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  1. Is Insurance forbidden (HARAM) in Islam?
  2. Funny Story by Dr Zakir Naik
  3. Is Suicide Bombing Allowed In Islam
  4. Is Osama Bin Laden Doing Jihad?Zakir Naik.
  5. Is Smoking Haraam or Halal In Islam
  6. Issues on Music
  7. why does allah curse the jews in Quran
  8. why Allah created hell
  9. Why people die of hunger if ALLAH has the power to give.....
  10. why islam is spreading all around
  11. Dr Zakir Naik - Question Regarding Sufis
  12. AlMaghrib!
  13. best recitor in the world best of the best
  14. will non muslim go to heaven?
  15. ...before your death..
  16. which Islam sect to be followed
  17. Praying fast
  18. Random Thoughts
  19. The Virus in Pakhtun Society
  20. Slave..
  21. Dr.Zakir Naik on Sania Mirza
  22. Will the World Really End?
  23. Islam Tube: Share your favourites
  24. Does God exist ?
  25. Scientific Miracles Of The Quran
  26. The Pashtun's Concept of Jihad
  27. Intra-marital Rape
  28. Hell
  29. What do u think about tablighi movement?
  30. Shaping/Trimming Eyebrows
  31. amazing words from imam Al Ghazali (ra) MUST WATCH!!!
  32. Special grocery list ( must read & forward )
  33. What is YOUR standard?
  34. avoid marrying the wrong person (list)
  35. Islamic pickup lines
  36. ~ Flower and Pearl ~
  37. Is Hijab necessary?
  38. Islam as a religion or complete way of life
  39. The Creed of the Ahl al-Sunnah wa al-Jama'ah
  40. Surah Al-Ma'idah [The Table Spread With Food]
  41. Rise of Islam
  42. Ya ummie
  43. dust is my bed...
