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  1. US drone kills seven in NW Pakistan
  2. Anonymous Threatens to Kill Facebook on Nov. 5
  3. "Islamic" Republic of Pakistan deports 5 Muslims to China to be tortured and executed
  4. Mitsubishi starts producing Pajero cars in Bangladesh
  5. Thousands to visit UK's first Bangladesh expo
  6. Afghan police clash with NATO troops
  7. Kidnapping Policemen Captured
  8. Interview with an EDL supporter
  9. Yes, the Afghans Hate Us
  10. Iraq bloc warns US of armed resistance
  11. 6 US-led troops killed in Afghanistan
  12. Worlds Biggest Gambling Nations
  13. Karzai Departure Could Change Game Plan
  14. Population Boom Bad for Afghans?
  15. Emeralds bring hope to troubled Swat valley
  16. Another Nato chopper went down,this time in Zurmat(Paktia)
  17. War Inc.: Pentagon using fun to find new guns for hire
  18. 'US drones killed 2,200 in Pakistan'
  19. 8 troops die in two days in Afghanistan
  20. Pentagon loses contact with hypersonic plane
  21. President Zardari signs FATA Political Parties Order 2002 extension
  22. 'Obama responsible for drone strikes'
  23. China’s ethnic tremors
  24. Oxus River Oil To Be Mined
  25. Flood News
  26. 22 more Somali children starve to death
  27. Two US-led troops killed in Afghan war
  28. India celebrating 65th Independece Day
  29. British, French soldiers killed in Afghanistan
  30. drunk CM of baluchistan,nawab aslam raisani
  31. STFU David Cameron!
  32. 3 US-led soldiers killed in Afghanistan
  33. Drought in Afghanistan (VOA Pashto)
  34. News on Libya, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain etc
  35. spoilt children
  36. Paktia residents protest civilian death
  37. Massive Protests in India against Corruption
  38. Politicians mocked in Afghan take on The Office
  39. Afghan cleaner shot and killed inside NATO headquarters
  40. Taliban believe riots in London is beacause of Invasion of Afghanistan
  41. Washington Nationals to honor SEALs killed in Afghanistan
  42. UK Banks Fund Deadly Cluster-bomb Industry
  43. 'Govts rob citizens, money printing race disastrous'
  44. Keiser Report: Banking Looters
  45. Devil son rapes mother
  46. Azerbaijan bans Hijab for teachers
  47. curfew powers
  48. World Bank-The Famine In The Horn Of Africa Is Man Made
  49. Bangladesh & Bahrain to set up $0.7 billion power plant
  50. ADB to give Bangladesh $0.5 billion for power plants
  51. Bangladesh to build four large coal power plants
  52. Bangladesh to start operating 20 Chinese trains by 2012
  53. د ډیرو ماشومانو له زیږولو دې ډډه وشي.
  54. Army Ranger Kills Himself 'No Way' That God Would Forgive Him
  55. Rocket strikes Karzai's Presidential Compound
  56. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz: Don't contribute to politicians
  57. Huge Afghan blast kills 27 US soldiers
  58. Job done: Breivik said after terror
  59. Iraq's Sadr warns of 'war' if US presence extended
  60. Two huge blasts hit Afghan capital
  61. Pakistan attack: Dozens die in Khyber mosque blast
  62. Turkish Prime Minister Arrives in Somalia With Aid
  63. Husband Kills wife infront of their kids
  64. Afghanistan seeks legalisation of refugees in Iran
