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  1. 20 arrested in Mardan operation
  2. Wheat export to Afghanistan to hit Khyber Pakhtunkhwa hard
  3. In Afghan South, U.S. Faces
  4. In Afghanistan, the Exit Plan
  5. U.S. and Afghan Forces Hit
  6. US hopes Afghan peace process to accelerate
  7. Amazon drought emergency widens
  8. Protests attack France pension plan
  9. Target killings in Karachi claim 25 lives
  10. د ناټو یو عسکر نن ووژل سو
  11. Fraud May Void a Quarter of
  12. China Rebukes U.S. Over Trade
  13. Sunnis in Iraq Allied With U.S.
  14. Pakistan frees top Taliban commander
  15. Turks oppression of Kurds
  16. the Afghan war can't be won
  17. NATO official: Bin Laden living comfortably in Pakistan
  18. 1 Hindu left in Khost, Afghanistan
  19. Meeting Pakistanis, U.S. Will Try
  20. Iran Sends Delegate to
  21. Top Canadian Commander Plea
  22. Canada Poised for 2011
  23. Op-Ed: The Wars That America Forgot About
  24. When the ‘Dust Blossom’ Clears
  25. Pakistan suspends scores of MPs
  26. Iraqi PM courts Iran during visit
  27. Power for the people, from the people
  28. د مهترلام بابا ټولني د اونيزي غونډي راپور
  29. ایرانیانو اووه افغان پولیس نیولي دي
  30. Analysis: NATO points finger at
  31. طالبان:- تر اوسه پورې د مذاکراتو په اړه يو کو&
  32. Pakistan's Spy Agency Role In Mumbai Attacks
  33. Saudi prince convicted of murder
  34. Karachi’s Kabari Market death toll rises to 12
  35. Sarda dam could provide jobs for 20,000 people
  36. US military accepting gay recruits
  37. US admits failure to vet CIA bomber
  38. Taliban’s Elite, Aided by NATO,
  39. Pakistan Army Gold Medal !! First Position
  40. Osama bin Laden 'living comfortably in Pakistan'
  41. Coalition Routs Taliban in
  42. Sarkozy Strengthens Moves
  43. China opposes UN Darfur report
  44. US foes seek 'new world order'
  45. Facebook lures narcissistic, insecure: study
  46. Vaccination Conspiracy Global Population Reduction
  47. Pakistani troops linked to abuse
  48. Britain's age of apathy?
  49. طالبان :- استاد "رباني" دي د امريکايې اهداف 
  50. Yemeni forces arrest five Pakistanis
  51. At least two killed by a bomb explosion in a Peshawar Mosque
  52. Six Pakistani troops killed by landmine
  53. US announces $2bn military aid package for Pakistan
  54. new KP governor
  55. US dug in for how long?
  56. India to outpace China in 2011: World bank
  57. WikiLeaks releases secret Iraq file
  58. Death at a checkpoint
  59. HMC, KTH doctors call off strike as some demands met
  60. Karzai pushes for Afghanistan to secure itself by 2014
  61. Anti-militancy CD films on rise in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  62. Foreign troops 'kill two students' in Wardak