  44. History of Sufism in Afghanistan
  45. Censure of Kalam(philosophy): A Consensus of the Ages
  46. Questions on islam, sharia , islamic legal , political etc systems, culture , society
  47. Islamic reaction to radical Muslims
  48. Critique of teaching Islamic Studies
  49. Extremist ideologies and groups in Islam and Terrorism
  50. Pashto Translation of the Qur'an -
  51. qira'ah thread
  52. Recitation of Quran: Debate
  53. Who are the Salaf? What is Salafi manhaj(methodology)?
  54. Nouman Ali Khan: Audio translation of Qur'an in English
  55. Pashto Islamic Audio lectures of Sheikh Ameenullah from Peshawar
  56. How media makes Australian Muslim look bad
  57. A well known athiest embraces Islam
  58. Universal Islamic Declaratation of Human Rights
  59. Righteous Predecessor...
  60. Refutation of Atheists - The (Richard) Dawkins Delusion
  61. PASHTO Audio: Monotheism And Refuting The Polytheist Suspicions
  62. Pashto Audio: The Obligation Of Adhering To The Sunnah
  63. Causalty and Design - Cambridge Uni Debate
  64. Pashto Video Islamic Lecture: توحید د قرآن په رنا کی - مولوی عبدالصبو&
  65. Women's Rights in Islam - Pashto Islamic Lecture: د ښځو حقوق - مولانا عبدالصبور
  66. Linguistic Miracles of the Quran
  67. A Question for those knowledged in Islam
  68. This is what your Salafis Arabs are like in the UK
  69. What should be the punishment for zinna without taking islam into consideration?
  70. There are no saints In Islam! The explanation if Islamic concept of Waliullah
  71. Request to Qrratugai regarding the practice of homosexuality among Persian Sufis
  72. This Salafism in the UK
  73. Promo - Draw Muhammad Day: The Muslim Response
  74. The Western Women - Plague of the West
  75. Ozymandias vs Sangar
  76. Very Interesting Video about Dr Israr
  77. faqir muhammad darwish
  78. Collection of videos of sheik Omar Bakri/Punjabi Anjum Chunadry, emir of Salafism.
  79. the radian angel
  81. Defending the Prophet Against Orientalist Critique - Yasir Qadi
  82. Hadith Rejectors...
  83. Unable to stop sinning??
  84. Some more about the South Park Vs. Islam.
  85. A Beautiful Sermon of Jesus Christ PBUH
  86. Challenge to 'militant mullah'
  87. Allah Mentioned it 90 Times..
  88. Imran Hosein
  89. AlMaghrib Seminar Schedule
  90. Fiqh Of Love in Islam by Muhammad Al Shareef
  91. Afghan empire (Trailor) Ahmad Shah Baba
  92. Important lessons
  93. A women once said...
  94. Path to Paradise!!!
  95. What Types of Tawiz/Amulets are Permissible in Islam? And What types are Shirk/Haram?
  96. The secret behind matter!
  97. CHECK THIS OUT!!a freind of mine sent it to me...
  98. Difference between those wear Hijab and those who don't
  99. God does not exists!!!
  100. When the Moors Ruled in Europe
  101. دحضرت علي (رض ) دزرينوويناووڅخه
  102. ۲۲ پوښتني
  103. pakhto poems
  104. What do you guys think of the Ten Commandments?
  105. Daily Hadiths
  106. Studying Duas
  107. Tahweed
  108. Viagra and Condom in islam?
  109. awdas
  110. ghosal
  111. Tayamum
  112. Gossiping, Slander, Backbiting = eating the flesh of your brother
  113. What is the need of Religion?
  114. Two wishes
  115. Wat a shame.......
  116. Zam Zam Water
  117. Tafseer Surah Al Arafa 54-57 by SHeikh Gulbudin Hekmatyar
  118. Must watch, Last breathe
  119. Death!!
  120. Islam: Questions you might have...
  121. Muslim contributions to Medicine
  122. Muslim contributions to other fields
  123. Muslim contributions to Science
  124. Mulla Bijligar..spreading islam?
  125. Muslim Contribution to Mathematics
  126. The Great Sufis From Afghanistan
  127. Syed Qutb - John Locke of the Islamic World
  128. Nationalism Mother of All Evils نشنالیزم د مصیبتونو مور ده
  129. Document evidence of communication between Taliban and Pakistan Army
  130. da hamsaya huqooq (neighbors right)
