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  1. Most of those killed in drone attacks were terrorists: military
  2. Revolution in Malawi!
  3. Why do Arab men Fear Women Rights?
  4. Wazirs ask Mehsud families to leave their area
  5. why afghan children play as suicide bombers
  6. Karzai's Cousin Killed by Coalition Forces
  7. Hamid Karzai's brother, Mahmoud Karzai, under US grand jury investigation
  8. یار محمد خان کرزی کرزیانو په امریکایانو و 
  9. Most of those killed in drone attacks were terrorists---Punjab's Army
  10. Taliban caught with Iranian rocket shipment
  11. Jinnah Pakistan vision--to tap US treasury to build Pakistan
  12. The Messiah and The Promised Land---Jinnah and Pakistan
  13. An army without a country
  14. Iqbal's Pakistan dream
  15. An agenda for Pashtuns in Pakistan
  16. Pashtuns and democracy
  17. Kundoz Police Chief killed
  18. Taliban militants cut off the ears of four Afghans
  19. Public execution of a woman by Taleban---very graphic
  20. Taleban lashing a woman
  21. Taleban cut off the nose of a girl...
  22. How Iran helped Afghanistan and Iraq invaded
  23. Why Should Taliban and axOther Insurgents Refrain from Negotiation With the US & NATO
  24. په کویټ کې دافغانستان د سفیر خیانت
  25. Arabs Have Nothing to Offer Others
  26. Finally!!!
  27. Asfandyar Wali Khan-Jan.26,2011-Part-1
  28. Obama, Secular democracy, and Racism
  29. Mian Iftikhar Hussain's Speech
  30. په رښتیا هم شرقی اوغربی استعمار یو شان دی
  31. داود اعظمي : د ځوان نړيوال مشر جايزه وګټله
  32. Taleban ISI proxies kill 33 elders of Adezai
  33. Siraj Haqqani sheltering in Kurram
  34. Haqqanis on the payroll of ISI since 1970s
  35. Pashtuns slaughtered by the proxy force...
  36. Prominent people killed or kidnapped by Taleban
  37. Your very own political party
  38. Sherpao mosque blast by Talebans
  39. دکندهاروالي او ښاروال دي نه لولي (دجاپان س
  40. Afghans vs tyranical empires/intruders
  41. Zema Loya Gunah Da Da Che Pukhtun Yem
  42. UN News about Afghanistan
  43. Afghan civilian death rises to 31 percent due to insurgents...UN report
  44. Targeted civilian killings spiral in Afghan war - U.N.
  45. An Afghan Orphan Looks For His Roots
  46. Balochi people claiming to be descendants of Kurds.
  47. Why Should Taliban and Other Insurgents Refrain from Negotiation With the US & NATO?
  48. Agents of the British Empire in Pukhtunkhwa
  49. Development in Marjah
  50. Beghairat pakistani ISI, army and govt released the murderer of two innocents
  51. 9/11 redux: made in Muridke ... Dr Mohammad Taqi
  52. In a state of denial about Punjabi Taleban
  53. Top Algerian Salafist's fatwa says unrest un-Islamic
  54. Saudi in big trouble! hahaha!
  55. Movies parallel with Afghanistan and its situation
  56. Taliban cut off ears of construction workers- Video
  57. A True Pakhtun Hero; Mir Aimal Kasi (Kansi)
  58. Drone attack
  59. Afghanistan: the threat of civil war
  60. Iraqi women dancing for american soldiers
  61. The Saudi-isation of Pakistan
  62. Saudi Arabia:62 percent of marriages ending in divorce.
  63. historical speech by bacha khan khodi di wabakhi
  64. Superbowl cancelled this year
  65. People signing the "Iam a moron" petition
  66. Libya and Interventionalism
  67. Pakistan Army having good time with Wazir Tribe
  68. Afghan troops ready to take full security of Herat Taliban put hands down
  69. farah and nimroz,afghanistan
  70. Pakhtun Hero Imran Khan Blasts US Policies
  71. ISI-CIA’s dirty deal? —Farhat Taj
  72. The Raymond Davis affair Lal Khan
  73. Raymond Davis and Aimal Kansi
  74. Afghanistan's oppressed Hazaras dread Taliban return
  75. Nowruz message from Mr. Obama
  76. Taliban in Aurakzai
  77. Rebranding the Taliban
  78. انډيپنډنټ: امريکا لا هم د تورن جنګسالار مل
  79. مخدوم رهین څه وائې - افغانستان تجزیه شو؟؟؟
  80. What the hell!!
  81. Pakistan
  82. الجزیره :په افغانستان کی دامریکی په زړه پو
  83. رهین مخدومه ! خراسان (خر او اسان)یاني څه؟
  84. The Coverup of American soldiers killing Afghans for sport has started
  85. why do afghans hate pakistani's so much?
