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  1. Analysis: Pashtun Diaspora: Irresponsible and Insensitive
  2. Demise of Pushton Nation
  3. I think the USA is the best country on earth.
  4. A message from Waziristan to the World
  5. Pakhtuns in Pakistani Power Politics
  6. Pakhtun Intelligentsia - What ,Why and How
  7. Pakistan debate
  8. The Political Role of Military in Pakistan
  9. The New Afghan Set-up
  10. This is how horrible Pakistans Army is
  11. The Voice for Pashtun Rights
  12. No to Pakistan or Afghanistan we need our own country Pakhtonistan
  13. Brave Pashtun In The Army
  14. News from Shumali Pukhtunkhwa
  15. The Baloch Insurgency
  16. Who's The Problem?
  17. Da soch drae videos
  18. Those killed in Orakzai were militants NOT tablighis
  19. Troops achieve major success in Orakzai Agency
  20. Misconceptions about Afghanistan
  21. The case for Pakhtunkhwa
  22. Province of kunar should be renamed
  23. Swat Qumi Jirga daclared that Pakistani state has destroyed our Paradise of Swat.
  24. Talibans or Pakistan army is responsible for destruction of swat?
  25. Former ISI officer Col (rtd) IMAM, journalist missing from Kohat
  26. USA, ISI and terrorists allaince against Pukhtoons
  27. Punjab will never give control to federating units: Mengal
  28. Pakistan must apologize to Bangaldesh!
  29. Why is our status so bad as Pashtuns?
  30. په قبائيلي سيمو کښې د امن په نوم لوبه
  31. Britain invites Afghans to vote in Brtish polls.
  32. Read this malicious Pakistan's Dawn editorial!
  33. Pakistan is trying to re-install its proxy Taliban in Afghanistan
  34. Access to Baloch websites in Pakistan
  35. Jihad of pashtun tribesmen in kashmir, a work for ISI?
  36. How does Afghan mean Pashtun nowadays?
  37. Many civilians slain by Pakistani jets
  38. Da lar au bar pakhtano/afghanaano la yaw siayasii ddalae soch
  39. Protests over NWFP/Pakhtoonkhwa name change
  40. Please read
  41. Karzai repeatedly offered Benazir security
  42. د پښتون /افغان د وطن لويه مسئله
  43. Pakistan Paranoid about Pakhtun ethnic identity
  44. At least another 41 killed in explosions in Kohat
  45. I have a question
  46. Why does Pakistan name all its weapons after Afghans?
  47. ..And they were Taliban
  48. Pakistan, History, Politics & Policies: Removing some common misconceptions
  49. Is it only the Job of Pashtuns to defend Afghanistan?
  50. Taliban Regime
  51. NFWP to Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa: a remedy for Pashtun rebellion
  52. Pashtun nation rises against militancy
  53. Please Don't tag us Fundamentalist (حتما یې وګوری)
  54. Questions and challenges to the statements of OSHO
  55. Iran and Pakistan from an Afghan prospective
  56. Afghanistan: Why Karzai Is Pushing Back Against the U.S.
  57. Afghan National Army discussion
  58. Is Pakistan an internationally recognised terrorist state
  59. Us soldier exposes american policies proving 911 fake. Lies lies lies
  60. Pak may slip over N-Weapons to Taliban for use against India
  61. Islam and nationalism
  62. What is the main reasons why Pashtuns from Pakistan dislike the Army,Govt and etc.
  63. Ex ISI heads!
  64. What is the typical political affiliation of Pashtuns?
  65. Questions..
  66. How can we help our community?
  67. Why I hate Taliban
  68. Ahmed Rashid on Punjab, Taliban rising...
  69. PAKISTANI ISI col Imam Taliban friend
  70. Afghan Taliban distance themselves from ‘Asian Tigers’
  71. Why do most Pashtuns miss and reminsce over Dr.Najibullah?
  72. Taliban!!
  73. 1984-1994: CIA Funds Militant Textbooks for Afghanistan
  74. Graphic video Gardez Night raid massacre
  75. Is Pakistan an Islamic country?
  76. Is Afghanistan an islamic country?
  77. Few suggestions in the light of my recent critique of status quo
