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  1. Pakhto Islamic Videos: Share here
  2. Sheikh Khalid Yasin
  3. What Mirza Ghulam Ahmad has said about Hadhrat Muhammad (saw)
  4. Asteroid could threaten Earth in 2182
  5. The Fiqh of Friday Prayer
  6. How do Qadiani (Ahmadi) Missionaries Operate?
  7. `Ubaidullah Jan Qandahari Religious Songs
  8. Ahmadiyya thread
  9. Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as)'s last moments
  10. په تکفير کې افراط (ډاکټر يوسف قرضاوي) (۲)
  11. د رحمتونو مياشت ته ښه راغلاست وايو -ژباړن: ز&#
  12. The duties of angels
  13. My mother’s rights over me, my rights over her, and the extent of my independence
  14. Hijab? No Hijab?
  15. Church plans Quran-burning event
  16. Discussion of Ahmadi between Akbar Khan and MeemWawMeemNoon
  17. Some Responsibilities of the Husband and Rights of the Wife in Islam
  18. Is it okay for brothers and sisters to chat online?
  19. Peace in Troubled Times - Sh. Hamza Yusuf
  20. Best azhan in the world
  21. Why did a Homosexual Philosopher Love Sufism?
  22. PASHTO: Jamiyat Ahlul Hadith by Sheikh Rohullah Tuheedi
  23. DO YOU respect mujahidin?????
  24. دنبوي احاديثوپه رڼاکي ددُعاءارزښت
  25. QUESTION: Halal Mortgages? Any experience?
  26. praying
  27. Memorize Qur'an with FREE SOFTWARE: Juz 30
  28. Islam, allegedly, is the Solution
  29. Old Spice Ingredients
  30. The Virtues of Jumu'ah
  31. Atlas of the Quran
  32. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Regarding Ramadan!
  33. burn Quran day
  34. temptations from the shaytan
  35. Discussion between Khan and Momin
  36. تر ډوډۍ د مخکې او وروسته دُعاءطريقه 07-08-2010 12:19 am
  37. درارسېدونکی رمضان دپاره فی الحاله څه باید
  38. Forgiveness—An Islamic Virtue
  39. Collapse of Sunni/Shia and rise of Quranist
  40. Why the Taliban do what they do
  42. Sermon: Honoring the Houses of God - Sh. Hamza Yusuf
  43. What to avoid list during the month of Ramadan
  44. Zakat/Charity/Hajj Expense should be given to Flood Victims
  45. Can Law derived from Quran unify the Pashtoon
  46. Ramadan Duas
  47. ~ Our Duty to Muslims Who Don't Fast this Ramadan
  48. Quran on War and Fighting and Jizya myth
  49. Afghanistan, crisis, racism, nationalism.
  50. Ramadan 2010 Daily Diary
  51. ~ Your Favorite Part of Ramadan?
  52. afghanistan embracing islam
  53. Questions
  54. Ramadan Session: billal philips
  55. Death
  56. PASHTO Islamic Questions & Answers
  57. Great news best only pashto and dari webpage
  58. Qadiani's Declare 1.5 Billion Muslims As Kafirs
  59. A Reminder: Anger and Fasting
  60. What is Qadianism? who was Mirza ghulam Ahmad (dajjal liar)?
  61. Ramadan with the Beloved of Allah
  62. The Shariah law myth
  63. *~Quran Tafsir~*
  64. In defence of Shaykh Ahmed Deedat (may Allaah have mercy on him)
  65. This is something so bothering me. Help please
  66. Do you have Ramadan Resolutions?
  67. Shirk!!
  68. The Man & Month of Mercy
  69. Great news !!! compelet Quran with Pashto Translation
  70. Recitation of Quran
  71. Ahmadis believe the suffering of Afghans to be curse of God
  72. Do not sit with the people of bid'a (deviation)
  73. 6 common mistakes during prayer
  74. Why are Tattoos Haram?
  75. Some Common Mistakes in Ramadhan
  76. Practical Lessons from Seerah for Modern Ag
  77. Na'am Qatil with translation
  78. Advice to all Muslim Sisters
  79. searching for a spouse ''murtaza khan''
  80. our beginning our end [khalid yasin]