  63. Iran Is Said to Give Top Aide to Karzai Cash
  64. Afghan Jews
  65. Turkey: Stealth superpower
  66. Tale of gay woman forced to marry to protect 'honour'
  67. 243/100000 soldiers need be out to fund all Higher education in Afg
  68. PAKISTAN: Sectarianism infects hospital wards
  69. Iran Is Said to Give Top Karzai Aide Cash by the Bagful
  70. Pakistan's Pashtuns Feel More Alone Than Ever
  71. A gallant army of Pashtun tribesmen
  72. Paul the World Cup octopus dies in his tank in Germany
  73. راپور : افغانستان فاسد ترین دولت اعلان سو ن
  74. Karzai admits receiving ‘bags of money’ from Iran
  75. Pakistan has role in Afghan resolution: US
  76. Russian military could be drawn back into Afghanistan
  77. Indonesia's Volcanic Eruption
  78. Tariq Aziz sentenced to death
  79. Indonesia volcano death toll soars
  80. سپينه ماڼۍ: کرزي ته د پيسو کڅوړي نه ورکوو
  81. Afghanistan second on corruption list
  82. Afghanistan displaced still waiting to go home
  83. Afghanistan: Russia steps in to help Nato
  84. Amnesty International about Baloch killings in Pakistan
  85. UN bodies urge Pakistan to stop ‘victimisation’
  86. ISI praised for ‘defending national interest’
  87. Pakistan army blockades anti-Taliban tribe in Kurram:BBC
  88. Pakistani-American Farooque Ahmed arrested over Washington subway bomb plot
  89. Russia's Afghan agenda
  90. In Icy Tip of Afghanistan, War
  91. Karzai Delays Order to Ban
  92. ولسي جرګه له کرزي څخه د اېرانۍ پيسو سپيناو
  93. Indonesia volcano active again
  94. دوه امریکایی پوځیان ووژل سول و
  95. امریکا په جاسوسیو کی ۸۰ بلیونه ډالره مصرف 
  96. Russia, US conduct joint Afghan drug raid
  97. Afghan militants training special forces in Australia
  98. Over 200 top CEOs coming To INDIA with Obama
  99. China: 'Pakistan is our Israel'
  100. UN deal struck to 'save ecosystems'
  101. روسي عسکرو په افغان عملياتو کي برخه واخيس
  102. یو امریکایی مرین پوځی ووژل سو
  103. Russia Joins Drug Raid in
  104. Karzai condemns Russian raid
  105. Uncle Sam, energy and peace in Asia
  106. Dowry in India
  107. Russia in Afghanistan - Hanan Habibzai
  108. Iraqi Shia bloc rejects Saudi offer
  109. Opinion A history of tragedy and farce
  110. Hillary Clinton’s visit to China
  111. Imran Khan to build house for Pakhtu folk singer Zarsanga
  112. A wonky way for the US to win the war
  113. Republicans sweep US House
  114. Russia’s Afghan foray a subtle stroke
  115. Qantas jet makes emergency landing
  116. New eruption at Indonesia volcano
  117. Latest News
  118. Two gang-raped trainee nurses expelled from hostel in Peshawar
  119. Afghan Refugees Building New Lives In Australia
  120. Explosion rocks Afghan military base
  121. Taliban-linked activities kill 12, wound 11 in Afghanistan
  122. Several insurgents killed during joint patrol
  123. د کندهار عملیاتو په سلګونو کورونه وران کړ¡
  124. جمهوریت غوښتونکي : افغان جنګ به نور هم شدید &#
  125. N.S. couple gives away $11M in lottery winnings
  126. Afghan Candidates Say Karzai, Iran Seek to Alter Vote
  127. Obama visit of India
  128. Indonesia volcano claims more lives
  129. Passenger plane crashes inCuba
  130. کراچۍ:د الوتکې د غورځیدو پېښه د مړو شمیر شل
  131. For Some Bushmen, a Homeland Worth the
  132. Two blasts hits Pakistan mosques
  133. یو بل خارجی عسکر په ختیځ کی ووژل س
  134. ږوب: كمال خان ولسمل شېراني له دې نړۍ سترګې پ&#
  135. India's role will be highlighted
  136. Obama Is Not Likely to Push India Hard
  137. پښتون ملتپال مشر كمال خان ولسمل شېراني له 
  138. Wahdat Pakhtu Akhbar
  139. Afghan withdrawal would hurt India: McCain
  140. Is Russia back in the great game?
  141. Costs & Benefits of Afghan War for Pakistan
  142. Afghan Soldier May Have Killed NATO Troops
  143. Afghan president calls for halting violence in Afghanistan, Pakistan
  144. ISI Still Supporting Insurgency: John McCain
  145. Spanish PM expresses commitment for Afghan army, police
  146. Obama calls for Indo-Pak peace
  147. Clashes over German nuclear waste
  148. Israeli police demolish mosque
  149. Obama Invokes Gandhi, Whose Ideal Eludes
  150. In India, Obama Faces Questions From
  151. U.S. Vote Could Derail Russia Ties
  152. Obama appeals for South Asia peace
  153. For Afghan Wives, a Desperate, Fiery Way Out
  154. Championing democracy - but not yet
