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  1. Pakistani troops fight the Taliban for U.S. drone debris
  2. 18 killed as powerful earthquake jolts northeast India, Nepal
  3. Is the US love affair with housework over?
  4. 3 US-led soldiers killed in S Afghanistan
  5. NATO chopper shot down in Afghanistan
  6. Bangladesh's foreign policy expert: Gowher Rizvi
  7. Turkmenistan president to prepare new "Holy book" to replace the Ruhnama
  8. Two US-led soldiers killed in Afghan war
  9. Japan, Saudi Arabia to Sign Deal on Water Projects
  10. China and Indonesia sign $6 billion Nickel Smelting deal
  11. Afghan peace council head Rabbani killed in attack
  12. Tajikistan may be gold rich
  13. US to Upgrade Taiwan's F-16 Fleet
  14. Turkmenistan to pump more gas to Iran
  15. Saudi Arabia donates $200 million to Palestinians
  16. France ban on street prayers drives Muslims to makeshift site
  17. OIC gears up to mobilise support for Palestinian bid
  18. Pakistan to file UN protest against US
  19. Two US-led soldiers killed in Afghan war
  20. Pakistani general hurt in chopper attack
  21. Turkey bombs Kurdish rebels in Iraq
  22. Uae wants to be gateway for chinese exports
  23. Bangladesh to have highest exports in South Asia and middle east
  24. Qatar to invest billions in farm city
  25. President of Kyrgyzstan seeks more Kuwaiti funds
  26. Bahraini company buys American kitchenware firm
  27. India mulls selling BrahMos cruise missile to Vietnaman
  28. Mullen: Pakistanis export violence to Afghanistan
  29. Tatarstan, Intel seek High Tech Edge in School
  30. Leader of world's biggest Muslim country calls for an end to nukes
  31. First school for learning disability students in Kuwait
  32. UAE set to begin building its first freight railway
  33. UAE aid convoys set off to flood-hit areas in Pakistan
  34. Taken by Jammu & Kashmir progress, Pak. occupied Kashmir leader snubs Geelani
  35. World has more obese people than starving
  36. Five NATO soldiers die in Afghanistan
  37. Saudi sends mutiliated corspse of murdered Filipino maid home
  38. Rabbani rejected US pact
  39. Mahmoud Abbas' speech at the UN
  40. Tajikistan ready to support Afghanistan's development
  41. UAE takes part in Afghanistan working group meeting
  42. Kazakhstan keen to expand UAE trade ties
  43. Qatar eyes stake in European arms giant
  44. Pakistan to give 33 crore dollar aid to Afghanistan ?
  45. Islamic education conference in Bashkortostan
  46. Muslim students in US may face jail for disrupting Israeli ambassador's speech
  47. Putin to run for President
  48. Imran Khan: Cut ties with the US
  49. Poverty, prejudice afflict migrants to Moscow
  50. Violence 'Affecting Afghan Children's Mental Health'
  51. 30,000 jobs for Saudi women in industries
  52. Bosnian Mufti concerned over Muslims in Sandzak
  53. Saudi Women to get the Vote
  54. Pakistan leaders close ranks against US
  55. Senator: Consider military action against Pakistan
  56. Blast heard at Afghan president palace
  57. Gunfire heard at CIA's Kabul compound
  58. Missile targets Afghan president palace
  59. US attack on Waziristan will result in united response: Imran
  60. Bangladesh to recruit 15,000 teachers
  61. Bangladesh supports Palestinian state
  62. Turkey hunts down Israeli commandos on Facebook
  63. Turkey to unveil its own made warships
  64. US-led forces kill 19 Afghan civilians
  65. Ahmadinejad in Sudan to boost ties
  66. Egypt's Orascom to pay $263 million for Bangladeshi telecom licence
  67. Haqqanis should be used to bring Taliban to negotiating table: Imran Khan
  68. Saudi investing $100 billion on solar energy
  69. India slams Western intervention
  70. Iran-India to build gas pipeline through sea to save transit fee
  71. UAE aims for one of the world's top five education systems
  72. India strengthens ties with Africa donating $5 bln
  73. US warplanes kill 35 in Afghanistan
  74. Pakistanis Tied to 2007 Border Ambush on Americans and Afghans
  75. U.S. seeks Bangladesh help to secure Afghanistan
  76. UAE urges Iran to take dispute over islands to UN court
  77. Saudi Arabia Gives $30 Million toward Polio Eradication Efforts
  78. Flydubai starts flights to Tatarstan
  79. UK firms look to Turkey for growth
  80. Mecca for the rich: Islam's holiest site 'turning into Vegas'
  81. Canadians living longer, fewer babies
