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  1. Random Thoughts
  2. What is your Major? or your intended major
  3. College students
  4. Pakistan indigenous African community
  5. I need educational advise!
  6. How many of you guys feel comfortable being called a "Pathan"
  7. Best universities in the world
  8. Pashtun Quiz
  9. Co-education?
  10. Kandahar education project bz AfghanschoolProject
  11. How many of you know dari langauge?
  12. Pashtun Sites Ranking
  13. pursue of happiness
  14. Etiquettes of Debate
  15. Liver facts (must read)
  16. Pakistan History in 4:19 (Urdu)
  17. Top ten tips for writing a blog
  18. My approach towards the problems of pashtuns &its solution
  19. Pashtun woman, problems and solution
  20. Most common mistakes in Student Essays
  21. German speaks 35 languages and PASHTO IS HIS FAVORITE LANGUAGE
  22. Top mistakes to avoid in a resume
  23. Alcohol Consumption Article (I promised)
  24. Test taking tips and note taking tips
  25. Reducing Test anxiety
  26. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  27. Morality
  28. Qrratugai/leavanay zalmay vs Dinosaur khan.
  29. Twenty Five Forum Posting Etiquette Tips
  30. 10 Tips for Getting Good (or Better) Grades
  31. Top 10 Things to do before you begin writing
  32. Read a Pashto book on Political knowledge
  33. Are all feminists lesbians?
  34. How to Study for Final Exams
  35. Most high schoolers cheat -- but don't always see it as cheating
  36. Paradox of the court
  37. The Education System in Islam
  38. Challenging Quiz
  39. Highpaying Jobs IN DEMAND
  40. Ten Things You Should Never Say Or Do To Your Instructor
  41. ~Meaningful Quotes~
  42. TEDtalks
  43. School Curriculum and literature in Afghanistan
  44. How to Survive Total Economic Collapse
  45. List of Survival Guides - Contribution is welcomes
  46. Islamic University with cheap courses
  47. GRE Vocabulary Words
  48. Islaamic Website Ratings
  49. Overcome Test Anxiety in 5 Steps
  50. How to Focus
  51. French-pashto course -pashtuns related discussions in french
  52. Spanish Anyone?
  53. Astrology, horoscopes, stars
  54. Education Chat (Split)
  55. How To Convince a Teacher To Change Your Grade
  56. How to Stop Arguing With Your Husband/Wife
  57. How to Get Good Grades
  58. Hugs and High Fives Banned in School
  59. EVERYONE!!! I have a great idea
  60. Romantic fantasy novels
  61. Success and Positive Thinking
  62. په ټولګۍ کي درس ته ښه غوږ نيول
  63. Debate: Is language being affected by new conventions of communication?
  64. 365 Commandments to Success
  65. June 2010 Global Regents
  66. Useless-ness of muslim world
  67. Living Environment Regents 2010 part 1.
  68. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
  69. Confucious
  70. Unrecognized Nations (Videos included)
  71. Stupid boring useless mandatory courses!
  72. ~ Freedom
  73. Advanced Female Robot
  74. What do you study??
  75. Critique against School Curriculum in Afghanistan
  76. Moles and Personality
  77. Pashtun quotes
  78. How to Sound Smarter
  79. How to Develop Empathy
  80. To the Expat Afghans
  81. You Can’t Derive Ought from Is
  82. Importance of College
  83. To Stop Cheats, Colleges Learn Their Trickery
  84. Dealing with "Information Overload"
  85. Uni entry this year help?
  86. who did a-levels?
  87. Islamization of Education - Dr. Bilal Philips
  88. Pashtun grad student wins worldwide competition
  89. A Chosen Few Are Teaching for America
  90. a question
  91. 10 Common Errors “Spell Check” Won’t Catch
  92. Girls' education in Afghanistan
  93. The Purpose of Life
  94. Does Your GPA Really Matter?
  95. Sheenkay Teacher
  96. Are we studying the I.T with approch just needed.
  97. Pashto Tutorial for MS Word and Excel
  98. Life is a Precious Gift, Live it Each Moment...Think Over it...
  99. Forensic Medicine
  100. The Advent of Techno-Heuristic Age
  101. How to be successful in life
  102. Beautiful Women Face Discrimination in Certain Jobs, Study Finds
  103. Islamic Studies :: At what levels should it be taught?
  104. Women and Modern Art in Afghanistan
  105. Final Year / Semester Projects :: ENGINEERING
  106. Wardak: 80,000 teachers to sit pay-scale exam
  107. 20 Worst-Paying College Degrees in 2010
  108. Videos of National Importance
  109. Pashtu/Farsi Taraney/NasheedMoshairy(ONLY) thread..
  110. First Youth Voices Educational Festival launched
  111. 132 university students graduated
  112. The Popularity Issue
  113. audio books
  114. Helicopter Parents
  115. Costliest school in the USA(world?)
  116. This lint I just found on the floor
  117. Pashto proposed compulsory subject from 1 to 10 grade in Pakhtunkhwa
  118. Pharmacology Revision
  119. Doha Debates
  120. Child asylem seekers
  121. *Secrets To Success*
  122. Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  123. Marxists Internet Archive