  78. The Absence of Rule of Law in Afghanistan & Pakistan
  79. Globalists Created Wahhabi Terrorism
  80. Mixed Discussion: Jinnah, Drinking and Creation of Pakistan
  81. What do you guys think of Iran?
  82. Non-Violence and Islam: Malik Shabazz ( Malcolm X)
  83. Discussion on adding new states to the U.S.A
  84. What After Strategic Depth? (Old article, but very interesting)
  85. Critique of Free Will in Western Liberal Democracy
  86. Who would Afghanis support in any India Pakistan war ??
  87. Iqbāl and Pakistan's Moment of Truth
  88. Pakistani FreeMason Honored for his Community work
  89. The Ethinicity and race of British Armed Forces in the Subcontinent
  90. Pakistani Army - Who do they serve? And for what purpose?
  91. US burning bodies
  92. Pashtuns delcare Jihad against Youtube-Porn
  93. Pakistan/Afghanistan Dosti (Split)
  94. DOCUMENTARY: Afghanistan on the Dollar Trail - exposure of corruption in rebuilding
  95. Opression of Pashtuns and negligence of Pashto language in Afghanistan
  96. Americans are so Stupid/American Society
  97. د مسعود په اړه دافغانستان د تاريخ حکم
  98. lil something about the real terrorists
  99. A few guidelines for the political forum
  100. PASHTUNS against Taliban and Extremism Join Forces To Bring Progress and Stability
  101. Treatment of Migrant Workers by So-Called Muslim states
  102. Terrorism In Pakistan And Afghanistan..Causes and solutions
  103. Usa needs more public diplomacy
  104. Pro Pakistan VS Anti Pakistan
  105. Marxism And Leninism VS Islam
  106. The truth about Col Imam
  107. Intellectually Mutlilated Women
  108. American abuse in Afghanistan,Bagram prison (Video inside)
  109. Hamid Karzai - A man facing immense Challenges
  110. The Question of Pakistan's Survival
  111. What does Afghanistan have to do to improve its status?
  112. Pashto POLITICAL Poetry!
  113. Bill Maher on Love Fest between Karzai & Obama
  114. Torture and treatment of Pashtun Muslims by Pakistan Army and Pakistan state
  115. Mulana Toyeb ښاغلی مولانا طیب د پنچ پیر
  116. Tawakkul-ala-Allah: The Key to Victory
  117. Pakistan: America’s Undeclared War
  118. The Right to Legislate is Only for Allah (swt)
  119. Electing a Representative: An Islamic Perspective
  120. Afghanistan: Situation on the Ground
  121. Why do the Elite Always Oppose the Truth?
  122. dh soly mashroty jargh th phgham
  123. For Those of You Who Hate Pakistan
  124. Pakistan's dancing girls return after Taliban defeated in Swat Valley
  125. makcrstel afghan jang hechk na se ghtaly
  126. dh nato par askaro 40 hmly khzy
  127. NATO In Afghanistan: World War In One Country
  128. Facts about Pakistan Army
  129. Musharraf Berates Muslim World
  130. Taliban are in Punjab now
  131. This Is What Happens to the Enemies of Pakistan
  132. The Durand Line
  133. Pashtuns in Pakistan's Military
  134. Pakistans Alcoholic Murree Brewery
  135. arrest warrant for US army officer over police killing
  136. The lethal combination of extremist islam and pashtunwali
  137. West /Developed World Its Democracy As A Model For Pashtuns
  138. Pakistan discussion
  139. Beautiful Poetry about our Pakistan(political)
  140. Pakistan Army crimes in Muslim country Bengladesh
  141. Are Taliban Anti Pakistan?(a old article but very interesting)
  142. We are Pashtun, We are Afghan, lets unify
  143. What does Afghanistan have to give up or achieve
  144. Economic Hitmen
  145. Afghan war is war on Islam: UK PM advisor
  146. سم الله الرحمن الرحیم ـ افغانستان نن د امر
  147. What is your views on ANP(Awami National Party)
  148. MQM - The chronic killers of Pakhtun
  150. what is nationlism?
  151. Nawaz Sharif met Osama bin Laden 5 times full story
  152. “The purpose of the Afghan war” is to stop the “return of the Caliphate” – UK General