  86. Why did they start attacking Hammir mir(this is the reason)
  87. امریکا په ملګرو ملتو کی د نړۍ پر ضد - درېیمه ب
  88. The Afghan New Year & The Fate of Three Afghan Orphans
  89. CENTCOM Civilian Equivalency Statement
  90. A important Question to ask yourself
  91. Muslim violence a fact, not prejudice
  92. Arab Racism by a Arab writer
  93. Why Taliban run to Pakistan?
  94. U.S central command welcomes Afghan decision of security take over
  95. U.S central command shuns Afghan independence
  96. The Bacha Bazi thread
  97. Joe Biden Demands Impeachment
  98. Pakistan: The state in Peril
  99. دروسې ولسمشر دافغانستان لپاره خپل ځانگړی
  100. U.S Central command condemns burning of the holy Koran
  101. us central command celebrates koran roasting in private
  102. Why I dislike pashtuns
  103. Middle East under construction
  104. Talebans destroy two more schools in Khuber Agency
  105. Two titans of PF [Azmal, and BarakzaiAbdali]
  106. د یو طالب قیمت پنځوس ملیونه ډالره ؟
  107. Ron Paul vs Mitt Romney CPAC 2011 Speech
  108. how to kill goyim and influence people(Max Blumenthal)
  109. Arab bedouine village demolished by israel(Max blumenthal)
  110. Max Blumenthal REPORTS.
  111. US "Jihad" against Libya: Good Analysis
  112. ANP cadres in Karachi
  113. What do Taajiks say? Check it out!
  114. 40.000 american military and their families evacuted from Japan
  115. {- loy afghanistan - great afghanistan -}
  116. Ridiculing of pashtuns in pakistani media
  117. Peter Russel on Arabs
  118. Reforms in FATA demanded
  119. Show me the Money or At Least the Evidence
  120. مارګولیس .کام : د قذافی لعنت واشنګټن بوخت کړ
  121. بكتيكا كي مرك زوبله
  122. Malalai Joya in massachusetts.
  123. Again I am not a big fan of her but he shares alot of my views
  124. Qatar recognises Libyan rebels after oil deal
  125. Da PAYSO Baran Charta awo pa Cha..
  126. CENTCOM discusses civilian killings
  127. Is the West History?
  128. Mahatma Gandhi 'racist and bisexual' claims new book
  129. Pakistan's secret dirty war
  130. Israel behind Yemen, Bahrain shunning by U.S.
  131. Barakzai's Recommendations
  132. Pak Taliban forms 'vigilance cell' to hunt US informers
  133. The question of an independent Khorasan state —Musa Khan Jalalzai
  134. Malalai Joya:Pakistan government support Taliban and also Iran’s fascist regime
  135. salahuddin/kharabatulddin
  136. The anti-pashtun marwats khans
  137. Would you support this?
  138. Poll:Most Pakistanis Love Taliban
  139. Protest in Mazar and attack on UN offices
  140. CENTTCOM: USA declares victory
  141. The Bali-Indonesia Bomb Carnage Master Mind Umar Patk Arrested In Pakistan
  142. Losses in Pakistani Haven Strain Afghan Taliban
  143. More misery in Kurram
  144. Taliban leader have denied burning of Schools
  145. Opportunism ---Muslim Brotherhood Style
  146. Protest video from herat
  147. Kuki khel VS Mangal Bagh Afridi
  148. talk about pro pakistan biasness (khuber news)
  149. Quran protests
  150. ANP’s membership campaign from April 15
  151. Was Masood fighting for the Soviets?
  152. CENTCOM official statement on David Petreus Leaving Afghanistan
  153. How Punjab Used Religion to Destroy Pashtuns
  154. American guy explaining why people were angry ater Quran burning
  155. Mazar killing as a warning from Norther Alliance???
  156. With ‘friends’ like Karzai, U.S. doomed
  157. ghilzais and durranis
  158. the worst thing u ever can see !! +20 !! ''shia in bahrain did this to sunni ... ''
