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  1. Imran Khan declares legal war against US drone attacks in Pakistan
  2. Afghan Elite Borrowed Freely From Kabul Bank
  3. Does Pakistan Really Want a Stable Afghanistan?
  4. The gloves are off
  5. U.S. to provide 85 drones for Pakistan
  6. everyone is afraid of china
  7. Mr KAYANI'S demands FROM KARZAI
  8. Govt complicit in drone attacks: Imran Khan
  9. NATO supplies halted ahead of mass protest
  10. Raw Video: Pakistanis Protest U.S. Drone Attacks
  11. Legality/legitimacy of drones
  12. 300 Taliban fighters, attack Pakistani Frontier corps post. 19 killed
  13. Why don't the Taliban talk with other Afghans?
  14. What accounts for "US loosing" in Afghanistan.
  15. afghan MPs face to face with karzai,great footage
  16. Karzai and Pakistan unite against US but the honeymoon will be short-lived
  17. Af-Pak: a peace to end all peace
  18. Pakistani democracy in action
  19. Talib Khan fails to attract KPK Pukhtuns
  20. Toramana and the Secularized Imperialist Collaborators and avoiding posts/threads
  21. WHy is Pakistan supporting war against Afghans?
  22. Taleban are just illiterate religious beggars----according to Imran Khan
  23. Imran Khan campaigning for Jamima's brother
  24. The hidden 9/11 commission hearings
  25. Haley Barbour's Afghanistan Gamble
  26. US has won the Afghan war?
  27. ANP so called pashtun nationalist v Sindi nationalists
  28. LMAO! Afghanistan's great escape: how 480 Taliban prisoners broke out of jail
  29. كندهار والي توريالى ويسا ! په شرمونو دي وشر
  30. US presnce is barrier to Reconciliation and Peace
  31. Parallels With Past: How Soviets Lost In Afghanistan, How US Is Losing – Analysis
  32. Sikh talking about Pakistan
  33. Pakistan denies reports of efforts to split US, Afghanistan
  34. Karzai been told to dump USA.
  35. The establishment’s twelfth man —Dr Mohammad Taqi
  36. China New Power: China-Pakistan-Afghanistan-building economic ties
  37. Afghanistan: Prison governor arrested after mass escape
  38. Unity among North Waziristan militant groups crumbles
  39. Karzai considers military draft in Afghanistan
  40. Did you support Pakistan's illegal act of aggression in their Swat operation?
  41. VOA(voice of america)radio office opened in Kabul?WTF
  42. Afghans opposed to foriegn occupation
  43. Jalalabad bank killing
  44. Pakistan-Afghanistan-U.S. again
  45. Muslim brotherhood vs al-Qaeda
  46. I Would Get Out of Afghanistan Tomorrow
  47. Afghan-Pakistan Relations Need to IMPROVE
  48. Petraeus if confirmed CIA Chief will fight 3rd war in Pakistan
  49. Vote for your favorite Afghan
  50. Sabir Nazar --- cartoons
  51. Defense Dept. Changes Made With Eye to Ending Wars
  52. Chairman of joint NATO-Afghan trannsition board visits Pakistan
  53. Move to C.I.A. Puts Petraeus in Conflict With Pakistan
  54. PBS Frontline making up lies about Afghanistan
  55. TV Debate 7-Saur Communists and Mujahideen
  56. MQM Target Killer Shahnawaz ( Shah Rukh ) Interrogation Video
  57. د « ژړ خطر» پوتنشیال او د« سپین خطر» واقعیت( لوم
  58. "Durrand line ne manoo" - Lar aw bar demostration in Britain.