  81. Common Mistakes in Namaz
  82. Urgent - Disastrous Flood in Pakistan
  83. The Wealth of Qur’anic Recitations on YouTube
  84. Is playing chess halal or haram?
  85. Abu Hanifah forbiding plastering graves and building over it
  86. Imam Abu Haneefa on Tawasul of dead people
  87. Zaytuna Ramadan Resources
  88. Over Socializing – Having too many acquaintances
  89. Blessings / Strength In Disguise.
  90. Qari Abul Ainain Shu'aisha Surah Al Ma'idah
  91. qari Hajjaj ramadan al-hindawi
  92. Weeping out of fear of Allâh
  93. Spousal Beating in Islam
  94. Nepal Masjid Miracle...Whats this?
  95. Is Ghani Khan poetry in accordance with Islam?
  96. Islam: The Arab Imperialism
  97. There is no Compulsion in Religion????
  98. Islamic Saudi Academy Teaches it's OK to Kill Converts from Islam
  99. Political Mullahs in Ghani Khan's Views
  100. Ramadan Travelogue - Sh. Abdal-Hakim Murad
  101. ~ From Islam To Atheism Back To Islam Again
  102. Female Imam?
  103. Arab Nationalist Wants Islam to take over the world
  104. Facts of Ramadan
  105. famous rapper loon revert....
  106. Prohibition of pride and arrogance
  107. All About Fasting
  108. ~ But I Don't Want Forgiveness!
  109. Islam Kids Videos
  110. Boonaa Mohammed
  111. Islamic books
  112. To Kill a Mocking Tongue
  113. Bathe Yourself with Money
  114. How a Pearl Develops
  115. Goodbye my Beloved
  116. What Can You Do in 10 min?
  117. Audio Tafsir of the Quran
  118. د امام اعظم صاحب ابوحنیفه لنډه ژوند پېژند 
  119. What is wrong with Silk
  120. Samples of Quranic Contradictions, Inconsistencies and Errors.
  121. can muslim marry a jewish
  122. Ruling on i’tikaaf and the evidence for it being prescribed in Islam
  123. Jewish Rabbi admits Islam is the oldest religion
  124. Is the Quran Violent and Imperialistic?
  125. Is this Hadith look Violent or Acceptible to you?
  126. Mike takes Shahada & converts to Islam
  127. But I Don’t Want Forgiveness
  128. Questions for the Qurani Bigmo
  129. Does God really exist, and some oter islamic videos
  130. A Mercy to Mankind
  131. Most bEauTifUl mosque around the world
  132. Anjum Chaundry(Salafi Punjabi) owned!
  133. Maulana Bijli Ghar
  134. Rules of Muslim clothing
  135. ~ Islam and Ego.
  136. Shia Islam for Dummies: Ask Those who Know
  137. Statistics about the Holy Quran
  138. solar/Lunar eclipse
  139. Rethinking Islamic Reform
  140. Sunnis' Views on Islam
  141. Former Crristian priests who have Embraced Islam
  142. Shi'ite animation video with voice of allah, angels, sahaba
  143. Shi'ite Tafseer of Surah Al Fatiha
  144. په انسان کې د لا اله الا الله پلوشې
  145. Wahhabism and its roots
  146. ~ "May Allah guide you! hahaha"
  147. Afghan taweezgar lol
  148. Disciplining the Soul - Ustadh Yahya Rhodus
  149. Surah Fatiha and "Sirat E Mustaqim"
  150. hadhrat Uthman Ghani [ra]
  151. Islam the Religion of truth
  152. prophets story
  153. Kitab aw tahweed
  154. learn about tahweed!!!
  155. Men wearing Kohl (ranje/eyeliner)
  156. Signs. Last Days
  157. Human lungs show the khalimal shahada
  158. Khalid Yasin - Islam VS Terrorism
  159. Pashto Naat Rasha Makva, It Is In Pushtu By Junaid Jamshed
  160. Must Watch And Hear !
  161. Famous American Muslims - Dont be Shocked !
  162. Famous American Muslims
  163. Famous people who converted to islam ..
  164. Wouldn't It Be Great , If Micheal Jackson Was Muslim
  165. Dr Zakir Naik Subtitles in the National language of Afghanistan (Pashto)
  166. All are crying after a British man converts to Islam
  167. د ژبې ساتنه 30-08-2010
  168. A Vision to Reach Muslims in Nuristan, Afghanistan
  169. My Conversion to Islam
  170. How Muslim ladies are treated in USA
  171. alien interference in the internal affairs of an Islamic State
  172. The Correlation Between IQ and Atheism?
  173. Last ten days of Ramadhan
  174. Religion Versus Cult
  175. Proving the existence of allah (swt)to an atheist
  176. Plzz watch last ten days of ramadan
  177. Evolution and Pashtun nationalism...
  178. Allah Names
  179. Ghurabaa
  180. A Sufi's Kalam....!
  181. Biography of Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan
  182. آيا ميداني؟
  183. Sheikh Murabit-al-hajj
  184. women work what islam saying ?