  65. Bus crash leaves 20 killed, 24 injured
  66. Afghans block road in anti-US demo
  67. Iran sentences U.S. hikers to 8 years in jail
  68. US spy drone crashes in Afghanistan
  69. Afghanistan & Russia Agree on Fuel & Energy Deal
  70. US troops kill 4 civilians in Ghazni
  71. Afghan resistance statement
  72. US drone crashes in east Afghanistan
  73. US-Afghan failure
  74. qadafi,s son saif arrested,the westren back rebels enterd capital
  75. BREAKING NEWS Australian soldier killed on patrol in Afghanistan's Uruzgan province
  76. 15 NATO tankers torched in Pakistan
  77. Ron Paul raises $1.8M in 24 hours
  78. Breaking news
  79. saif al-islam not arested,we will fight back,
  80. US drone crashes in N Afghanistan
  81. US-led soldier killed in Afghan war
  82. Afghanistan to get $2.7 Billion worth of Military Gear
  83. Quake strikes near Washington
  84. war crimes in libya by NATO,US law maker,condem nato for killing civilains
  85. Old Silk Route to be Revived
  86. Education Systems - US Vs. China,India
  87. NATO Soldier Killed In Afghanistan
  88. Footage of kadafi Tripoli compound (rtnews)
  89. Attack near Intercontinental Hotel Kabul
  90. 3 US-led soldiers killed in Afghan war
  91. Majority [if not ALL] US Personnel in Pakistan SPIES
  92. Pakistani Buddhist art defies odds to show in NY
  93. What The Deadly U.S. Helicopter Crash Tells Us About Afghanistan
  94. 4 NATO Troops Killed in Afghanistan
  95. Sharia law in Libya
  96. Hurricane Irene:Safety measures for Saudi students in place
  97. Chinese prudence
  98. US operatives in Libya
  99. Islam Takes Root in Land of Mini-Bikinis and Carnival
  100. Historic day for India..Parliament passes resolution on Anti-corruption Lokpal Bill
  101. Security forces 'storm' Syria mosque (AJE)
  102. Militants from Afghanistan attack Pakistani posts
  103. 64 US troops killed in Kandahar
  104. At least three killed by Hurricane Irene’s powerful winds
  105. Pakistan Floods Displace A Million
  106. Al Qaeda's no.2 Killed
  107. US stays silent on 64 Americans deaths
  108. Afghans oppose permanent US bases
  109. Bangladesh's Meghna group targets $2 bn turnove in 2013
  110. Drought hits 200,000
  111. Two NATO soldiers killed in Afghanistan
  112. Growth of America's militias and right wing
  113. Floods hit Kohistan
  114. سبا د اختر لومړۍ ورځ ده
  115. Gallup Poll: 63% disapprove of US govt
  116. What the Taliban Want
  117. Spy Agencies of Neighbours Behind Afghan Insecurity: NDS
  118. US has deadliest month in Afghan war
  119. BBC shows clip from India as "video of Libya"
  120. Iraq snubs Obama on troop plans
  121. Afghan girl in Bangladesh speaks
  122. Taliban attack Bagram base near Kabul
  123. Pakistani child receives gift from Indian doctors on Eid
  124. Indian PM to visit Dhaka with all neighbouring state CMs
  125. Mullah Omar: Taliban not to participate in Bonn Conference
  126. Turkey blasted for murdering Kurdish civilians
  127. Saudi Arabia discovers 9,000 year-old civilization
  128. Turkey to kick Israeli ambassador out
  129. Taliban behind the masks
  130. muslim lady beaten and arrested by cops on eid day at Rye Playland new york.
