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  1. Afghanistan tops 'food risk index'
  2. Burn Quran Permit Denied!!!
  3. دوه امریکایی پوځیان ووژل سول
  4. جان کيري په بېړه کابل ته ستون سو
  5. The Evil Side of Wahabi mutaween
  6. Militants find friends on Facebook, Twitter
  7. pakhtu Akhbar wahdat 20/09/2010
  8. Pakistani Media completely sold to the generals
  9. Former U.S. Army Sergeant Pleads Guilty to Bribery
  10. خوست کې ناټو صليبي سرتېرو يوه مسلمانه غير
  11. Satire Exposes Male Pride and Double Standards
  12. Pakistan bans charities with Islamist ties
  13. ANP leader shot dead; violence grips Karachi
  14. Saudi Arabia urged not to paralyze man as retribution punishment
  15. کونړ : ولسوال و تښتول سو
  16. Venezuela defends controversial flights to Iran and Syria
  17. Civilian video
  18. Sialkot brothers killing
  19. Sialkot brothers killing
  20. هلمند : امریکایانو خپله غټه قرارګاه تخلیه 
  21. شپږ پولیس او پنځه عسکر ووژل سول
  22. طالبان : په هلمند کی ۲۸ موټر غنیمت او ۲۴ وسوځ&
  23. سلام پهلوان په فاریاب کی ماین والوزاوه
  24. تازه خبر : څلور امریکایی پوځیان ووژل سول
  25. Pastor who wanted to Burn Quran arrested for child pornography
  26. 22.08.2010 Wahdat Pekhawar
  27. Why isn't anyone helping Pakistan?
  28. راپور : اسیر امریکایی عسکر مسلمان سوی دی
  29. Shocking Article! A Must Read!
  30. ANP MNA’s younger brother shot dead in Karachi
  31. Afghan Refugees in Pakistan now face new problems
  32. ّI.S.I DG's letter to Mullah Brader.
  33. Hindus Flee Afghanistan, Flourish in New York
  34. Kandahar? Kandahar? What's Kandahar?
  35. Protest over ‘blasphemous wall chalking’
  36. Muslim soldier says he won't go if deployed
  37. Convicted Torturer, Vigilante in Mexican Stand-Off
  38. The Secret Weapon In The Fight Against The Taliban Is .... Wooden Rifles
  39. د جنرال پترس د څرګندونو په هکله طالبانو غب
  40. 63 children returned from treatment in Germany
  41. likely to agree to get “all Mehsuds out”
