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  1. update on Greece situation
  2. update on Libyan situation
  3. Gaddafi's son: Libya like McDonald's for NATO - fast war as fast food
  4. Paris did deal with Taliban: hostage
  5. Minnesota government shut down
  6. Video: USA not just fighting Taliban, USA is fighting the Pashtun people
  7. US-led soldier slain in S Afghanistan
  8. Roadside Bombs kill 17 civilians
  9. Two US-led troops killed in Afghan war
  10. US drone strikes now in Somalia
  11. China rebuffed US offer to open supply route for NATO forces in Afghanistan
  12. Iraqi MPs oppose US presence past 2011
  13. Lemar tv news about Pakistani attack on Kunar(Pashto news)
  14. 3,000 Youths Detained in Pakistan: Imran Khan Demands Action from Defense Minister
  15. Talibs attack NATO fuel tracks
  16. Pakistani Military Still Cultivates Militant Groups, a Former Fighter Says
  17. Offer : Htc Incredible S..Blackberry torch 9800..Motorola Atrix 4G
  18. Taliban Movement of Palestine حركة طالبان فلسطين ‏
  19. Belarus dictator will crush any revolution
  20. Aussie soldier killed in S Afghanistan
  21. Death casts pall over Cameron visit
  22. $22 billion worth treasure found in old Indian temple
  23. Taliban Militants dressed as women(Tolonews)
  24. huge weapons arsenal 'for Libya rebels' seized on Qatar boats
  25. Reagan's Cold War Dream: Outrage over US surveillance base in UK
  26. Five US-led forces killed in Afghanistan
  27. AntiSec hacking boom: Anonymous hackers protest Orlando anti-homeless law
  28. Anonymous hacker group hits Apple, publishes data
  29. Brian Wilson-Peace Activist, "Blood On The Tracks"
  30. Eight killed in NATO-chartered cargo plane crash in Afghanistan
  31. Reporting Insulting/Inappropriate/Offensive Posts
  32. Three US troops killed in Afghan war
  33. Pakistanis Thriving In Afghan Market
  34. Loya Jirga to oppose mly ops in Fata
  35. All Parties Grand Jirga
  36. NATO chopper crashes in Afghanistan
  37. Mexican caught trying to escape jail in wife's suitcase
  38. د کاناډا جنګي پوځيان له افغانستان څخه ووت 
  39. US-led chopper crash in Afghanistan
  40. US says three soldiers killed, 29 hurt in Afghanistan`s Kunar
  41. US starts war against Somalia
  42. Somalia says dozens killed in US drone attack in south
  43. Afghan protest at civilian deaths 'in US air strike'
  44. More US Combat troops are on ADDICTIVE Medications
  45. 'NATO kills 10 civilians for every troop targeted, destroys children's facilities'
  46. Bangladesh to produce laptops
  47. US kills 13 Afghan children and women
  48. The American Way Coming To Afghanistan
  49. Afghan, NATO forces fire rockets into Pakistan
  50. Jihad against Muhajir?
  51. US military deaths reported in Iraq, Afghanistan
  52. 42 illegal Afghan immigrants detained
  53. AntiSec Hackers Hit F.B.I. Contractor
  54. Somali children in refugee camps suffer from lack of aid
  55. India to join International Space Station
  56. Four US-led troops killed in Afghan war
  57. Commission: Taliban shoots down Azerbaijani plane in Afghanistan- one of priority ver
  58. '91% of Egyptians oppose Israel ties'
