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  1. Reluctant Pashtuns hamper Afghan recruitment drive
  2. Report from a Pashtun Teen
  3. Afghan Tribe, Vowing to Fight Taliban
  4. Afghan kickboxers win 7 medals!
  5. Afghan woman to receive major courage award
  6. Afghan cricket team qualifies for T20!
  7. Taliban finds room to hide in Karachi
  8. Afghanistan Civilian Surge Could Last Decade
  9. Report warns of overwork, low morale at U.S. Embassy in AFG
  10. British soldier jailed for refusing to fight in Afghanistan
  11. All Taliban wanted was money
  12. Afghan army to accept former Islamic militants
  13. In Afghanistan, U.S. is fighting tribal insurgency,not jihad
  14. To bolster Afghan ranks, U.S.encourages Pashtuns to join ANA
  15. Leading Pakistani Taliban deputy believed killed
  16. Tour de Pakistan: Afghanistan’s Imtiaz wins 5th stage
  17. What next in Pakistan's Pashtun belt?
  18. discusting video by damn tajiks
  20. You cant win the heart of Radical Muslims
  21. Karzai hears Marjah complains
  22. Ahmadinejad to visit Afghanistan
  23. Clashes between Afghan militants, Taliban leave at least 50
  24. Pashtuns from Kandahar, watch out.
  25. Gates warns of Afghan 'dark days'
  26. Afghan troops on the rise, Brown says
  27. Holbrooke's Harvard comments slammed in Afghanistan
  28. Britain to Hamid Karzai: you must talk to Taliban now
  29. Fighting malnutrition and rebuilding Afghanistan’s food.....
  30. Fight for Kandahar won't be like........ Kandahar=NYC
  31. Maternal Mortality in Afghanistan: A Way Forward
  32. Random Thoughts
  33. Random Thoughts
  34. Random Thoughts
  35. Interpretations of Islam
  36. The Countdown for Pakistan
  37. Afghan Army Lacks Enough Pashtuns
  38. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad attacks US for Afghan 'double game'