  42. NYPD Charges Man With Hate Crime After He Allegedly Stabbed Muslim Cab Driver
  43. Washington Orders Shahbaz Airbase Saved — Not Pakistan’s Flood Victims
  44. Afghan Police Trainee Kills Two Spanish Soldiers
  45. India To Reopen Kabul Medical Mission
  46. On Afghanistan, No Easy Way Out
  47. India to reopen Kabul mission: report
  48. US warns of threat to foreign aid workers in Pakistan
  49. Karzai aide paid by CIA
  50. داسپانیې سرتیرو پرافغاني ښځي دتیري هڅه کو
  51. A Young Girl's Gift to Flood-Devastated Pakistan
  52. U.S. Soldier Waterboards 6 Year Old Foster Child For Wetting His Bed!
  53. Report: California Islamic Center Vandalized
  54. JSOC is Hiring Interrogators and Covert Operatives for 'Special Access Programs'
  55. Warlords and Bandits in Panjshir
  56. پښتو اخبار وحدت پېښور26 اګست 2010
  57. Drunk Man Arrested After Urinating In New York Mosque
  58. Surprise: More hate crimes against Christians than against Muslims
  59. Washington Orders Shahbaz Airbase Saved — Not Pakistan’s Flood Victims
  60. Mullah Fazullah Video
  61. Security clearance a must for foreign NGOs
  62. $30bn to be spent on Afghan forces
  63. Canadian Terror Suspect participated in Talent Show
  64. Three new polio cases detected in Khyber Agency
  65. Nails removed from 'tortured' Sri Lankan maid
  66. Taliban attacks Nato Afghan bases
  67. Afghan politicians 'on CIA payroll'
  68. ناټو: دسړک دغاړې بمونو درې بهرنيان وژلي
  69. Pakistan flood victims 'have no concept of terrorism'
  70. 27/8/10 wahdat akhbar pekhawar
  71. ناټو : طالبانو زموږ پر دوو اډو سخته حمله وکړ&#
  72. Pakistani cricketer involved in Matchfixing
  73. Angelina Jolie donates more than Zardari for Pak floods
  74. English Defence Leagure Riot turns into a total fiasco
  75. Jet Blue Crash VERY SUSPICIOUS! Blackwater/Xe behind??
  76. Afghan graft prosecutor 'fired'
  77. په ۲۴ ساعتونو کی اووم امریکایی هم ووژل سو
  78. Kandaharis impatient for improvement
  79. يو هندو کانديد: نور افغانان به هم رايه راکړ
  80. Ron Paul Slams WTC Mosque Protesters
  81. Kandahar battle can it win the war?
  82. Border Sweeps in North Reach Miles Into U.S.
  83. Muslim states vow $1bn Pakistan aid
  84. soldiers allegedly plotted to kill Afghan civilians
  85. U.S. Servicemembers Attend Afghan Wedding
  86. تازه خبر : اووه امریکایی پوځیان ووژل سول
  87. Bacha Bazi: Afghanistan's dirty little secret
  88. Bombs kill seven US soldiers in Afghanistan
  89. KP govt to pay forces Rs20m for helicopter operations
  90. Haqqani network spreads its attacks against America across eastern Afghanistan
  91. A Pashtun Writes
  92. Afghanistan's Central Bank takes control of top private bank
  93. 10,000 Chinese troops in Gilgit-Baltistan
  94. Sikh beaten up at 7/11 because offender thought he was a Muslim
  95. Kunar: Aid distributed to affected families
  96. کندهار: چاودني د حج او اوقافو ريس وژلى دى
  97. په کابل او بدخشان کی مرګونی حملې وسوې
  98. یو استونیایی عسکر په هلمند کی ووژل سو
  99. Blasts kill 28 in Pakistan’s Lahore, 170 hurt
  100. Report From a Pashtun Teen: The Flood
  101. Jalalabad:Five rockets fired at airport
  102. US places TTP on terrorism blacklist
  103. KP to challenge flood damage figures of Punjab, Sindh
  104. Afghan girls poisoned
  105. Pakistan military abandons US trips after being 'mistaken for terrorists'
  106. History is about to take a monumental turn in afghanistan
  107. American love for Sufism
  108. Interview with Qari Yousef Ahmadi ( Taliban spokesman)
  109. 10 Civilians Killed In NATO Air strike
  110. Fury in Austria at anti-mosque game
  111. Getting drunk in Kabul bars? Pass the sick bag
  112. American SOldiers get XTC for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  113. Pakistan blocks UK offer of military aid for flood victims