  185. Shackles of the Mind
  186. i don't really know what to say..
  187. Developing a girl’s self-confidence
  188. The Sahih Sunnah is Wahy (Revelation) from Allah
  189. Thugs in the masjid
  190. Austrian - Fury at Anti-Mosque game
  191. Sayings of Mohammad (PBUH)
  192. د اسلامي تاريخ ځلانده څيري (شيخ احمد ديدات) -
  193. More minority killing in a muslim state.
  194. A Story of an Afghan mujahid refreshes memories of Hanzala (RA) In Pashto
  195. Living the Law with Love now Live!
  196. Man dies in sujood May Allah(swt) Grant him Jannah.
  197. Website Islam-QA.Com is blocked by Saudi King
  198. Christian man converts to Islam LIVE because of Zakir Naik challenge
  199. Ramadan TV
  200. .a little temple of my own.
  201. *Laylatul Qadr*
  202. سرسايه ( د فطرصدقه )
  203. Laylatul-Qadr
  204. 21 misconceptions about zakaat...
  205. Excuses for not wearing hijab....
  206. What is the life of this world?
  207. pashto translation of salah prayer
  208. Eid Prayer
  209. Church 'praying' about plan to burn Quran, pastor says after warning
  210. Arrogance and God conciousness
  211. The Goodly Life: A Video
  212. A call on all the Apostate and Disbelieving brothers and sisters!
  213. Message of Felicitation of the Esteemed Amir-ul-Momineen, on the Eve of Eid-ul-Fitr
  214. The God Debate: Hitchens vs. D'Souza
  215. Debate between Sedique Afghan and a "Sufi intellectual"
  216. If God exists...
  217. Last Of Ramadan ; That Was Quick
  218. Shah Rukh Khan On ISLAM And RAMADAN
  219. The Harmful Effects of watching TV? Dr Zakir Naik
  220. The Mujahideen True To Allah
  221. Top 10 Ridiculous Fatwas!!!
  222. Default 10 Steps to Increasing our Iman(Faith)
  223. Indoctrination
  224. Cultural Pluralism
  225. د اسلامي تاريخ ځلانده څيرې استاد دکتور وه
  226. The difference between Wahabi creed and Sunni creed(Islam)
  227. Ibn Taymiyyah and his erroneous sayings
  228. Sidi `Abd al-Salam Hasani in Syria
  229. Ebook: The Life, Teachings and Influence of Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahhaab
  230. Ash'ariyyah, deviant sect of innovators
  231. A Concise Sunni Glossary
  232. Turks, Moors, & Moriscos in Early America
  233. Aristotelians Anonymous: Ash;ari Burn-out Clinic
  234. Fasting Six Days of Shawwal
  235. Unconfirmed Report that Maulana Bijli Ghar Usthaaz has passed away
  236. Muslim Guy saves Jews on a Ny train
  237. The real threat
  238. Empire special - Islam and America
  239. Is Islam Really the Greatest Threat to the World Today?
  240. The State Religion of Pakistan
  241. Sulayman ibn `Abd al-Wahhab (brother of Muhammad ibn `Abd al-Wahhab)
  242. The Grave Worshippers Who Seek Intercession Are Equivalent to the Idol Worshippers
  243. Who's Your Fave Naat Artist ?
  244. a muslim woman's attitude towards polygamy
  245. Are the Tālibān from Ahl as-Sunnah?
  246. Change Yourself Not Islam - Imam Anwar al Awlaki
  247. CIA At War - Imam Anwar Al Awlaki laki
  248. Anwar Al Awlaki They Loved Him More Than Anything
  249. Take Your Creed from The Book (Qur'aan) and The Authenticated Sunnah
  250. Celebrating Birthdays in Islam