge' milestone
  76. 10 Things Women Do Better Than Men
  77. Solution to mass Human Suffering / American Imperialism
  78. Scientists Cite Fastest Case of Human Evolution
  79. The Benefits of Blowing Your Top
  80. Forget mice, elephants intimidated by ants
  81. Dig Discovers Ancient Britons Were Earliest North Europeans
  82. Antibodies Found That Prevent Most HIV Strains from Infecting Human Cells
  83. Plant Extract May Be Effective Against Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  84. Biology Questions.
  85. Researchers Use Robot to Determine How Human Strangers Develop Trust
  86. How Microbes Defend and Define Us
  87. 8 Things Guys Notice About You Instantly
  88. Everyone poops his or her own viruses
  89. Some interesting scientific facts...
  90. Deep-ocean cameras capture living fossils"
  91. 8 things which can affect your memory
  92. New Form of Lie Detection
  93. Artificial cells communicate and cooperate like biological cells, ants
  94. Brain training reverses age-related cognitive decline
  95. Science and Islam - 1. The Language of Science
  96. Philosophy of space and time
  97. Evolution?Creation? Quran teaches both
  98. The big bang theory
  99. The Universe
  100. Square Mellons!!
  101. Mohammad-Ibni-Zakriya-Al-Razi: The Muslim Philosopher and Scientist
  102. Discovered: The Biggest Rat That Ever Lived
  103. Is time travel possible?
  104. How to build time machine?
  105. Bermuda Triangle
  106. We might be living inside a Black hole
  107. Two is the magic number
  108. Zenos Paradox of the Tortoise and Achilles
  109. Geron to Proceed with First Human Clinical Trial of Embryonic Stem Cell-Based Therapy
  110. Ducks related information
  111. More women becoming virgins again
  112. New Species Photos: Slug-Sucking Snake, Mini-Gecko, More
  113. Shampoo, Cosmetics May Form Cancer-Causing Substance in Water Supplies
  114. Disabling cellular assassin prevents cancer
  115. Sadness response strengthens with age
  116. Diet and behavior changes may slow Alzheimers
  117. People Reject Popular Opinions If They Already Hold Opposing Views, Study Finds
  118. Artificial life forms evolve basic intelligence
  119. Brain has emotional sense
  120. Violent dreams may predict illness in advance
  121. Natural World: echo the elephant
  122. Scientists find sea sponges share human genes
  123. Coffee perks up memory and balance in geriatric animals
  124. Visions of the Future
  125. A Masterpiece of Nature? Yuck!
  126. Brain has emotional sense
  127. Mankind must abandon earth or face extinction: Hawking
  128. Scientists identify DNA that contribute to uniqueness
  129. How salmonella helps kill cancer cells
  130. Pea plant grows inside man's lung
  131. Robots that develop emotions in interaction with humans
  132. Want a baby? Relax . . .
  133. Flood on "Biblical" Proportions
  134. Harsh words may hurt your knees
  135. Molecular Genetics
  136. carbon emissions solution
  137. Asking Why Do Species Go Extinct?
  138. Bacteria can 'smell' their environment, research shows
  139. Dark chocolate can be good for the heart, study says
  140. Discovery may aid search for anti-aging drugs
  141. Girl has crystal coming out of her eyes!!
  142. Male and female ability differences down to socialisation, not genetics
  143. Sociologists looking at risky behavior plunge into the gene pool
  144. Optical Illusions
  145. Are you ready for a world without antibiotics?
  146. Reanimated Junk DNA Is Found to Cause Disease
  147. Antiaging protein also boosts learning and memory
  148. Spouses Do Not Grow More Alike, Study Finds
  149. Evolution Writ Small: Physical Effects of Evolution Measured at Molecular Scale
  150. Nanobiotechnology-Manipulated Light Particles Used to Accelerate Algae Growth
  151. New gel seals wounds fast
  152. 'Miracle' tomato turns sour foods sweet
  153. Secondhand smoke linked to mental distress
  154. A genetic basis for love at first sight
  155. They Crawl, They Bite, They Baffle Scientists
  156. Convert Plastic back to Oil
  157. Later School Start Time May Make Better Students