  39. Pashtun Birthrate
  40. 2 blasts target military vehicles at Pakistan bazaar
  41. Talibanised’ Afghanistan not in Pakistan’s interest: Kayani
  42. Deaths in Pakistan Swat blast
  43. In Defense of Afghanistan - The sacred land of Pakhtuns
  44. Afghanistan's Kandahar hit by suicide bombers, 30 dead
  45. The Lies in Pakistani History - The Myth Victory of 1965 War
  46. Kandahar attacks are a warning to NATO, says Taliban
  47. GAO blocks contract to train Afghan police
  48. Karzai says India is friend, but, Pak twin brother
  49. School funded by Angelina Jolie benefits girls in east AfG
  50. Hustle*and*bustle*in*Khar*as*peace*returns *to*Bajaur*
  51. 'Shaming' her in-laws costs 19 year old her nose, ears
  52. Pakistan raises investment in Afghanistan to $500 million
  53. PakUS Strategic Partnership without Pashtuns Share
  54. Taliban talks halted by Pakistan arrests: UN envoy
  55. US shipping arms ahead of strike on Iran
  56. NWFP: 38000 bullet-proof jackets and 50,000 Kalashnikovs disrbuted among police
  57. TTP bomb factory seized in Karachi
  58. Credit schemes for NWFP, Fata, GB launched
  59. Iranians train Taliban to use roadside bombs
  60. What Strategic Dialogue
  61. Shahid Afridi to lead, official announcement tomorrow
  62. Insurgent Faction Presents Afghan Peace Plan
  63. 2 NATO Soldiers, De-Miners Killed In Afghanistan
  64. Pakistan NEEDS friendly Afghanistan
  65. Pak Army in N.W.F.P
  66. Pashtuns haraased
  67. UN rights body passes Islamophobia resolution
  68. Khushab nuclear reactor likely in operation
  69. Gilani rules out IAEA access to A.Q. Khan
  70. About Balochistan Package
  71. Orakzai updates
  72. Pakistan-Afghanistan: The Conjoined Twins
  73. US Pakistan Strategic Dialogue and Pakistani Establishments Perceptions
  74. ESPN: Cricketer of the Decade, Shahid Afridi
  75. Pak army is real Muslim army...
  76. Consensus reached on renaming NWFP
  77. No Afghan combat and no House debate
  78. Reforms Committee signs 18th amendment draft
  79. Blasts in Moscow
  80. Untangling the Punjabi Taliban Network
  81. CIA given details of British Muslim students
  82. Index hits 19-month high
  83. Arrests, fights ensue after Muslim tourists break praying ban in Cordoba
  84. New US airport policy: No extra screening of Pakistanis, others
  85. Israel gets ready to strike at Iran's nuclear sites
  86. Karzai Slams the West Again
  87. Top U.S. military officer gets earful from Afghans
  88. Kandahar residents voice concern
  89. Germany says sorry to Afghanistan
  90. Thousands protest against Afghan war in Germany
  91. US anger at Peshawar consulate attack
  92. Punjabis kicking out Pashtuns
  93. US Military to Cut Out Fast Food On Afghan Military Bases
  94. Despite casualties, India remains committed to Afghan projects
  95. Nato admits civilians attack
  96. Kandahar the heartland for Pashtuns
  97. Afghan women who is a General in the Army
  98. Struggle for 'Pakhtoonkhwa' a milestone in Pashtun identity
  99. NATO aircraft crashes in Afghanistan, killing 4
  100. Australia says no to Afghans from now on.
  101. Notes on the Dutch Decision to Leave Oruzgan
  102. How to use Afghan culture to devise a political strategy -- and exit
  103. Poland Mourns a Plane Crash That Decimates Its Government
  104. د پاکستان لپاره پيسې نشته چې مرستندوى کار 
  105. ISI has released two Taliban commanders: report
  106. Pakistan acid victims
  107. Pakistan’s contribution to the Large Hadron Collider (LHC)
  108. Pakistan's nuclear Journey
  109. Afghanistan: Land of beautiful gems
  110. Peace process futile, says ex-Taliban leader
  111. da tharikh yaw ahhm wakht -> Objectives of the muslim league at the inaugural meeting