  153. د خان عبدالغفار خان د زمانې ځينو مهمو سياس
  154. The true face pakistan
  155. Fifteen Ways ISI Twists the Afghanistan Story
  156. General Hamid Gul’s old pictures in Afghanistan
  157. Afghanistan: The Genesis of the Final Crusade by Abid Ullah Jan
  158. A few questions I had (AKbar Khan)
  159. د ډيـــــورنــډ تــوافــق ليک
  160. Questions and concerns regarding Afghan Demographics!
  161. Questions and concerns regarding Pakistani Demographics of Afghan Race.
  162. Questions about Afghanistan and Pashtun affairs
  163. هغه تاریخی غلطي چې ۱۰۹ کاله وروسته اصلاح ش
  164. رد ډيورنډ د موافقه ليك حقوقي ارزونه(ډاکټ ر
  165. Kandahar Cultural Capital (split from Karachi Violence thread)
  166. Why you should not fight the pashtuns..
  167. Why is Zardari the target?
  168. دتاريخی افغانستان ظالمانه اشغال دڅه له پا
  169. Grand Jirga meets today: efforts on for release of Col Imam, British journalist
  170. The Hypocricy of Muslims in Pakistan
  171. ته او خدای ؛ډاکټر عبدالله به له کرزي ښه نه و &
  172. Al Qaeda threatens India with 'humiliation' if Pakistan is attacked
  173. Peshawar fears influx of Taliban militants
  174. Dynamics of a N Waziristan operation
  175. Pukhto Mushaira About ANP and Asfandyar Wali Khan
  176. The Zionist Matrix of Power in America
  177. Haji Namdar with his Pakistani ISI and Army supporters
  178. ISI and the Pakistan Taliban
  179. د افغانانو ټولوژنې ودروئ
  180. Greater afghanistan ,our unity and strenght
  181. Pashtun Unity
  182. Proof Of Blackwater In Pakistan
  183. If you were president of.....
  184. Talk with the "Taliban-Maker", Former Pakistani ISI Chief Hamid Gul
  185. Real situation in Swat - Afzal Khan Lala (ANP) - May 4, 2009
  186. Punjabi Taliban
  187. Hakimullah Mehsud’s last three audio, video messages were uploaded hardly a kilometre
  188. Running out of options in Afghanistan
  189. Why is there so much corruption in Afghanistan?
  190. Faisal Shahzad - Ethnicity??
  191. What is the difference between Pakistan & Israel?
  192. What is the difference between Pakistan & India?
  193. Split Discussion
  194. What is politics?
  195. What is the difference between Afghans/Pashtuns & Palestenians?
  196. Creattion of a Pashtun only state is the wrong thing to do!
  197. د سولی ځنګلي جرګه ! (داکټر نثاراحمدصمد لیکن
  198. Some of the restrictions imposed by Taliban on women in Afghanistan
  199. ISI linked to Taliban: Musharraf
  200. Report on Corruption in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  201. Response to Timbaktu's post
  202. Why I hate Pak army?
  203. Why do Pashtun always blame others for their misery?
  204. US Plans $100 Million Special Ops HQ in Afghanistan
  205. د سولې ملي مشورتي جرګه د افغانستان
  206. How the U.S. Should Really Be Viewing Afghanistan
  207. Pakistan: "The Taliban's Godfather
  208. Iran torturing Afghans
  209. Does Taliban represent Pashtuns? Discuss
  210. Afghan Police brutality towards its own People (Video)
  211. Worse Than Vietnam?
  212. Karzai dimisses his interior minister and director of intelligence
  213. They talk of human rights?
  214. Child Prostitution & Satanic Sex Abuse & the CIA
  215. CIA and drug dealing
  216. Jehadi Public Schools
  217. Costs & Benefits of Afghan War for Pakistan
  218. Pakistan: Strange Democracy at Work
  219. Bombing And killing of Afghans and shouting and chanting of the crusaders
  220. Spreading Christianity in Afghanistan (Video)
  221. Zalmai Khalilzad's son is called Alexander Benard
  222. Karzai forces out top 2 Security Officials
  223. Afghan Soldier dreams for Afghanistan half a decade back!!!
  224. Ahmad Wali Karzai: From waiter to “King of Kandahar”
  225. Human rights violations, precendents and circumventions
  226. US vs China - A Proxy War in Pakistan?
  227. Taliban hanged seven year old boy.
  228. Petition: Say no to deporting vulnberable afghan refugee children from the uk
  229. Debate: Is this cultural pluralism and diversity or hypocricy?
  230. Clarification of the "Death" of a 7 year old.
  231. Taliban peace talks and women rights
  232. Gran mesher mehmud khan achakzai speech in afghan aman jirga
  233. "As if Hell fell on me" - Amnesty International report on Pashtunkhwa
  234. Maiwandi Jandai
  235. Captured Taliban Interview
  236. member opinion regarding the taliban
  237. Hizb ut Tahrir Pakistan
  238. What a wonderful world
  239. Pakistan's ISI intelligence agency 'supports' Taliban
  240. AIPAC: The Voice of America
  241. Why are we Pashtuns stuck in someone else's war?
  242. Solution to Pakhtuns woes in Balochistan
  243. Truth about the problems of Tribals in FATA
  244. About plans to implement 'democratic Islam'
  245. Do you read Noam Chomsky?
  246. My questions to Jana,
  247. Afghan Minerals Discovery a Distraction by Pentagon
  248. New report accuses Pakistans ISI of backing Afghan insurgents
  249. Protesting
  250. People in Favor of Karzai & Crusaders are complicits