  158. Is science teaching undermined by religious instruction in faith schools?
  159. Reading Arabic Isn't Easy, Brain Study Suggests
  160. God did not create the universe, says Hawking
  161. First Clear Evidence of Organized Feasting by Early Humans
  162. Pakistan's flood weather eased Atlantic hurricanes
  163. Stephen Hawking: Sayings
  164. Researchers can now test the 'theory of everything'
  165. Hawking hasn't changed his mind about God
  166. Exoplanets: The search for other earths
  167. Ancient city uncovered in Afghanistan
  168. Desert Roads Lead to Discovery in Egypt
  169. In Feast of Data on BPA Plastic,
  170. Human Thought Found in Worms Brain
  171. Birds of Many Colors, Lice Dress the Part
  172. The Hair of My Chin
  173. The Quran on Life on Other Planets
  174. Still no Earths, but getting closer
  175. Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
  176. Music on Prescription Could Help Treat Emotional and Physical Pain
  177. The Emphatic Civilization
  178. Cockroach brains, coming to a pharmacy near you
  179. Interesting Scientific Facts II
  180. China Explores a Frontier 2 Miles
  181. Mapping Traffics Toll on Wildlife
  182. Researchers in Asian Countries
  183. Advances Offer Path to Further Shrink Computer Chips
  184. Welsh scientists 'clone' human virus
  185. Having a Rat as a pet?
  186. Unravelling the random fluctuations of nothing
  187. Early signs of autumn
  188. Introspection linked to more gray matter in brain
  189. Horrible Weather In New York
  190. Stephen Hawking on blackhole research
  191. The universe from beginning to end
  192. 'Paradigm shift' in how we treat skin cancer
  193. Large Hadron Collider hints at Baby Universe
  194. Scientists Use Nano-Catalyst to Make Bio-Diesel and Ethanol
  195. The Treatise on Demonstration of Problems of Algebra
  196. Neanderthals More Advanced Than Previously Thought: They Innovated, Adapted Like Mode
  197. Two New Dinosaur Species Are
  198. atomic clocks reveal Einstein's relativity at a personal scale
  199. The Scientific Case for a Creator
  200. The Quran on the Cerebrum "Naseyah" (pre-frontal cortex)!
  201. Physicists may have observed Hawking radiation for the first time
  202. Journey to the Edge of the Universe
  203. How the brain chooses sides
  204. 1.5m (5ft) tall penguins existed 36 million years ago!
  205. Could the new 'Goldilocks' planet be just right for life?
  206. I gave you STDs, sorry...
  207. Nature's feast of early autumn
  208. Solar System# Moons
  209. Sunspot cycle
  210. Venus Express
  211. Ladybird Survey
  212. Odds of life on new planet 100 percent
  213. Scientists find potentially habitable planet near Earth
  214. The Day I Died - Documentary
  215. Aiming to Learn as We Do, a
  216. Toiling to Save a Threatene
  217. Training Flights for Bees
  218. Home
  219. Vatican condemns Nobel Prize to Robert Edwards
  220. Footprint Fossils Offer Earliest
  221. Scientists and Soldiers Solve a
  222. Heratis fall in love with flowers
  223. Genetically Modified Foods Pros and Cons
  224. Dark Matter May Be Building Up Inside the Sun
  225. Aliens - HD Documentary
  226. Real Partners Are No Match for Ideal Mate, Study Finds
  227. Google Cars Drive Themselves,
  228. Wider Streets for Internet Traffic
  229. Trouble Over a Gelada Baby
  230. Dengue-resistant mosquitoes to be released next year
  231. On Guadalcanal, Studying Evolution
  232. On the Origins of Island Life
  233. 3 Harvard Researchers Retract a
  234. A Whale of a Journey, Captured
  235. When Procreation Is a Matter of
  236. Moonlighting as a Conjurer of
  237. Studying Tropical Genetic Blood
  238. Salt Infusion Could Be a Remedy
  239. When a Dogs Dish Seems Half
  240. Joints Key to Bats Complicated
  241. New fish species found deep below ocean
  242. Sneaking Spies Into a Cell's Nucleus
  243. How testing improves memory
  244. Killer of Aspen Slows, but
  245. From Junk to Collectible, Shaped
  246. Cracking the Mystery of How
  247. Paleolithic Humans Had Bread
  248. Waking in the Clouds to a Chorus
  249. In Kansas, Climate Skeptics
  250. Astronomers Say They've Found