  131. Islam ki sha akhlaqo arzash
  132. heroes of Islam
  133. Allegiance and Enmity in Islam
  134. The Giant Man (Biography of Mullah Omar)!
  135. The Ummah: On the Path to Revival
  136. Shariah is More than Just the Hudood
  137. Khilafah: Key to Scientific Advancement
  138. Achieving Certainty in Belief
  139. The Victory of Allah (swt) is Near
  140. Western Muslims or Muslims in the West?
  141. Rational Proof in the Existence of a Creator
  142. The fake Jews of Khazaria
  143. Dajjal - The False Mesiah lecture by Sheikh Imran Hosein
  144. 100 Fabricated Hadiths! Download E-Book
  145. Fruits of Secularism amongst the Pashtoons and disregard for the religion.
  146. Boys & Girls - A Love Story - Q&A - Abu Eesa Niamatullah
  147. Prophet Muhammad [s] in Hindu Scriptures
  148. Heart-Melting Pashto Nashid/Naat - Beautifuuuuul Voice!
  149. They Only Wish To Deceive Us
  150. zulqar nain
  151. Da yaw Musalman Koraney Zaan garteyawey
  152. Star and Crescent are Not Symbols of Islam
  153. Understanding the Quran
  154. Ex-UK Army Chief confirms Afghan war is to prevent the re-establishment of Khi
  155. دشرک اوپه اسلام کي دخرافاتودپيداکېدلوعو&
  156. Kufr (APOSTASY) and its various kinds
  157. What is Jihad?
  158. د خداى پاك حق
  159. د كبېره ګناهونو اووه ګروپونه
  160. اسلامي اقتصاد تعریف
  161. دكارخانو، كورونو او موټرو زكات
  162. دبانكې تبادلې تعريف
  163. د اسلام له نظره د بدن د غړو پيوند
  164. د ښکلا په موخه د جراحي عملیاتو حکم
  165. په رحم کې داولاد زيانمنول
  166. Beautiful verses from Quran..and hadith.
  167. Where do you draw the line?
  168. The United Nations Charter of Human Rights and Islam
  169. دمسلمانانو د دوهم خليفه لنډه پېژنده
  170. دمېرمنې حقوق
  171. نېكه مېرمن
  172. دښځې اوخاوند حقوق
  173. Some Duas
  174. Men and Women in Islam
  175. Why I became Muslim
  176. Why Islam is the best!!!
  177. What's your view on Hijab?
  178. What for did Allah create the earth, the skies and mankind?
  179. lets all follow Qrratugai religion
  180. Pashto Islamic Literature
  181. Questions for modernist Muslims and Opponents of Orthodoxy
  182. Wahhabism: Toxic Faith?
  183. Ablution (Wuzu) and Science
  184. Please make dua!
  185. Niqab Today - What's Next? + Interview with Al Jazeera
  186. ''Gulchin Natona'' (13 Tracks) - Faqeer Muhammad Darwesh
  187. What is Mutah?
  188. Witr prayer
  189. Army of Mehdi and Issa (A.S)
  190. And they say "Muslims are not attacked". NYC BUS AD
  191. Fake EX Muslim
  192. Before Islam came to the Land of Pashtuns
  193. Wahabis, the Nawasib and the Rawafid
  194. Beating wife
  195. Why won't Allah answer our prayers?
  196. Most Emotional Friday Khutbah speech
  197. Young Muslims by Sheikh Muhammad Hassan
  198. Islamic Revival to its fundamentals
  199. How a Muslim Woman Values Herself
  200. دمسلماناونصراني ترمينځ اختلافي عقيدې
  201. Death (The Destroyer of Pleasures
  202. ali haider''natuna''
  203. To my hijabi sisters
  204. Islamic Concept of Beauty in Women
  205. Ego Problems of Muslims
  206. The Creed of Pashtuns The Creed Of At-Tahawi
  207. Mullah Mijligar is a clown
  208. Islam Vs. Christianity - You decide
  209. awesome song
  210. Proud to be Muslimah
  211. What does Islam say about
  212. hipocrasy of Wahabis/Salafis
  213. Few Questions regarding the Religious Significance of Graves
  214. “The Wahhabi Invasion of America” by Mark Silverberg
  215. help!
  216. Stephen Schwartz on Wahhabism on National Review Online
  217. Questions Leading Shia Youth to the Truth
  218. All About Tawasul
  219. Gossiping . !
  220. Islamophobia
  221. R-Rated letter from my mom
  222. cosmetic surgery and piercings
  223. How often do you preform Salaah? And you have any problems preforming Salaah?
  224. Why to pray( in Pashto)
  225. Learn more about Salafi Dawa'a
  226. Islamophobia
  227. Jinn Possession
  228. Death penalty for leaving Islam discussion.
  229. Difference between Lahore and Dewsbury
  230. Ahad or Mutawatir Hadith? Which one is more acceptible?
  231. I am Muslim and French
  232. Corruption
  233. Do you waste?
  234. want goosebumps?
  235. Islam in America
  236. How do muslims preach islam in west?
  237. آيا پېريان ليدل كېږي؟
  238. د حضرت محمد (ص) دسيرت او ژوند غونډه (افغان ادب
  239. Free will or determinism?
  240. online Islamic courses!
  241. Sunnah: Tell a brother/ sister you love them!
  242. Islamic miracles are nothing but hoax and non-sense.
  243. Greater Inner War
  244. Afghanistan Suspends 2 Christian Aid Groups
  245. Preaching Christianity should be stopped in Afghanistan.
  246. Rehman Baba by junaid Jamshed
  247. Way of the Muslim: Love of Allah
  248. Some Words to Heal a Broken Heart
  249. Beautiful masjids
  250. Some members in Religion section do not believe in preventing vice