  82. US bombers could blitz areas in Pakistan
  83. Man held in alleged terrorist plot on Washington
  84. Tajikistan-Afghanistan agree on Tajik electricity supply
  85. UN apologizes to Erdogan over American security guard's attack on him
  86. Shahid Afridi slams America
  87. The Muslim Kazakhs of Western Mongolia
  88. State-run dailies seen as ignoring real issues
  89. Iranís hosting of Taliban reflects desire for greater role
  90. Module for Chinese Space Station to be Launched
  91. Russia suggests Afghanistan announce political neutrality after foreign troops exit
  92. London shooting 3 girls
  93. Toshiba goes to Kazakhstan for rare metals
  94. Brazil's $12 billion iPad deal is in trouble
  95. What Canadian think of US Government
  96. Asia tourism fair kicks off in Bangladesh
  97. India Pakistan trade at US$10 Billion (Estimated)
  98. India's $35 tablet to come out in 4 days
  99. Trader on BBC: World Economic collapse in 12 months
  100. India-Afghanistan strategic pact to be inked during Karzai visit
  101. Malaysian company wants to expand halal food services to Russia
  102. City in holland bans foreign cannabis tourists
  103. Afghans rock at first music festival in three decades
  104. Here we go again!
  105. Mosque Torched in Israel
  106. China's Urbanisation
  107. Shell accused of fuelling violence in Nigeria by paying rival militant gangs
  108. Shane Warne koedan sho
  109. Amir Khan to defend his Title in Washington
  110. India, Afghanistan sign agreements on security, trade, education, culture and capacit
  111. Bangladesh-German Technical University & other deals
  112. Putin's Eurasian Union
  113. Steve Jobs Passes away
  114. Palin won't run for President
  115. Steve Jobs biological father was a Muslim
  116. عبدالجبار ثابت تښتول سوى دئ
  117. Obama: Pakistan feels threatened by a stable Afghanistan
  118. Karzai to Select Crown-Prince
  119. India-Bangladesh first-ever joint military exercise with special forces
  120. Cooperation with Pakistan is extremely important: US
  121. Haj subsidy for 1.25 lakh pilgrims in India
  122. Masked men enter girls school, thrash students in Pakistan
  123. دوه خارجی پوځیان وویشتل سول
  124. World's largest sugar refinery set up in Bangladesh
  125. Bangladesh in path breaking discovery in physics?
  126. Quran competiton in Tatarstan
  127. Iran warns Turkey over Arab world
  128. Afghan Gang Clash Leaves One Dead in UK
  129. Russia says U.S. Afghan policy stokes AIDS problem
  130. Russia ready in principle to buy Spanish debt
  131. Massive Coal reserves in Pakistan
  132. Maoism & Corruption are Major threats against India
  133. Russia, China to sign pact on technological modernisation
  134. 24 dead, 150 injured in worst Cairo riots since Mubarak ouster
  135. Bangladesh unveils new laptop
  136. Chinese cars invade Saudi Arabia market
  137. Tajikistan to build central Asia's largest mosque
  138. Turkmenistan has world's second largest gas field
  139. Kazakhstan, new powerhouse of Asia
  140. Spanish ambassador's message to Bangladesh
  141. B'desh confers highest state honour on Indira Gandhi
  142. Shiekh Hassina Wajid launches cheapest laptop
  143. م. م: افغان حکومت بندیان سخت کړوی
  144. Protesters attempt to
  145. India successfully launches weather satellite, three others
  146. عبدالباري جهاني کندهار ته راورسېدئ
  147. China and US new partnership
  148. China and US new partnership
  149. Kuwait recognizes Kosova
  150. Bashkortostan farmer pioneers high tech dairy
  151. Iranian Plot to kill Saudi ambassador thwarted by US?
  152. Saudi Arabia's $10 billon rail project and ferry.
  153. Saudi Arabia promises 30,000 quilts, 5,000 tents to Sindh
  154. Peshawar to have emergency operation centre
  155. Afghan man works with Google to chart unmapped territory in Afghanistan
  156. Factory in Mazar i Sharif to provide 200 jobs
  157. Ghazni city under construction
  158. 5,000 Afghan policewomen in three years
  159. Health clinic inaugurated in Bamyan
  160. India Canít Replace Pakistan In Afghanistan ???
  161. 206 NATO troops poisoned in Afghanistan
  162. Ahmadiyya Muslim sect thanks Guardian for exposing hate
  163. India eyes for mega-Navy expansion - $50 bn
  164. نړیواله عفو : جورج بوش باید ونیول سی
  165. Pakistan Taliban willing to make peace talk
  166. 3 Egyptians killed in recent Predator strike in North Waziristan