  131. Hekmatyar urges Pakistan, Iran to end US support
  132. U.S. uses radio DJs to spread Propaganda in Afghanistan
  133. BREAKING NEWS Three killed as Afghan soldier fires at US troops in Logar prov.
  134. British local authority spends £9,000 on Ipads for bin men
  135. IS US THREATENing KARZAI PUPPET if he does not listen to them
  136. Bangladesh-China direct shipping link from Sept 9
  137. Two Pakistani Christians Seriously Injured for Refusing Islam
  138. Brazilian native Indian may be world's oldest woman
  139. Kandahar bombing kills NATO workers
  140. US-led soldier killed in Afghan war
  141. Dana Visalli: US war against planet earth
  142. Dutch to build £270bn fake mountain
  143. Iran's Bushehr plant joins national grid
  144. Pakistan government offered entire NADRA database to the Americans: WikileaKs
  145. Saudi to send more aid for Somalia crisis
  146. UAE to compete with Saudi on production of steel
  147. Saudi construction industry strong and growing
  148. Rural poverty in bangladesh
  149. Afghans protest deadly US night raids
  150. Ahmad Shah Massoud, no friend of the US
  151. UNICEF report: economic downturn aggrevates problems in bangladesh.
  152. Armed Taliban Attacked Caravan Of Coalition Forces In Logar
  153. Pakistani schools to teach chinese
  154. Iranian Lake is Dying
  155. NATO convoys attacked in Afghanistan
  156. Bangladesh has world's highest malnutrition rate
  157. For Barakzai but everyone else too:
  158. Baloch separatists willing to talk peace
  159. Afghan governor killed in Taliban attack
  160. Powerful blast outside Delhi high court; 9 killed,
  161. Afghan Hero: ABDULAHAD MOHMAND
  162. Eramet to spend $6 billion in Indonesia
  163. Pakistan main threat to Afghanistan: US senator
  164. UAE ranked as innovation-driven economy
  165. Didi's antics overshadow PM's Bangladesh visit
  166. India's volte-face on libya
  167. French soldier killed in Afghan war
  168. Iran Protests Helmand Dam
  169. U.S. Economy will “never recover”
  170. Turkey eyes Egypt alliance
  171. Saudi among top 20 competitive economies
  172. World Muslim Film Festival starts in Tatarstan, Russia
  173. Iran will not recognize Kosovo
  174. 20,500 schools, colleges to recieve free laptops in Bangladesh
  175. WB farmers against inking Teesta deal with B’desh
  176. Ludlow Massacre
  177. 2 US-led soldiers killed in Afghan war
  178. US-led soldier killed in E Afghanistan
  179. Ban on Bangladeshi TV in India to end
  180. Gulf Arabs buying London's trendiest hotels
  181. Kazakhstan state TV channel stops Russian language programmes
  182. 3 US-led soldiers killed in Afghanistan
  183. The independent foreign Policy of India. 81% UN Votes Against US
  184. pakistan using drug trafficking to finance terrorists
  185. US and China looking to Mideast for more oil
  186. Saudi and Japan embracing a common future
  187. Saudization: Jobs for Saudis
  188. Pakistan flood response criticised
  189. 3 NATO soldiers killed in Afghanistan
  190. Egyptian airport officials say Israeli ambassador waiting for military plane to leav
  191. Russian military to stay in Tajikistan for another half a century
  192. Uzbekistan deports Tajik journalist
  193. Israel’s embassy overrun in Cairo: only Obama speaks up
  194. Taliban to US : Don't plunder Afghan resources
  195. Tony Blair
  196. Taliban attack injures 77 US soldiers
  197. Post-9/11, India rejected US proposal for military help for Afghanistan operations
  198. Indian firms may invest around $9-10 billion in Bangladesh
  199. RED ALERT: Another massive US false flag terror attack possible
  200. Pak-Afghan Borders Sealed And Visas Denied
  201. Pakistan PM calls for global flood help
  202. Afghans never heard of 9/11
  203. Injustice to Afghanistan Admitted here
  204. Iran wants to expand ties with Tajikistan
  205. Pakistan-Tajikistan road to go through Chitral not Gilgit
  206. Russia wants to kick Uzbekistan out of regional body
  207. Breaking news
  208. Bangladesh largest contributor of UN peacekeeping forces in the world
  209. Three US soldiers injured in Afghanistan
  210. Muslim women friendly beach in Dagestan
  211. US-backed ALP Responsible for Widespread Murder, Rape, Extortion, Torture
  212. US backs Taliban HQ in Qatar
  213. A decade later, US loses global preeminence
  214. New York politicians visit Tatarstan
  215. Multiple Explosions, Gunfire in coordinated Attack on Kabul
  216. Heavy monsoon rains in Karachi
  217. US poverty rate hits record high
  218. Taliban lauch co-ordinated attacks in Kabul
  219. Bangladeshis in Libya safe
  220. Tajikistan to recognize more mosques in Dushanbe
  221. Turkmenistan to launch artificial Earth satellite
  222. Turkmenistan regime orders children to give family details, 3 generations
  223. Egypt and Turkey to link power grids
  224. Egypt and Turkey consider joint gas drilling
  225. Twenty-hour Kabul siege shows Taliban strength
  226. Biggest ever crocodle captured in the Philippines
  227. OIC/Palestine
  228. India to provide humanitarian assistance of US$ 8 million to Somalia, Kenya Djibouti
  229. Ghana's economy may expand by 20%
  230. India rebuffs China's objections to oil exploration in Vietnam
  231. Modi should apply for American visa
  232. Tatarstan capitalizes on its Muslim heritage
  233. Bangladesh, Indonesa winners as China's production costs rise
  234. Dhaka's metro route still undecided
  235. Indonesia to open global $1 billion Islamic fund
  236. Central banks take action to calm markets
  237. Buddhist monks destroy Muslim site in Sri Lanka
  238. Rejection of Palestinian statehood denies freedom
  239. 15 NATO tankers torched in Afghanistan
  240. Palestinian leader ignores US warnings on UN statehood bid
  241. Bangladesh rolls out new SUV
  242. Bangladesh "to become solar energy nation in 10 years"
  243. Houses of Tatar activists searched in Russia
  244. Commercial 4G network launched in Saudi Arabia
  245. Court decides against Holland for massacres in Indonesia
  246. Formula one Race track ready to rev-up India
  247. Saudi Arabia's mysterious Nazca lines
  248. International Flight Safety Seminar in Bangladesh
  249. Saudi Arabia funds UNHCR refuges in Orakzai
  250. Saudi Arabian restaurant to fine customers who leave leftovers