  114. Army Chaplain First to Die in Combat since Vietnam
  115. How Active Is Blackwater in Pakistan?
  116. Karzai slams Nato civilian killings
  117. Quetta rally suicide bomb kills dozens
  118. AfPak Behind the Lines: Pakistan's political scene
  119. A gender-blind ‘neo-miratha’ —Farhat Taj
  120. Double trouble
  121. Fidel Castro warns of 'nuclear war'
  122. Bangladesh to build $7 billion airport.
  123. Pakistan Army Seeking Flood Relief Without Dependency on Aid
  124. Karzai to pursue talks with Taliban
  125. کندهار: د درني چاودني پړه طالبانو په غاړه و
  126. کونړ:سخته جګړه او دچورلکې نسکورول
  127. وپن ديموکراسي ويپ پاڼه: ايران په افغانستا 
  128. Europe Blair pelted with eggs in Dublin
  129. Who is behind the Shia killings in Pakistan?
  130. 4th sep Wahdat Pekhawar
  131. Pak Minister wants Obama to be ''leader of all Muslims''
  132. Loss of Faith in Afghan Leaders
  133. Afghanistan Tries to Help Nation’s Biggest
  134. 2 Bombings Kill 10 People in Afghanistan By
  135. Attack on Iran Would Destroy Israel
  136. Taliban Vow to Disrupt Afghanistan Election
  137. Suicide Bomber Kills Three In Southern Russia
  138. د قسيم فهيم د مرګ ناتاييد سوي اوازې
  139. یو برتانوی پوځي په هلمند کښي ووژل سو
  140. دوه امریکایی او دوه نور بهرني پوځیان ووژل 
  141. افغان حکومت د سولي شورا جوړه کړه
  142. Pakistanis are the "cockroaches of the human race
  143. غزني کې دبهرنيو ځواکونو په بمبارۍ کې ٤٥ تن
  144. ه یو بل انګریز عسکر هم ووژل سو
  145. Behind the photograph: the human face of Pakistan's deadly flood
  146. مارشال فهیم په حق ورسید
  147. د ناټو یو عسکر طالبانو وواژه
  148. Afghan Government Moves Toward Seizing
  149. Floods in Pakistan Carry the Seeds of istan
  150. مارشال لامړ سوی نه دی
  151. Afg foreign troops death toll hits 500
  152. Newsweek Pakistan debuts
  153. Afghan violence
  154. American Muslims Ask, Will We Ever Belong?
  155. Afghanistan protests over Florida pastor Terry Jones' plans to burn Korans on Sept. 1
  156. Double Trouble
  157. Insights From the Afghan Field
  158. Lacking Money and Leadership, Push for Taliban Defectors Stalls
  159. Vice Chancellor of Islamia College University kidnapped in Peshawar
  160. Billionare Pledges His 75 % Fortune for Aid
  161. Hand Pakistan Over to Foreign Technocrats?
  162. NATO Says Afghan Forces Can
  163. Bomb attack targets Pakistan police
  164. Journalist beheaded in Kabul
  165. دوه امریکایی پوځیان وویشتل سول
  166. د ناټو یو عسکر وویشتل سو
  167. د هنګری هېواد یو افسر ووژل سو
  168. امریکا به د کاله ۶ بلیونه ډالره په افغاني ځ
  169. Afghanistan: More Voting
  170. In Crisis-Ravaged Pakistan, The Generals Are Waiting In The Wings
  171. Taliban are winning : Mullah Omar
  172. US soldier 'kept Afghan body parts'
  173. A Ghost in Kandahar
  174. Halal Foods Expand Reach in France
  175. د طالبانو امير د کوچني اختر په مناسبت خپل پ
  176. د بلخ والي عطامحمد نور زوی د خلکو د تښتولو چ&#
  177. !دنیکمرغه کوچني اختر درارسیدوپه مناسبت دع
  178. Fla. minister cancels burning of Qurans on 9/11
  179. India outdoes US aid efforts in Afghanistan
  180. Nuclear-armed Pakistan expected to chair IAEA board
  181. Analysis: Why can't Afghanistan tackle corruption?
  182. Afghan TV anchor murdered in Kabul
  183. Russia is considering membership NATO
  184. د قرآن کریم د سوځولو په اړه د طالبانو اعلام
  185. US troops 'murdered Afghan civilians and kept body parts'
  186. Koran protests sweep Afghanistan
  187. Afghan elite
  188. Central & South Asia Quran burning threat fuels protests
  189. A quiet Eid for Bamyan cave residents
  190. Are Afghans the only defenders of Islam?
  191. Karzai Divides Afghanistan in Reaching Out to Taliban
  192. Adeyzai must not fall-Analysis by Farhat Taj
  193. یو برتانوﺉ عسکر د زخمونو څخه مړ سو
  194. د افغانستان د اسلامي دولت د جمهورئيس د مبا
  195. افغانان څوك دي او افغانستان د چا كور دى؟
  196. Pakistani flooding inflames divisions
  197. Protester Burns Pages of Koran
  198. Security in Afghanistan Is Deteriorating, Aid Groups Say
  199. For ailing Afghan kids, a healing touch from India
  200. کندهار:نامعلو مو وسلوالو یوتن ځړولی دى
  201. په لوګر کی دوه مظاره چیان وویشتل سول
  202. په لوګر کی دوه مظاره چیان وویشتل سول
  203. Thousands continue Quran burning protests
  204. 'US mosque row feeds radicals'
  205. Turks vote 'yes' in referendum
  206. Japan Foreign Minister
  207. Afghan Commander Issues Rules
  208. Bad Economy Drives Down
  209. Indicators of Worsening Security
  210. Breaking News: Eid Gift Of Flood Effectees Swat
  211. Pakistani Rock Star Declares 'Rock & Roll Jihad'
  212. Floods live on in nightmares of Pakistan children
  213. Pashtun sinks from riches to muddy rags
  214. Saanga Amaaj
  215. mahmoud karzai profitted on deal tied to kabul bank
  216. Lack of representative democracy
  217. Mamond tribes to surrender militants in a week
  218. U.S. Debates Karzai’s Place in
  219. Hungry Population Falls but
  220. Gates to Meet With Russian
  221. French senate passes face-veil ban
  222. Karzai arrives in Pakistan for security talks
  223. The National Review: A Very Bad Plan For Afghanistan
  224. د فرانسوي ژورنالیست لوک سره د اسلامي حزب د 
  225. په ارغنداو کي عمليات ترسره سوي دي
  226. زابل : د يو لړ شکمنو کسانو د نيولو ادعا وسوه
  227. Iraqi-U.S. Raid Near Falluja
  228. Tiny Cheshire cow among new
  229. Pakistan seeks action against Brahamdagh Bugti
  230. Flood devastated Pakistan purchases War Weapons
  231. Pakistan witnesses 225 suicides in a month
  232. کندهار به د شل ميګاواټه بريښنا څخه برخمن س
  233. What’s Inside a Taliban Gun
  234. The More Things Change, The
  235. White House Denies Mrs.
  236. Shot down by PAF, the POW who went on to become the Russian Vice President
  237. Pak. Army Colonel - Rs 13000 Daily Allowance in Disatser hit area
  238. Pakistan to train Afghan Army Officers
  239. Karzai says Pakistan to play role in talks with Taliban
  240. Karachi shut down after killing of exile Imran Farooq
  241. wahdat akhbar 17/09/2010
  242. Jihad in Badghis
  243. America the Poor
  244. Promise of a better life leads to the nightmare of sexual slavery
  245. Afghanistan Election 2010 in Pictures
  246. Pakistan's prime minister casts caution to the winds
  247. South Asia: Futuristic Scenarios
  248. Karzai votes for female Hindu candidate
  249. UN Seeks $2 Billion For Pakistan Flood Aid
  250. Targeted killing continues in Karachi