  167. US Forces Massing On Waziristan Border
  168. Indian State changes Madrasa Rules
  169. "Good Taliban" creates a new Death Squad
  170. Thousands march in Rome, Sydney and Madrid as Occupy Wall Street protests go global
  171. ایران طالبانو ته الوتکو ضد توغندي ورکړي
  172. Pak, China for laying railway track thru Khunjarab Pass
  173. امریکا : په بې رحمي سره د ماشومانو د وهلو او و
  174. Indian Sufi clerics issue call to reject hardline Wahabis
  175. Gurkha who beheaded Taliban soldier in Afghanistan battle cleared to return to duty
  176. Afghanistan: NATO Claims It Killed More Than 100 "Militants"
  177. Pakistan warns US over unilateral
  178. Taliban threat on Kalash tribe
  179. UAE gets its first multi-faith crematorium
  180. Ten Killed In Afghanistan
  181. US forces to enter Pakistan
  182. The Son of Africa Claims a Continentís Crown Jewels
  183. US Visit Presents Unified Front to Pakistan
  184. Is Qaddafi Dead?
  185. Fierce battle on-going in Kunar
  186. Clinton Issues Blunt Warning to Pakistan
  187. Conversions Threaten Macedonian Tribe in Pakistan
  188. Pakistan to sell beer to india
  189. Obama: All US troops out of Iraq by year-end
  190. Gaddafi : an assessment
  191. Investment: Chinese company to generate 10,000MW for Pakistan
  192. Saudi Crown Prince Sultan dies
  193. US officials met Haqqani network with ISI help
  194. 2 Pakistani bombers carried out delhi HighCourt blast
  195. ٢ وزيرانو مليونونه ډالر اختلاس كړي
  196. Al Jazeera reports from earthquake-hit Turkey
  197. Pakistan releases Indian chopper with crew
  198. US 'bigger enemy' than India for Pakistan: Imran Khan
  199. US-Russia Rail Tunnel - Video
  200. Libya's New Leader Declares An Islamic State
  201. Clinton Presses Pakistan on Joint Covert Action
  202. Truth behind Muammar Gaddafi.
  203. Saudi Royals support Israel
  204. Highest Saudi award for a Pakistani hero
  205. China Wants Bases in FATA, Tribal Areas
  206. Shahbaz sharif: 'Pakistan has nuclear weapons but is still a beggar state'
  207. More than a helping hand: Iran offers Pakistan to provide 10,000MW
  208. India 'close to wiping out polio'
  209. Afghanistan: Pakistan accused of backing Taliban
  210. Clinton wants Mulla Omar in peace talks
  211. For the Taliban Supporters
  212. Rare Taliban praise for Pakistan's Maulana Abdul Ghani
  213. US Congress Engineering Consent For Attacks On Iran And Venezuela
  214. Confessions of a Rabbi
  215. Gangs in the US Army
  216. په کابل کي د بهرنيو عسکرو پر قطار ځانمرگی ب
  217. يوه افغان سرتيري ۳ بهرني سرتيري ووژل
  218. Suicide attack targets foreign troops in Kabul
  219. Gaddafi shadow haunts West's dodgy deals
  220. ĎChina will refrain from saving the Euroí
  221. At least ten Nato dead in Kabul attack: Western military
  222. China to invest in coal sector of Pakistan
  223. Occupy Winter: Occupy Wallstreet left out in the cold
  224. Taliban display wreckage of drones
  225. Another Forward Operating Base over-run by the Mujahideen
  226. US Hummer destroyed in Paktika
  227. TheAlyonaShow:American media Invades Pakistan
  228. Can anyone tell em what this "muslim" woman is talking about?
  229. Three Australian soldiers killed in Afghan shooting
  230. Lahore Rally: Make or break for PTI
  231. Neocon WWIII Scenario?
  232. Afghan refugees 'should go back' says Gilani
  233. World population to hits 7 billion
  234. Kuwait faciliates pilgrimage for Vietnamese Muslims
  235. Azerbaijani pilgrims arrived in Saudi Arabia
  236. 20,000 Hujjaj from Afghanistan in Saudi Arabia
  237. Assad warns against foreign intervention in Syria
  238. Tourism in the Afghan-Tajik border
  239. Tajikistan may chose US forces to help guard Afghan border
  240. Islamic Development Bank offers three year plan in Tajikistan
  241. World's biggest solar power project in Morocco, $400 billion
  242. Aziz Premji to spend US$ 2 billion to open two School per district across India
  243. Pakistan spied on Germans in Afghanistan: report
  244. Imran Khan leads 100,000 rally against Pakistan's US alliance
  245. Canadian imam beaten, arrested in Saudi Arabia
  246. US has no permission to launch drone strikes: Pakistan PM Gilani
  247. Pakistan spied on German officers in Afghanistan
  248. U.S. Seeks Aid From Pakistan in Peace Effort : NYT
  249. The Science : All languages have the same source,researche finds
  250. Libyan Rebels turn against each other