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  1. Ahmed Zia Massoud, Afghan Vice-President Carried 52M USD in Cash to dubai
  2. Mujaid Izatullah kills 6 US-NATO invaders, wounds 7 in Nangarhar
  3. طالبانو د نومبر په میاشتی کشی بیګناه ملکی 
  4. Civilian Casualties Caused By IEDs in the month of November
  5. wikileaks - Pakistan
  6. Mi6
  7. Iranian nuclear expert assassinated in Tehran
  8. Final Afghan parliamentary election results announced
  9. 17 US invaders killed while on raid operation against civilians
  10. THE ISLAMIC TALIBAN MOVEMENT And The Dangers of Regional Assimilation
  11. US Soldier killed Afghan civillians for sport
  12. US 'kept Pakistani army Swat murders secret'
  13. Wikileaks: US Sees Kurds As Seasoned Political Masters Likely To Expand Influence
  14. Minority group emerges as a force in new Afghan parliament
  15. The Awami National Party’s chief Asfandyar Wali Khan was offered the post of presiden
  16. Leaked NATO cables provide chilling picture of Pakistan's precarious position
  17. Remarks of the Spokesman of ...Regarding the Usage of Poisonous Chemical Weapons i...
  18. FB group of Pathan
  19. Foreign contractors hired Afghan 'dancing boys', WikiLeaks cable reveals
  20. Hameed gul ordered Taliban to burn Kabul.
  21. Psy -Op WikiLeaks
  22. The Negotiation Ploy Boomerangs on the Enemy
  23. Response to Question on Bankruptcy of the US and Army from Khurasan
  24. The other conflict in Afghanistan
  25. Karzai says WikiLeaks help ties with Pakistan
  26. Zalmay Khalilzad, Zbigniew Brezenski etc. on Afghanistan
  27. MI6 (and Luffy and others)
  28. Afghans are confused
  29. Taliban Spokesman in America Giving Lecture
  30. Imran Khan insults Pashtuns and Hameed Gul calls Pashtuns a specie
  31. Request to Tor_Khan, Amir Al-Ghaznavi, Roshina, Admin Khan, Wrayun, and other PFers
  32. Balkanization of Pakistan
  34. Survey: Majority of Southern Afghans want seccession
  35. Kandahar Mayors dangerous life watch the video in the link
  36. Interesting suggestion by Mula Omar
  37. New/old Video of Idahoan Taliban captive
  38. Mung Yu Da Aman Safeeran Pa Adezi Yadaigo
  39. More loyal to the king than the king himself
  40. Any comments about this picture?
  41. Pakistan loses credibility in Pakhtunkhwa in Taliban battle
  42. Pakistani media publish fake WikiLeaks cables attacking India
  43. Wikileaks: Collateral Murder
  44. Poor Aisha or a patsy in US political ploys and propaganda machine
  45. Former Afghan spy chief slams Taliban talks
  46. Paki-leaks limited aabpara
  47. دتیرو دوه نیمو لسیزو راهسي د هندوستان په ا
  48. US 7.6 bln dollar TAPI project finally comes to life
  49. ويکيليکس - د ډنمارک د پوليټيکن ورځپاڼي څخه 
  50. د جنګ سره واده !
  51. The relationship between Pakistan’s ISI and afghan insurgents
  52. New Ideas for Lasting Peace and Stability in Afghanistan
  53. Lindsay Graham's Bases
  54. pls tell me who are Talibans
  55. people said taliban were against music and such... mabey they are changing...