  124. Literacy week
  125. Lies my calculator have told me!
  126. Online Resources on Psychology
  127. Pashto and Pashtuns Related Books
  128. Afghan educators
  129. Japan IQ test
  130. Plato symposium
  131. Financial Aid
  132. The Psychology of Prejudice: Ingroup Love or Outgroup Hate?
  133. Video Lectures and Open Courseware
  134. Good Chemistry and Maths Tutorials
  135. Need a particular e-book? Maybe I can help
  136. Study Abroad
  137. Saudi gives Afghanistan $24m for education
  138. Effective study skills
  139. Math Resources by Subject
  140. Short Story
  141. What is Art????
  142. Help and advice--URGENT!!
  143. Adult literacy programme making progress in Balkh
  144. Lonely Planets Guide to Afghanistan
  145. Can Please Tell Me All The Countries ?
  146. Negative People
  147. Empire of the world
  148. Afghanistan Academic Papers Compendium
  149. what not to say when pulled over by a cop....
  150. Education ministry to computerise its functions
  151. Objectives of Art
  152. Education does not mean good judgement
  153. 155 Afghans will be sent to Kazakhistan for Higher Education
  154. دافغانستان په پوهنتونونو کي د کريډيټ سيتم
  155. 10million illiterate people in Afghanistan
  156. University of Nebraska and Kabul University to renew ties
  157. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa reopens 85% of public schools
  158. The most sought after colleges in Peshawar
  159. Donkey in the Well
  160. Afghan Education: Declaration on inclusive education adopted
  161. If you think.....
  162. UK universities likely to follow US model
  163. Psychopath
  164. Remembering Dr Mohammad Farooq Khan
  165. Importance of a Computer Science Degree
  166. Aileen Wournos
  167. The Athiest Pays
  168. The Butterfly's Struggle
  169. Dr. Bloch's 12 step program for academic study
  170. Advice regarding Personal statement for uni entry.
  171. Personal Statement / Graduate School Admission Hints
  172. Early ratification of higher education law stressed
  173. I want to learn basic dari
  174. Weakness or Strength
  175. Bill Gates speech: 11 rules your kids did not and will not learn in school
  176. The substitute Singer!!
  177. Blessings
  178. Faith
  179. The pretty lady
  180. Nimroz students sit entrance exam in home province
  181. Value has a value only if its value is valued !!
  182. Does a computer science degree matter anymore?
  183. Afghans teach Afghans leadership, education, professions
  184. Clay Balls
  185. Literature review topic suggestion?
  186. What to you want U.S. children to know?
  187. Future of 10,000 Afghan students at stake in Peshawar
  188. Shortage of Teachers in Helmand.
  189. Educational Insitutions of Peshawar...Some Videos
  190. Peshawar, Educational Institutions...Introduction
  191. Universities of Afghanistan
  192. Frequelty Asked Questions About Frogs
  193. Writing Peer Paper Reviews
  194. BBA in CIS
  195. We Are Human
  196. CAI raises funds for Pak-Afghan education development
  197. Does reading a book make us happier?
  198. Bacha Khan contribution to education...Gulalay Speech
  199. Improving English
  200. Tony Robbins: Why we do what we do, and how we can do it better
  201. the guardrail of the person with no map
  202. Trading/stock markets/forex markets etc :)
  203. Statistical software for researchers
  204. Afghanistan scout association
  205. College Course Suggestions
  206. field-girls
  207. Salaamuna grano Pakhtano
  208. "Am I Pretty?"
  209. The mathematics of beauty
  210. Israeli's shoot a mother and her two children
  211. Israel a threat to world peace
  212. 60% of Europeans see Israel as the greatest threat to world peace.
  213. Atheists commit suicide the most
  214. Evolution of Education Policy for Afghans
  215. Importance of College Education
  216. Applying to Grad Schools
  217. Wealthy Chinese want homegrown Eton
  218. I am proud to be an Afghan
  219. Shocking Arab words that have been implimented into modern English
  220. Medical Thread
  221. Rise of women
  222. Summirean Civilization
  223. Egyptian Civilization
  224. School projects in Afg-Pukhtunkhwa
  225. old report on pakistan through british eyes
  226. Khalid Ibn Walid (RA)
  227. how do pashtuns treat their captives.
  228. extreme deception
  229. welcome to pakistan a land of hypocrites
  230. pakistan ka matlab kya hai?
  231. paki national anthem by examplery muslim pakistanis
  232. what has pakistan done to our pashtuns
  233. Mrcp 2
  234. Azaan flower(miracle)
  235. pashtun soldiers abandoned by pakistan in kargil war
  236. Saudi Arabia Launch High Tech University
  237. Afghanistan after democracy(usage of depleted uranium in Afghanistan)
  238. Massacre at Azizabad,Shindand Herat
  239. This is not a love song-dedicated to palestina
  240. India Afghanistan friendship
  241. watan rana kawoo-patritic afghan women song
  242. Cbd
  243. Overpopulation: The Making of a Myth
  244. Food: There's Lots Of It
  245. Want a job? Get a computer science degree Here's a tip for incoming and current colle
  246. Lets learn Portuguese
  247. The Uncomfortable Truth About Mind Control: Is Free Will Simply a Myth?
  248. The Lion of Maiwand
  249. British Agent and conspirator against afghan/Pshtun nation
  250. Bangladesh Universities