  155. Kurdish Plight in Turkey
  156. Of Kurds, Afghans, and Occupation...Engaging Catya Sher
  157. BREAKING NEWS:Obama backs India on permanent UN Security Council seat !
  158. Us to support India for full membership of the top four nuclear clubs [NSG]
  159. Canada 'to extend' Afghan mission
  160. British PM in China to boost trade
  161. US panel backs BP oil spill finding
  162. Deaths in Western Sahara camp raid
  163. In search of climate justice
  164. بغلان:دپخوانې شاروال په ملاتړلاریون ترسر
  165. اوباما د هندوستان سفر پاى ته ورساوه
  166. دمشرانو جرګې په ایران کي دافغان بندیانو پž
  167. UAE Hits Canada With Visa
  168. Poll: Majority of Afghans Back Talks With Taliban
  169. Sporadic Fighting Continues at Myanmar
  170. Jordanians Vote for New Parliament
  171. China Bars Lawyer From Attending
  172. Cuba to Chart Economic Future at Party
  173. Obama urges progress on Muslim ties
  174. دوه خارجی پوځیان ووژل سول
  175. Suspected pirates face US trail
  176. Wahdat Akhbar
  177. Europe UK students protest university fees
  178. امريکا: پر افغان ستراتيژي له سره کتنه پيل ک
  179. څلور بهرني پوځیان ووژل سول
  180. Challenges Await U.S. at Group of 20 Meeting
  181. Former British Admirals Criticize Defense Cuts
  182. In Message to G-20 Leaders,
  183. U.S. Tweaks Message: Troops Will Still Be in Afghanistan in 2014
  184. ADB to set up fund for Afghan projects
  185. G20 leaders gather amid divisions
  186. Cuba condemns Castro video game
  187. Taliban fighters attack US airbase
  188. Scorecard: Obama since Cairo
  189. دوه بهرني پوځیان ووژل سول
  190. Pakistan Slow to Rebuild Swat
  191. ing Dynasty Relic Yields Record Price at Auction
  192. WHITE HOUSE NOTEBOOK: Obama Is Thanked, Sort Of
  193. تازه خبر : په عينو مينه کي درنه چاودنه وسوه
  194. Meeting the Taliban
  195. ANALYSIS: Between the military and militants —Farhat Taj
  196. چمن: د جيلاني خان آڅکزي پر قتل درې
  197. د حاجي عبدالخالق فراهي د خوشي کېدو په هکله 
  198. ليکوال او شاعر افضل شوق له نړۍ لاړ
  199. کرزى: امريکا دي په افغانستان کي پر کورونو چ
  200. NATO Seeks Afghan Police in the South
  201. Karzai Says US Should Reduce Operations'
  202. m سعودي: د حج د مقدسو مراسمو پيل ته څو ساعته پ
  203. کندهار: ځانمرګي بريد د ناټو درې سرتيري ووژ
  204. نن د ډيورنډ کرښي په اړه ځانګړی پروګرام ليد
  205. کندهار ولايت يو لوى پاسوال خان محمد د کنده
  206. د علم او ادب ستوری څيړنپوه عبدالرحيم ځدرا¬
  207. Pedalling to the pilgrimage
  208. هیلري کلنټن:مجاهدین امریکا جوړ کړي وو
  209. Truth re the Russian Spy Network's purported overseer
  210. In One Moment in Afghanistan, Heroism
  211. Somali pirates free British couple
  212. Fire engulfs Shanghai building
  213. هرات: داسماعيل خان پرضد لاريون وشو
  214. پنځه بهرني پوځیان ووژل سو
  215. Brave Afghan bus drivers' gauntlet of terror
  216. Resignations hit Italian government
  217. Data reveals higher Greek debt
  218. ملا محمد عمر : موږ به د هېواد دتجزیې پلان خاو&
  219. Data reveals higher Greek debt
  220. China Says Shanghai High-Rise Fire Kills 42
  221. Aung San Suu Kyi aims for
  222. Taliban chief Mullah Omar rules out Afghan
  223. Conde declared Guinea poll victor
  224. Nigeria reports Iran arms seizure
  225. Oklahoma Surprise: Islam as an Election Issue
  226. Canada to End Combat Role in Afghanistan at End of 2011
  227. No bailout yet for Ireland
  228. Asia-Pacific Indonesia criticises maid abuse
  229. US airport body scanners condemned
  230. To Save Lives, NATO Is Razing
  231. Britain to Compensate Former Guantánamo
  232. درې بهرني پوځیان او یو پارلماني کاندید وو¨
  233. US jury hands down Ghailani verdict
  234. UN blamed for Haiti shootings
  235. Germany on high alert due to 'plot'
  236. Afghan bastketball team!!
  237. German Alert Followed Namibian Airport
  238. Iran claims new air missile system
  239. Arrest order for WikiLeaks' Assange
  240. Karachi Turns Deadly Amid Pakistan’s Rivalries
  241. Chinese Women Imprisoned for Twitter Message
  242. For Euro Nations there are Strings Attached
  243. For Euro Nations there are Strings Attached
  244. Dozens missing after NZ mine blast
  245. Nato to discuss Afghan exit
  246. White House defends civilian trials
  247. Mass weddings grow in Yemen
  248. A tax on both your houses
  249. Nowhere left to run
  250. Worm Was Perfect for