  56. Like Nazism, Islamofascism too must be confronted, says Canadian Muslim group
  57. NATO Decision to Withdraw in 2014 would not deter the Afghans from Waging Jihad
  58. The Shameful Consequence of the phony Negotiation.
  59. Pentagon’s frustration and Obama’s Expectations during the Night Stopover.
  60. Barakzai: Where you stand
  61. Aseer Jaan, let's implement your secular democracy in Afghanistan.
  62. Remarks of the Spokesman of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan about the Sudden Death
  63. Reading lists on early Arab history
  64. امریکا دجګړې غځولوته لمن وهي
  65. Interview With Deputy Official For Jihadist Affairs In Badakhshan Province, Al-Maulav
  66. A Headache and a Heart Ache
  67. Afghanistan Causes Holbrook’s aorta Tear-up
  68. The lowly status of Pashtuns during Taleban era
  69. Dajjal ka Qanoon Kia Hai? - Urdu Documentary
  70. Nato to be defeated in Afgh: Eric Margolis
  71. Playing little-boy games
  72. Pashtun Candidates Protest in Herat
  73. Are the majority of upper class KP Pashtuns compromising their culture and language?
  74. 11 Reasons Why The Threat From Al-Qaeda is Not Real
  75. A few realities about the demise of Imperialist America…!!
  76. Response of the Islamic Emirate to Obama’s Review of the Strategy
  77. ANP stance on suicid-killing ... Afrasiab Khattak
  78. India not to leave Afghanistan: WikiLeaks
  79. Abu Dhabi: 11 Million$ of Diamonds, Jewels on Tree
  80. A new article by Scheuer in regard to Sweden.
  81. Your Views: The Future of the Pashtun Race
  82. waziristan,the land of brave pashtuns,destroyed by isi and cia
  83. Taliban Spokesman in University of Southern California
  84. Afghans for Peace
  85. Fff : باید ومنو چی پر افغانستان حمله غلطه وه
  86. لیکوال : جېکب هارن برګر منبع : فیوچر آف فریډم
  87. Taliban capture Police Station and Jail in Sangin
  88. Al Aqsa weeping for another Ayubi…
  89. Ethnoscapes, National Territorialisation, and the Afghan War
  90. Imaginary Durrand line
  91. A poem by late Bayrang Kohdamani
  92. The graveyard of empires?
  93. unconquerable Afghanistan
  94. طالبان وايي څرخکه مو ویشتئې
  95. In the game Medal of Honor they speak pashto
  96. Hand over ‘terrorists’, Ahmadinejad asks Pakistan
  97. What are your thoughts about this video?
  98. د هرات ولایت په چاودنی کشی ۱۴ تنه د یو کورني &
  99. proof that pakistan and pashtuns dont go together
  100. The war you dont see
  101. US court summons ISI chief in Mumbai terror case
  102. Terrorists must be crushed in Pakistan: Iran
  103. Al-Qaeda militants burn mosques, holy books
  104. FATA rejects Al-Qaueda
  105. US planning ground attacks in Pakistan: NYT
  106. On Pak-China Friendship and CIA-ISI feud: The Pamir Knot and beyond
  107. Why do Afghani Pashtuns hate Pakistan?
  108. Manzarahs infromation sources
  109. Mumbai victims suits against Pakistani ISI chief
  110. nasheed explaining pakistan and jinah
  111. pakistan treatment of pashtuns
  112. pakistan is a muslim country?
  113. a video made by concerned pakistani
  114. Obama’s Annual Review of the Afghanistan Strategy Inflated and Wishful
  115. Response of the Islamic Emirate in Reaction to the UNO Recent Report on Civilian Casu
  116. BB case: ISI, MI officials to be grilled
  117. 'Iranian arms smuggler' captured by Nato in Afghanistan
  118. Future Afghanistan/Pakistan map.
  119. دلته هم ورک يم، هلته هم ورک يم!
  120. Big prize: Haqqani Network leader caught
  121. Iran frees Qaeda men to fight on Pak-Afghan border
  122. pakistani hating indians.......
  123. Baloch nation rejects Pak-China deals
  124. Osama bin Laden is dead
  125. The TRUTH about Taliban/Islamic Emirate of Afghansitan
  126. Will Pakistan be fragmented? This Is How Democracy Is Destroying Pakistan
  127. Report: Afghan- Pak War And The Battle For Oil
  128. Taleban claim responsibility for suicide bombing
  129. Taliban documentary
  130. Statement of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Regarding the Condemnation of the 31s
  131. *GRAPHIC* Massacre of Pashtun children by Pak Army
  132. Pashton the real native of Afghanistan.
  133. No to Durrand line
  134. The Unholy Durrand line
  135. US secret night operations in Pakistan
  136. India in Afghanistan
  137. Russia provides route to NATO
  138. New Pak-Afghan border needs to be constructed at Attock.
  139. Zia Ul Haq
  140. Past mistakes and future prospects for Pashtuns
  141. دطالبانو او داشغال د مافیا تر منځ
  142. اوسنۍ دموکراسی نه مور لري او نه هم پلار ځکه &#
  143. TNC condemns terror attack in Bajaur Agency
  144. Is it Haram to divide Pakistan?
  145. Da Emipiroono Qabristan, De Khwa Ta Rasha Kana!
  146. Myth of "One Afghanistan"
  147. pakistan is the same as isral says pashtun from azad pukhtunkhwa
  148. Pakistanis bad-mouthing Afghans on their forums
  149. Shahi Sayed great speech
  150. Mahmud khan Achakzai another patriotic afghan
  151. ANP AFGHANS Khudayee KHidmatgaran
  152. Pashtuns need to get free or die trying
  153. how does pakistan treat the rest of poor muslims
  154. Punjab's hegemony in Pakistan
  155. Take the war to Pakistan
  156. Nationalism
  157. October 7 is Continuation of December 27
  158. northern alliance commanders still continue to rape
  159. An Election Gone Wrong Fuels Tension in Kabul
  160. Iran considering launching attacks on terrorists inside Pakistan!
  161. The First 24 Hours Of The Islamic Caliphate
  162. 2010 The Year in Islamphobia
  163. Pakistani minister
  164. The Twin Myths of Eurabia
  165. Happy new year?
  166. return of the warlords/displacement of Afghans
  167. What if you saw this in Europe?
  168. German parliamentary on Afghan war
  169. british helping Afghans,please watch.