  59. Obama's Afghan war speech hasn't done much to sway opinion, poll finds
  60. Monkeys invade hospital
  61. Secularist Government of Bangladesh wants erase every trace of Islam from Constitutio
  62. Seven US-led troops die in Afghan war
  63. Afghans hold anti-US demonstration
  64. Panetta saluted by guerilla rockets
  65. High drama as monkeys wed in India
  66. US drone attack kills 10 in Pakistan
  67. Part of Egypt-Israel pipeline blown up
  68. Egyptian protesters camp in major cities
  69. Syrians protest US, French meddling
  70. New US drone attack kills 7 in Pakistan
  71. Brother of Hamid Karzai killed
  72. Italian soldier killed in Afghan war
  73. fake vaccination drive to get osama
  74. ECO to meet in Kabul
  75. Karzai's brother killed, Taliban claims responsibility
  76. BREAKING NEWS 4 Afghan civilians killed, one hurt in US airstrike in Kunar province
  77. Afghan war kills 2 more US-led soldiers
  78. Five NATO soldiers killed in Afghanistan's Kapisa province
  79. American Blackwater behind Mumbai blasts
  80. U.S. Builds New Jails Across Afghanistan
  81. Five  French  soldiers  killed  in  Afghanistan
  82. Taliban denies peace talks with US
  83. US climbs down on aid to Pakistan
  84. Afghanistan Home to Healthy Population of Snow Leopards
  85. Former CIA legal chief could be charged over drone attacks in Pakistan ‎
  86. Bangladeshi engineer to design largest US civil engineering project
  87. US is real enemy of Pakistan: Leader
  88. New Poll Finds U.S. Viewed Less Favorably In Arab World
  89. Afghan soldier kills US-led soldier
  90. Death of Karzai's brother huge blow to US interests in Afghanistan
  91. 2 US-led soldiers killed in Afghanistan
  92. Afghan Civilians In The Crosshairs
  93. Arrest of ex-CIA lawyer sought over drone use
  94. Six US-led troops killed in Afghanistan
  95. Jan Mohammad Khan killed in his own house.
  96. Congratulations to Afghans: Graveyard of Empires
  97. Instead of real Taliban, UNSC removes 14 former Taliban from blacklist
  98. Drug Addicted US soldiers Killing Afghan Civilians
  99. US Military Helping Afghans Grow Opium
  100. Al jazeera : American commander for Afghanistan thinks he can bribe the resstance
  101. Taliban blames 'US agents' for deadly attack on Pak military convoy in N.Waziristan
  102. UK phone-hack whistleblower found dead
  103. Murdoch tabloid hacked by LulzSec
  104. US Economic System Near ‘Collapse’
  105. US: All Borders book stores will be closing down Friday
  106. Taliban brutally execute Pakistani Police in Dir
  107. Indian Family Caught in Waterfall
  108. US military deaths in Afghanistan at 1,560
  109. Anti-extremism Projects Vs State Funded Muslim Schools
  110. 'Iran downs US spy drone near N-site'
  111. 'Deadly drones a video game for CIA officers'
  112. Pakistan’s first woman Foreign Minister
  113. British soldier slain in Afghanistan
  114. Iran ending oil exports to India
  115. The elephant in the room on Clinton's India visit
  116. Dangerous and thoughtful
  117. Tajikistan moves to ban youth from mosques, churches
  118. US diplomats denied Peshawar entry
  119. Jobless claims hike in US
  120. Bomb blast in Oslo, Norway.
  121. terrorist attack on Oslo,norway
  122. Debt talks break down; "we have run out of time"
  123. Taliban returning to power to protect girls/women from rape
  124. Bangladesh BUET students develop firt tetra brand microstrip patch antenna
  125. Blackwater Terrorists hanging Afghan children
  126. Melting of Sanober, Booni Gole glaciers may cause damage
  127. Amy Winehouse found dead
  128. ISAF kill female doctor in Saidabad, Wardak
  129. Hate posts of Norwegian terror suspect
  130. West propaganda targets Islam
  131. Fresh violence injures 231 Egyptians
  132. China, Iran eye barter plan to bypass US sanctions-FT
  133. 'Iran favors a sovereign Afghanistan'
  134. Ron Paul polls just 4 points below Obama if the two ran head-to-head
  135. Afghan flees war zone home, shot 4 times in Norway
  136. ISAF copter crashes in E Afghanistan
  137. Italian soldier killed in Afghan war
  138. Militants attack NATO airbase in Afghanistan
  139. JFK Murder. Speech of JFK - That Got Him Killed
  140. Kuchyon block Kabul-Kandar highway
  141. 'Pyongyang gears up for military drill'
  142. کندهار ولايت مقام د ښاروال وژل ومنل
  143. Kandahar city mayor dies in 'suicide attack'
  144. Kandahar mayor reportedly killed 2011-07-27 10:21
  145. USA: Black woman sentenced to jail after white driver kills her son.
  146. A Look At Taliban Weaponry
  147. Police officer, four others, rape woman in islamabad
  148. Pregnant woman among three Afghans killed by French troops
  149. Afghanistan: Deadly attack in Tarin Kowt, Uruzgan
  150. BREAKING NEWS NATO: Foreign soldier killed in bomb blast in east Afghanistan
  151. Fazl Rahman warns govt to stop threatening Madaris in Malakand
  152. reliable news??