  159. Farrakhan Exposes America's Wicked Motives! Why Libya?
  160. "America Losing Afghanistan War" : 3 part Al-Emirah Documentary Series
  161. Ethnic Bias in Pakistan History - Comments by Agha Amin
  162. Security Issues in Pakistan
  163. Iran
  164. The question of independent Pashtunistan —Musa Khan Jalalzai
  165. Imran Khan to protest against drone strikes
  166. Gradual Re-Talibanization.
  167. Anti-US sentiment is 'rife' in Afghanistan and Pakistan
  168. Protest for Afghan Civilians In San Diego Ca
  169. Pakistani non sense LOL
  170. pakistan wants drone technology in return for pashtun genocides by ISI and CIA
  171. Afghan Youth Rising
  172. Frost Over the World - Debating the face veil(al jazeera)
  173. Afghan Taliban Release Video In Favor of Protestors
  174. Involvement of India in Afghanistan Pakistan
  175. @#$%^&* karzai performance@#$%^&&*
  176. Great Game is over?
  177. 50,000 Pakhtuns may flee TTP attack
  178. Peace gets a new chance..
  179. Do We Have Democracy in Afghanistan?
  180. dr najeeb speech on shah nawaz tanai
  181. The awakening within Afghanistan
  182. Pakistan tells US It must sharply cut CIA activities
  183. How the U.S. kills civilians in Afghanistan
  184. Afghan Imams Rise Up Against West
  185. Multi-mediadesign Projects
  186. Karachi Pashtun Mother Tears On Killing Of His Young Son Killed By MQM
  187. Fighting In Western Pakistan Forces Migration
  188. War in Afghanistan destabilising Pakistan, says Zardari
  189. "we have spent enormous amount of money and sustained major losses" General Petreaus
  190. Quick Overview of Pretend American wars including Afg.
  191. More misery in Kurram
  192. Pakistan-based LeT expanding
  193. Six killed in first drone strike after spy chief meeting
  194. Why should I become a Secular Pashtun Nationalist?
  195. Unveiling French hypocrisy
  196. The situation in arab countries
  197. "Rape kya hay" says daring boy on living on the edge
  198. All Foreigners in Afghanistan are criminals
  199. Abdollah Abdollah should leave Afghanistan
  200. US presence is the barrier to peace and security in Afghanistan
  201. Pakistan: 2500 killed by terrorists, 600-700 by Army, 900 through drones; HRCP
  202. A shift in global powers
  203. The US has turned from a hunter to a hunted quarry
  204. Pashtun Culture is Key to Afghan Insurgency
  205. Parents selling kids/ Kidnappers in Afghanistan
  206. Pakistan army to build road link to Afghanistan
  207. Afghan vs Pakistani (kung fu)
  208. Cost of Afghan War
  209. Rashay Ka Taodagay....Wos ba sa kegey?
  210. Pakistan militants killed 2,500 in 2010, report says
  211. Taliban Kill Police Chief, as Turkey Offers to Host Group
  212. Mercenaries for the Middle East - Dr Mohammad Taqi
  213. U.S. senator: 'I'm not confident' on Afghanistan
  214. Obama: US troop withdrawal in summer from Afghanistan will be significant
  215. This brought tears...
  216. A Motley Consensus on the Afghanistan Line Item
  217. How Pakistan Army Treats Pashtuns GRAPHIC
  218. Islamophobic Journals
  219. Strategic talks between Afg and Pak?!
  220. Kuchiano Candidate for Afghan parlement
  221. Yee pakistan ko kya ho raha hain?
  222. How Not To Win Wars
  223. Questions over Greg Mortenson's stories.
  224. Huffington Post Outs Taj ANDERSEN
  225. Afghanistan Demographic Map
  226. Marvelous interview of Mullah Zaeef.
  227. Farhat Taj versus ISI mouthpieces and Akhwani fanatics
  228. Pakistan's PM, DG ISI and COAS visit to Afghanistan
  229. IDPs to join move to block Nato supplies
  230. Is ISI using Pakistani civilians to block US supplies?
  231. ANP leader says Sairaki area is a province.
  232. Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa parliament calls for an end to drone strikes
  233. Imran Khan in Taliban peace spotlight
  234. Jamat-i-Islami and Ikhwan Al Muslimeen
  235. Are Pan-Islamists covert Pan-Arabists?
  236. Target killing of Pashtuns in Karachi
  237. how do they get brainwashed?
  238. Three Afghans held for disrespecting Qur’an
  239. 'US military crimes hidden from public'
  240. Pakistan, US at odds over Afghan solution
  241. Drone attack
  242. :Pakistan military strives to secure central Afghan role
  243. Does Pakistan Really Want a Stable Afghanistan?
  244. Choking off Pakistan-U.S. relations?
  245. Pakistan charts its own course with Afghanistan
  246. Suadi claric say,Suicide bombers are devils?
  247. Making books about Afghans? Illegal/Exploitation?
  248. Pakistan & Afghanistan Summit 24-25 May
  249. The Alphabet Jungle
  250. (NA)- ANA, US/CIA proxies??