  59. Dr Ramazan Bashardost with people
  60. Pashtuns want an image change?
  61. Pakistan's Persian Gulf Balancing Act
  62. Osama Bin Laden dead (Confirmed)?
  63. Pakistan safeguarding interests in Afghanistan 'through people having guns': Expert
  64. Tupac, Elvis, and Big Foot found in Pakistan
  65. Tupac, Elvis, Big Foot and Osama Bin Laden found in Pakistan
  66. Skateistan - exactly what the afghan kids needed, thank you!
  67. The compound where Osama lived
  68. Bin Laden dead, now what next for us?
  69. Muslim Community Leaders Welcome News of Osama bin Laden's Death
  70. questions regarding Osama answered
  71. ANP Shahi Syed Addressing In Jalsa of Hyderabad Sindh Pakistan
  72. Bin Laden was killed years ago'
  73. Imran Khan: Pakistan has lost its dignity and self-esteem
  74. Bin Laden, America and the Imperial Grind: Patsies sacrificed so the master can live
  75. TTP say they mean business, I say they are jokers
  76. ریولت اف د پلیبس :اوباما د بې پیلوټه تروریز
  77. دکرزی وروربایدډیرې پیسې دوباره تحویل کړی
  78. A couple interesting quotes from the news
  79. Osama's safe-house in Abbotabad
  80. Pakistan admits intelligence failure
  81. Prediction...Pakistan going to hand over Zawahiri, Omar, Haqqani?
  82. Abbotttabad citizens outraged Usama was hiding in their city.
  83. What are the Islamist gullibles now to say?
  84. Security transition to Afghan security forces
  85. US changes account of al-Qaida leader's death
  86. Canadian elections
  87. John Stewart raises questions LOL
  88. Pakistan Would Have Jeopardized bin Laden Raid
  89. NATO should now leave afghanistan: Pakistani media
  90. Bin Laden's will says his children must not join al-Qaida
  91. Afghan tribes deny US partnership
  92. Unwanted brides.
  93. Bin Laden Hosts at Compound Were Two Pakistanis
  94. مرګ د درواغو په خاطر
  95. Response to Taliban's new statement
  96. Lugar Demands Endgame in Afghanistan
  97. U.S. Afghan strategic pact on the spin?
  98. British PM raises odds of early troop pullout
  99. Terror suspect went to meet bin Laden: Indonesia
  100. Pathan traitors from 12th Frontier Force Regiment
  101. Pathan traitors from 12th Frontier Force Regiment
  102. WikiLeaks docs: Nuclear reprisals if bin Laden killed
  103. France To Mull Faster Exit From Afghanistan
  104. Taliban attack US base near Kabul
  105. Who is more dangerous for Pashtuns: Tajiks or Panjabis
  106. foreign troops "fishing" in Afghanistan?
  107. Pakistani Agent Mullah Nazir:insight to Pro Pakistans Taliban Wana
  108. "Good" Pakistani Afghan Taliban
  109. Paki phatans who talk BS about Afghans on PF(an afghan forum)
  110. Geronimo
  111. My Bipartisan Bill To Require an Afghanistan Withdrawal Timetable
  112. afghans elders want to bury osama in afg !!
  113. Dr. Scheuer talks- Analyze what he says.
  114. How Punjabi-Mohajir cheated component nations
  115. How Pakistan (Punjab) twisted the original question about Osama
  116. White House looks to talks with Taliban
  117. Russia warns US, Romania over base
  118. Ron Paul's Call For Afghanistan Withdrawal Draws Cheers At Fox News GOP Debate (VIDEO
  119. Many top Al Qaeda, Haqqani leaders on bin laden's pc w/ maps
  120. Poll: Egyptians More Anti-American After Mubarak's Fall
  121. Thoughts on the Islamic protests in the Middle East
  122. Pakistan pays U.S. lobbyists to deny it helped bin Laden
  123. Al Qaeda Confirms Osama Bin Laden's Death
  124. Pakistan: We told US About Osama Home
  125. 40 People With Suspected Al Qaeda Links Arrested Near Bin Laden Compound in Pakistan