  112. Collateral Murder
  113. World Renowned Scholar Dr Israar Ahmed Dies
  114. Karzai's New Plan to Deceive the World and Ignore the People of Afghanistan
  115. AP Interview: Karzai brother mends ties with US
  116. Afghan teacher offers a lesson in courage
  117. Afghanistan's Kunduz: from placid spot to security nightmare
  118. U.S. campaign to reform Kandahar is rife with pitfalls
  119. Punjabi style marionette views of Gen. Kiyani.
  120. Pak doctor discovers non-surgical method of treating heart holes
  121. Sohaib Abbasi - A role model to emulate
  122. Promoting Study of Islam at Stanford
  123. U.S. retreat from Afghan valley marks recognition of blunder
  124. Afghanistan attacks kill Germans and other foreigners
  125. American's 'quiet son' on terrorism charges in Pakistan
  126. Deaths in Pakistan hospital blast
  127. ISI involved in Benazir's assassination.
  128. Pakistan army admits civilian deaths
  129. Tensions over renamed Pakistan province overshadow government reforms
  130. Thrill of the chaste: The truth about Gandhi's sex life
  131. په پولنډي فوځيانو دبريد کونکي عسکر استقبا
  132. Pakistani Airstrikes Kill 70 Civilians Instead of Militants
  133. Taliban call for peacetalks
  134. Bomb blast in Peshawar.
  135. India role in Af critical, will see it first-hand
  136. Ariana Airways crew get certificates from PIA
  137. Kandahar offensive can backfire.
  138. US sidelines India
  139. 5.3 magnitude quake hits central Afghanistan, kills 7
  140. Convert to Christianity or Leave
  141. Army announces compensation for families of air strike victims
  142. Foreign Policy: The Revenge Rape of Afghanistan
  143. U.S. should grow up and work with Karzai (That person has to be Pashtun)
  144. U.S. should grow up and work with Karzai (That person has to be Pashtun)
  145. Atleast we are not Dubai
  146. a good cause-woman marries woman in pakistan
  147. Afghan deputy mayor shot dead at prayer in Kandahar
  148. 'We run this country,' Karzai says of Afghan people
  149. Lighting up Swat
  150. Nato apologies for killing UNARMED AFGHANS
  151. NATO agrees Afghan security transfer plan: Reuters
  152. The leaders failed to deliver on Afghanistan
  153. North West Frontier Province’s renaming: Not the end of a struggle
  154. Freemasons Illuminati Roshaniyyah sect in Pakistan
  155. Afghanistan’s Mustafa Zahir Wins Major Environmental Leadership Award
  156. Pakistan Army Captain Arrested for Afghan Bomb Plot
  157. Amnesty International says UAE abused Indian prisoners
  158. Govt plan for tribal role on Pakistan border at risk
  159. Listen Deeva Radio online
  160. Passions run high over Pakistan name change
  161. British al-Qaeda commander planned July 7-style attack on New York subway
  162. Fuel Trucks Attacked in Afghanistan
  163. NATO approves plan to hand over Afghanistan security to Kabul government
  164. Afghanistan: Another massacre as a bloody summer looms in Kandahar
  165. Muslim says mistresses are the French way of life
  166. Bhutto helped create Taliban monster(Nice article some time ago)
  167. Obama must decide whether to talk to the Taliban
  168. US exit from Afghanistan - don't book it in yet
  169. U.N. shuts Kandahar mission as security worsens
  170. Afghans jail Briton for bribery
  171. China agrees to Pak proposal on trilateral economic cooperation for Afghanistan
  172. Pak could use "surrogate" Taliban to use nukes against India
  173. Don’t judge the army by one bad captain
  174. US releases damning Afghan report ahead of Karzai visit
  175. cruelty of balochs.........innocent punjabi civilains are killed in quetta
  176. Indo-Pakistan proxy war heats up in Afghanistan
  177. Pakistan Taliban militants 'reappear' in Swat valley
  178. France admits killing Afghan civilians
  179. Former ISI official Khalid Khwaja found dead in NW
  180. Nato kills 3 Afghan women
  181. France admits killing Afghan children
  182. Pakistan Taliban militants 'reappear' in Swat valley
  183. Bosnian Forces Conduct Massive Wahhabi Raid
  184. What was the last mission of Khalid Khwaja?
  185. Mullah Omer sends jirga to negotiate Col Imam’s release?
  186. Pakistani army supposedly kills 22 Taliban near Afghan border
  187. American Mistakes in Afghanistan and Iraq
  188. Bomb attempt foiled in New York
  189. Media watchdog group names freedom "predators"
  190. Obama Jokes about Killing People via Drones
  191. Hakimullah is alive!!
  192. Swiss vote on minaret ban
  193. Granny, 72, Having A Baby With Her Grandson
  194. Afghans Are Barbarians Who Crawled Out Of The Sewer
  195. "Afghans Are Barbarians Who Crawled Out Of The Sewer"
  196. What it takes to be a hero
  197. Greek protesters storm the Acropolis
  198. Military Admits Insurgent Momentum Unbroken Despite Troop Increase in Afghanistan
  199. 'Osama bin Laden is living in Washington': Ahmadinejad
  200. Pakistani attempts to commit terrorism in Times Square,Manhattan,NY.
  201. Plan for mosque near World Trade Center site moves ahead
  202. Freedom Of Speech Is Not Negotiable! - Bill Maher
  203. New Girls’ High School To Be Built In Kabul
  204. Pakistani gets coveted award for groundbreaking computer research
  205. US to supply Pakistan with warplanes - To kill more Muslims
  206. White House says Pakistan Taliban behind NY bomb
  207. Time to talk to the Taliban?
  208. 20 killed in US drone attack in Pakistan
  209. 'All Pakistanis are terrorists'
  210. In order for Afghanistan to be able to increase the shipments of fuels, foods......
  211. Why Pakistan produces Jihadists?
  212. Pakistan: A Nation Governed by Dead People
  213. Cheers everyone
  214. Mass killing from bombings in Iraq
  215. AfPak policy still being implemented
  216. Pakistan envoy to Iran 'attacked by Afghan' in Tehran
  217. NATO chopper shot down in Afghanistan
  218. President Obama Backs Taliban Talks
  219. Distrust of Afghan Leaders Threatens U.S. War Strategy
  220. U.S. military, diplomats at odds over how to resolve Kandahar's electricity woes
  221. Animal group calls for bestiality ban
  222. VIDEO: Seymour Hersh: US Troops Executing Prisoners in Afghanistan!
  223. More now have access to electricity in Faryab and a new school in Uruzgan inaugurated
  224. Suspected Pakistan Taliban 'kidnap 60' in tribal area
  225. Another alleged Pakistani terrorist
  226. So Pakistan really does support terrorists?
  227. Spot the Muslim woman in David Cameron's new cabinet
  228. 3 polandy askar zakhmy
  229. Afghan passenger plane 'crashes near Salang
  230. U.S. Special Forces Slaughter Family In Afghanistan, Attempt Cover-Up
  231. Kabul suicide car bombing 'kills at least seven'
  232. Iran's meddling in Afghanistan 'not significant'
  233. عرب امارات ايرلاين کابل ته الوتني شروع کړ®
  234. The only way to defeat the US and the West
  235. Pakistan to ban facebook
  236. Pakistanis pose as Indians after New York bomb scare
  237. America's problem Pakistan, not Afghanistan
  238. Draw Holocaust day
  239. Anti-Pakhtunkhwa protest in Hazara
  240. Pakistan's Reply to the Cartoons
  241. Many killed in Karachi ethnics violence
  242. HAckeD
  243. US House backs Israel missile aid bill
  244. Facebook DELETES the Draw Muhammad Group !!
  245. Pakistans good Taliban and bad Taliban
  246. Militants blow up suspected US spies in N Waziristan
  247. This is crazy !
  248. Plane crashes in India, 160 people feared dead
  249. BNP protests Pashtuns’ arrests, Karachi target killings
  250. تازه خبر : طالبانو د کندهار پر هوایی اډه حمل&#