  153. Iran to Start Pumping Gas to Pakistan Next Year
  154. Somali PM accuses UN of holding back aid (aljazeera)
  155. Two NATO soldiers killed in eastern Afghanistan blast
  156. Roadside bomb kills 18 Afghan civilians
  157. Taliban attack Pakhtu Poet´s Shrine
  158. Police destroy forests for money
  159. Two US-led troops killed in Afghan war
  160. Erdogan smashes the Kemalist army. Entire Turkish army leadership resigns!
  161. Two US-led troops die in Afghan war
  162. Pakistan braces for rainy season
  163. World Population In 2050 To Explode To 9 Billion, Africa Contributes 49%
  164. Ex-Prime Minister Says Taliban Offer Talks for Pullout Date
  165. White south african cricketer turns muslim
  166. PAKISTANI troops "aid" Bahrain's crackdown
  167. Bangladesh to sell $0.3 billion in ships by 2012
  168. Clashes in Xinjiang
  169. Five US-led troops killed in Afghan war
  170. Bangladesh & Malaysia to sign free trade agreement
  171. Bangladesh to increase ties with Spain
  172. Taliban join hands for talks led by Mulla Omar
  173. Syrian uprising
  174. For Faye
  175. Xinjiang attack masterminded by terrorists trained in Pakistan: China
  176. Egypt army attacks protesters in Cairo
  177. US-led raid kills 8 Afghan policemen
  178. US-led operation kills Afghan civilians
  179. Paktia's Lost Promise
  180. Putin says U.S. is "parasite" on global economy
  181. NATO soldier killed in southern Afghanistan
  182. Imran Khan- led PTI calls for military action against drone attacks
  183. China Blames Pakistan Trained Separatists for Attacks in Xinjiang
  184. Chinese independent credit agency downgrades US twice
  185. Dubai to lose world’s tallest tower record
  186. US STOCKS-Wall St drops even as Congress passes debt deal
  187. US drone goes down in Afghanistan
  188. Mubarak's regime victim eyes trial with disbelief
  189. 5 Bangladeshis freed in Afghanistan
  190. 3 NATO Troops Killed in Afghanistan
  191. Bangladesh moves to amend Islamic Bond rules
  192. 11 airlines to carry Bangladeshi Hajj pilgrims
  193. Russia reaches out to Iran
  194. The Video Basher Al-Assad Wants You To See
  195. Erdogan KOs Turkeys Military Brass
  196. Mubarak And Sons Caged Up
  197. Four US-led forces killed in Afghanistan
  198. Cold War flashbacks as Americans rebuild Soviet tunnel in Afghanistan
  199. 29,000 under-5s die in Somali hell
  200. US troops kill Iraqi child and policeman
  201. Indian tribe defiant after legal victory
  202. 4 Afghans gunned down in anti-US demonstration
  203. MoM: Illegal Lapis Extraction
  204. US airstrike kills 8 Afghan civilians
  205. US-led soldier killed in Afghan war
  206. 66th Hiroshima Day commemorated
  207. Dozens Killed as NATO Helicopter Shot Down in Afghanistan
  208. 31 US forces killed in Afghanistan
  209. Taliban Shot Down a US Helicopter Killing 31 US Troops
  210. US-led soldier dies in Afghan war
  211. HR Groups Boycott Farcical UK Torture Enquiry
  212. 16 NATO tankers go up in flames
  213. Strong Typhoon to hit China
  214. ISAF copter goes down in Afghanistan
  215. Riots in the UK
  216. Aid And Conflict In Afghanistan
  217. Four US-led troops killed in Afghan war
  218. Iraq's Sadr warns of military confrontation against US troops after 2011
  219. Is the race to the exit beginning in Afghanistan?
  220. China calls for stable global reserve currency
  221. Further Railway Construction in the North to Begin Next Year
  222. Afghan-Sino relations to expand
  223. Abu Ghraib abuse ringleader freed from jail
  224. NATO Helicopter Makes Hard 'Landing' in E. Afghanistan
  225. 'Who the Hell You Think You Are?' Nigel Farage throws egg in Eurocrat faces
  226. India’s economic surge brings hope to Kashmir Valley
  227. '2nd crash kills 33 US Afghan force'
  228. Another NATO copter shot down in east Afghan province of Paktia
  229. Brit Soldier Sliced Off Fingers of Dead Taliban as Souvenirs
  230. chavez,great leader of the world,in better health now
  231. Abu Ghraib abuse ringleader released
  232. Child dies every six minutes in Somalia famine
  233. Reactions to US chopper Crash in Afghanistan (VOA Pashto)
  234. Afghan president asks clerics to campaign against turban bombs
  235. Taliban kill 4 US troops in Afghanistan
  236. Aerial video of London riot 'warzone' cleanup, homes destroyed
  237. US drone kills seven in NW Pakistan
  238. Anonymous Threatens to Kill Facebook on Nov. 5
  239. "Islamic" Republic of Pakistan deports 5 Muslims to China to be tortured and executed
  240. Mitsubishi starts producing Pajero cars in Bangladesh
  241. Thousands to visit UK's first Bangladesh expo
  242. Afghan police clash with NATO troops
  243. Kidnapping Policemen Captured
  244. Interview with an EDL supporter
  245. Yes, the Afghans Hate Us
  246. Iraq bloc warns US of armed resistance
  247. 6 US-led troops killed in Afghanistan
  248. Worlds Biggest Gambling Nations
  249. Karzai Departure Could Change Game Plan
  250. Population Boom Bad for Afghans?