  126. Rally against reconciliation/compromise with Taliban
  127. Hammed gul with CIA(Important Picture)
  128. US drone strike kills 17 in Pakistan
  129. Five Killed in Pakistan
  130. Tunisia rejects foreign intervention: Round 2
  131. Bin Laden’s death demoralises TTP
  132. Khattak Looks At A Post-Bin Laden Pakistani Taliban for "Foreign Policy"
  133. Michael Scheuer --- views on the post-Osama atmosphere
  134. Osama bin Laden courier
  135. Amir al Ghaznavi, discussing politics on Canadian tv....Part 2
  136. Conflict of interest for Sirajuddin and Hakimullah
  137. The OBL saga and a facts-sheet
  138. Pakistan’s bin Laden Scapegoat
  139. ISI was aware of Osama's safe house
  140. The hornet is dead, near the nest —Dr Mohammad Taqi
  141. Afghan tribes deny US partnership
  142. Phatans on the orders of poonjas dishonouring Pukhtane in Swat
  143. The Hypocrisy
  144. MDresden
  145. After Osama, China fears the next target
  146. Pentagon releases videos of Osama bin Laden
  147. Behind-the-scene ultimatum to Pakistan---give us Zawahiri or get ready for raids
  148. Bringing you more accurate news than Toramana
  149. CIA house: media circus TO DISTRACT world continues
  150. د کندهاردوالي وروستۍ خبرپاڼه که په دولتدا
  151. Murtad Obama's Afghan Gulag
  152. Opinions on Ahmedinejad
  153. Monarchy after Capitalism
  154. Confused ...Video Footage of Bin in "Luxury"???
  155. Toraman: Osama threads
  156. Imran demands resignation of Zardari, Gilani
  157. No prospect of global “economic recovery”
  158. Taliban launch wave of attacks in Afghanistan's Kandahar
  159. Afghan Children Handcuffed and Killed By U.S. Soldiers
  160. Pakistan's very unhappy new year
  161. MASSACRE Footage Of US Army Killing People
  162. Kill Team Photos, New Abu Ghraib?
  163. Pakistan country profile
  164. Pakistan: A failed state or a clever gambler?
  165. Police step in at Bin Laden protest outside US embassy
  166. Pakistan's army ridiculed after Bin Laden raid
  167. Pakistanis left numb
  168. Afghans rejoice over Bin Laden’s death
  169. Bin Laden hid behind his Several Wifes
  170. Post-Osama Pakistani domestic scenario and India-Pakistan interaction
  171. Former BBC Reporter Alan Hart Reveals 'Mossad' Involved in 9/11
  172. دا كسان ونیسۍ او اعدام یې کړﺉ
  173. Ramazan Bashardost- Afghan Unity
  174. US NATO Bombing On Afghan Civilians Kills 90
  175. US soldiers humiliating thirsty Iraqi kids 2
  176. Insurgents' fight halted on 2nd day in Kandahar =]
  177. Nangarhar elders back peace parleys
  178. Arshad Khan was infact Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti, not a Pashtun from Charsadda
  179. امرالله او عبدالله د پاکستان غوړه مالان ا 
  180. Osama bin Laden mission agreed in secret 10 years ago by US and Pakistan
  181. Afghans Paid Heavy Price in War on Terror, Yet Are Ignored by Media Now
  182. pakistan handing over osama's wives.
  183. Russia Funding Resurgent Taliban
  184. China Aiding Taliban?
  185. The US Has Lost in Afghanistan -- We Have to Come to Grips with What That Means
  186. Operation to kill Bin Laden a hoax
  187. Old Interview with Mullah Dadullah
  188. Officials: Insurgents hit Afghan police in north
  189. Afghan special ops units a key to US exit
  190. Wary of US action, ISI hunts for Mullah Omar
  191. Washington Contemplates Next Move After Bin Laden's Death
  192. US troops kill afghan children
  193. Pakistan to decide whether we can take joint action: Munter
  194. India stages war games near Pakistan
  195. U.S. pushes Osama onto Afghan chessboard
  196. What is happening on this video
  197. Video: US, Pak agreed on Osama mission in secret deal 10 yrs ago
  198. The Abbottabad Betrayel
  199. Kabul not to allow use of its soil against neighbours: FM
  200. Kill/Capture
  201. Hanif Rehman Khyber 12 May 09.mpg
  202. Taliban resistance a 'hornet's nest'
  203. Why the Taliban Won't Miss bin Laden
  204. 12 year old paki taught to be suicide bomber
  205. Afghanistan: Advances made, but country stands at perilous crossroads
  206. 'If it gets worse then we will have to leave'
  207. 7 of 15 top members of the Taliban's leadership council have been arrested
  208. Karzai's Brother Regrets Backing Karzai in Presidential Campaign
  209. Cultural clashes drive Afghan recruits to turn on their Nato mentors
  210. Indian PM to visit Afghanistan
  211. Wishful Thinking in Afghanistan
  212. To Pashutnkhwa Pashtuns
  213. Bring troops home from Afghanistan NOW demands Cameron in row with defence chiefs
  214. US-led forces kill Afghan girl
  215. US-led forces kill 12-year old Afghan girl
  216. Poll finds Afghans Against Troops Presence
  217. Cameron orders start of British troop pullout from Afghanistan
  218. Haqqani(Afghan Taliban) with Qazi Hussain(ISI JUI)
  219. 21 Economic Models explained with Cows -
  220. "They (foreign troops) hurled a hand grenade at my daughter after she ran out of room
  221. The poisonous ways of snakes and ...
  222. Bin Laden conspiracy theories: why the falsehoods flourish in the Muslim world
  223. poisonous ways of snakes and scorpions-50 killed in KPK
  224. Extra! Extra! Mullah Omar arrested in Pakistan
  225. Karzai cries
  226. Gitmo Files:ISI met with Mullah Omar
  227. Pakistan:Our own destroyers
  228. Guantánamo Bay files: Al-Qaida assassin 'worked for MI6'
  229. Afghan policeman kills two NATO soldiers
  230. Rep. Peter King on bin Laden photos: ‘He is definitely dead’
  231. ISI creation of British Major General Cawthorne
  232. O.C. congress members help lead call for Afghan withdrawal
  233. They spoke Pashto...The SEALs that targetted Bin Laden
  234. ISI killed 85 pashtuns in charsada to once make fool of the world
  235. The Afghan Minister of Education says those who burn schools are not Taliban militant
  236. Bin Laden's Diary
  237. US raid kills another Afghan child
  238. Afghans protest killing of teenage boy by U.S. forces
  239. ScimitarXEdge and Arab nationalism and the Arab supramacist ideolog and collaborators
  240. Britain will not defeat Taliban and should open talks, says head of Army
  241. Americans don't torture!?
  242. Minister Farrakhan Talks About The War In Afghanistan
  243. Taliban rise from Afghan Chaos
  244. Abdul Aziz's militia now fighting taliban
  245. By Philip Sherwell in New York and Rob Crilly in Islamabad
  246. As Rift Deepens, Kerry Has a Warning for Pakistan
  247. Political Compass
  248. Bin Laden in Pakistan, potent but past his prime
  249. د امريکايي سناتور جان کيري سفر افغانستان 
  250. Pakistan would work better in pieces