  170. Obama jokes about predator drones
  171. VIEW: Institution for the Emergence of leadership in Afghans
  172. How are your personal feelings towards Massud?
  173. From Vietnam to Waziristan
  174. immortal technique
  175. Morality and Atheism
  176. You know how Nato always says the Taliban never wear uniforms
  177. Afghanistan debates Indian soap operas
  178. Afghans displaced due to war
  179. Zaid hamid
  180. Secularists who Hide behind Modernizations. Extremists who Hide Behind religion
  181. 14 Innocent Civlian killed in Helmand province
  182. Pakistan hopes to democratise FATA
  183. Bruce Riedel, a former CIA officer, explores future scenarios for Afghanistan and Pak
  184. Pakistanis ridiculing pakhtuns
  185. Ethnic discrimination infests Afghan army; Dawn news
  186. Afghanistan should be renamed
  187. Drones strike fear - and hope
  188. Pakistans justification
  189. Choosing Suppression Over Justice: Acknowledging political Islam
  190. Afghanistan need Atom bomb !!!
  191. Anti-American Rally - Ghazni
  192. Afghans protest against foreign troops for killing school children in kunar province
  193. people in kabul protest against the invasion of afghanistan
  194. When the Dead are Living and the Living are Dead
  195. Response of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in Reaction to Senator Lindsay Graham
  196. Afghans students protest in kabul about the killing of 150 people in farah province
  197. anti Quran burning protest all over Afghanistan
  198. afghans in Ghazni protest against the night time raid on a mosque
  199. Australian soldiers build a mosque for Afghans
  200. Afghan civilians in Laghman killed by bombings
  201. Afghanistan's alienated Pashtuns
  202. Pashtuns strength in Afghan parliament diminished
  203. ATTENTION MIKEEUSA; Society, Religion and Women
  204. US Aid Went To Mujahideen Before Soviet Invasion
  205. Taliban do not represent Pashtuns
  206. Remarks of the Spokesman of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Regarding the Rumors o
  207. 2011 Will be the Year of Victory for the Afghan Mujahid People
  208. The Wests consistant support for radical Islam
  209. Thoughts on Hizb ut Tahrir???
  210. "Hippocrates" that they are
  211. Hezbollah: Egypt church bombing was done by US and Israel
  212. French support rather low for Afghan involvement
  213. Links of original photos of killing Americans and Westerners in Afghanistan
  214. مصیبت بهرنۍ تګلاره ده !
  215. latest pashto mushaira from Afghanistan
  216. Pakistan's Road to Disintegration
  217. What is in afghanistan benefit?
  218. Dr. Hassan Kakar
  219. Who Killed Hayatullah(Pashtun journalist from Waziristan)
  220. رسنۍ او ټولنه
  221. a critical analysis of the kite runner
  222. Gen Babar Mordaar Sho
  223. Talking to the Taliban
  224. Helmand Jirga between Taliban and Governer of Helamand
  225. Bin Ladens son on the AQ-Taliban relationship
  226. A serious question
  227. Pakistan's broken mirror
  228. ایران ته سلام!
  229. Chechnian village bombed/shelled by russian army
  230. Pashtuns in refugee camps
  231. Kandahar citizen looking for a job
  232. Invasion of Afghanistan - yes or no
  233. A Roadmap for Pashtunistan
  234. alot of original video clips of killing U.S soldiers N front of ur eyes-AFGHANISTAN
  235. سپنتا د متعصب رهين په څېره کې
  236. Biggest piece of sh1t in recent history
  237. U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan: Vietnam Redux
  238. Massacre at red mosque
  239. Tom Cruise vs pro israel demonstration
  240. Women Armed! Afghan Police women
  241. Pakistan 'takes over' Taliban base in Bajaur
  242. Morchal Magazine’s interview with Jihadi leader of Nimroz province
  243. Pashtuns of Balochistan form anti-militant force
  244. EXCLUSIVE Video footage of Pak Army with Americans in Mohmand Agency
  245. Why Pakistan needs India
  246. Pakistan wary of India's aid to Afghanistan
  247. nazi punjabi army killing pashtun=afghan civilains
  248. most pakistanis do,nt understand the national anthem
  249. ایران د افغانستان په اړه د ګورګین خوبونه و
  250. a battle for power in karachi,pashtun genocides continue