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  1. Afghan Electoral Body Worried at 'Fake Ballots' Reports
  2. د ولسي جرګې د ټاکنو په اړه د اسلامي حزب اعلا&#
  3. Mullah Omar is in Pakistan and everyone knows it
  4. Efforts to Recruit Pashtuns in Afghan South Falter
  5. Pashtun Elders In Pakistan Want NATO, U.S. Troops In Tribal Regions By Ron Synovitz
  6. Pentagon Changes Rules to Cut
  7. "No-Go" Tribal Areas Became Basis for Afghan Insurgency
  8. Pakistan: "Taliban’s primary sponsor"
  9. Arab fidayeen behind 9/11 attacks: Hekmatyar
  10. Dr Imran Farooq ex Convenor MQM assasinated
  11. Ethnic Nationalism and Centralized State
  12. Revolution in Pakistan
  13. The Hidden Massacre
  14. The Leader of the believers : Mullah Muhammad Umar ( hafidahullah)
  15. Men Who Made History Mullah Muhammad Rabbani
  16. Could you explain this?
  17. In Afghan election, corruption colors aims of many female candidates
  18. Confession of kidnapped ISI chiefs by the Taliban
  19. Congratulations to the brave Afghan nation.
  20. American Neo-Con thinktank RAND proposes Sufism and Secularism
  21. West Must..
  22. Atta is intimidating Pashtuns in the North.
  23. Pakistan is Source of Terrorism in My Country.Karzai
  24. د طالیبانو په سر د ای ایس ای سوداګانی.
  25. Why Pakistan Army can never win this warWhy Pakistan Army can never win this war
  26. The Parliamentary Elections: What are the short term and long term benefits?
  27. Report: 739 operations take place on the fraudulent Election Day
  28. Statement of Islamic Emirate concerning the American led Elections that took place
  29. Parliamentary Vote Displayed 'Positive Signs For Afghanistan's Democracy'
  30. Blackwater/Xe conducting attacks within Pakistani soil and blaming Pakistan Taliban
  31. غربي كلتور ته څوك ستر خطر دى ؟
  32. په افغانستان كې دمسيحيت جګړه !
  33. Malalai Joya
  34. دیموکراسي د خرو په شا "!!
  35. VIEW: Is misery Afghanistan’s destiny? — Lal Khan
  36. Is Afghanistan headed in the right direction with the elections ?
  37. India says it has direct interest in Afghanistan to fight terrorism
  38. Da pukhtu mor mra da ?
  39. د ټاکنو اصلي ګټونکي کانديدان نه، بلکه افغ
  40. د سپتمبر ۱۱مه او په جګړه د ښکېلې امريکا بدر
  41. Elite Afghan force to hunt militants in Pakistan
  42. Whom the Afghan People Sided With? With the Islamic Emirate or …?
  43. Ahmad Shah Masood, a fabricated Hero
  44. Militants thrive on Pakistan's military failures
  45. Whom the Afghan People Sided With? With the Islamic Emirate or …?
  46. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government Demands Bigger Share Of U.S. Aid
  47. We Want Loy Afghanistan Or Khurasaan
  48. any 1 say bad about taliban and belive US and ISAF come on
  49. د نوميالي شاعر- عبدالباري جهاني د«ملي جرګې» &#
  50. د بهرنیو چارو وزارت او د کراچۍ کونسلیټ
  51. Women Rights in the U.S. (The Statistics)
  52. Video: Massacre by Pakistani Army in Swat
  53. Target killing of Baloch political leaders, intellectuals and activists
  54. How to get rid of Punjab's Slavery?
  55. Karachi: Crucible for American Regional Hegemony Unravelling?
  56. Has The Situation Of Afghans Changed For The Better After "American Liberation"?
  57. Report of Amn Tehrik (Peace Movement) Steering Committee meeting on 19-9-2010.
  58. Karachi ANP worker gunned down
  59. Inside The Pashtun Terrorist Taliban
  60. Allah is the Legislator
  61. Genocide by Pakistan Army and Government - Bangladesh
  62. Genoside by...... Army and Government - PUKHTUNISTAN
  63. Mullah Omar - in his own words
  64. Why is this guy saying all this? Khyaal, BLS and comrades..?!
  65. Afghan National Army Pashto | ملي اردو وپيژني
  66. الولاءوالبراء په اسلام كي دوستي او دښمني ž
  67. Your President Can Kill You
  68. Pentagon Destroys Copies of Controversial Memoir Written by Army Officer
  69. Justice Denied - - Voices From Guantanamo
  70. د کندهار انتخابات او د اغا ماما پاچهي
  71. For Muslims Holy Kaaba But For Wahabis An Advertisment Board (AlAyazuBilAllah)
  72. Martyrdom of Dr Najibullah
  73. دمیزان دشپږمي په ویاړ (clarifications about the Taliban movement)!
  74. High-level Taliban contact with Afghan govt
  75. Clarifying The Misconception about the Taliban Movement (english translation)!
  76. Why
  77. James Fergusson on the Taliban
  78. د امریکا د حکومت دننه ناندرۍ – د کرزی طلایي چ&
  79. Decline Of the Pashtuns in Afghanistan
  80. Punjab's Hegemony A Reality
  81. War crimes by Pak Army
  82. Shocking Video of Woman Being Stoned To Death by Taliban
  83. Pakistan: National Security State
  84. Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad full speech in English
  85. The Benefits of Parliamentary Election in Afghanistan
  86. Cancer is in Pakistan
  87. د پاکستان ګواښمن سقوط
  88. Taliban reject Karzai's peace council as "failed"
  89. Pakistan army accused of killings
  90. Making most of Afghanistan's water
  91. answer to mayana
  92. Twin cities of Afghanistan
  93. Afghan Election 2010
  94. Why terrorists are often engineers
  95. Pakhtunkhwa: A heroic history of struggle for freedom and liberty
  96. How long should we be in Afghanistan? Australia
  97. KP wants FATA, PATA merger into settled areas
  98. Pashtun Unity
  99. ټول عالم اسلام ته يو دروند پېغور!
  100. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa legislature passes ombudsman bill
  101. Dr Farooq Killed probably by Salafi extremists
  102. کرزی صاحب دژړاپر ځاي وطن ته پام واړوه !
  103. Killing each Taliban soldier costs $50 Million
  104. The gender-blind miratha
  105. The unusual mix meet up
  106. why Muslims are so evil and hypocrites?
  107. Saudi prince killed servant, London court told
  108. Another way they profited from our miseries
  109. Breaking news
  110. The Video the US Military doesn't want you to see!
  111. Parsiwaan
  112. Pakistan allows Afghan trucks up to Wagah border-India
  113. کیشت او مات !
  114. Afghan Mellat " The Agenda " [Video]
  115. The myth that Pashtuns dominate the ISI
  116. The migration and the mistreatment ....are we rational enough
  117. The Unpeaceful Karzai-Taliban 'Peace Talks'
  118. Blame game or aversion of what happened in the past, what is more important for us
  119. ، دافغان ملت ګوند چوپتيا اود ګوند مشرانو د 
  120. Pakistan thwarting Taliban talks:WSJ
  121. Taliban vs Pashtuns
  122. 9 years on...bloodbath continues in afghanistan
  123. Obama announces that he is Muslim!
  124. Kala aw Waley
  125. USA Must Quit Afghanistan Now
  126. Osama bin Laden! Guilty or Innocent?
  127. Who Invented Osama bin Laden to Slaughter the Arabs and Muslims?
  128. LOL. Dawn's report about Afghan Peace Council
  129. 9/11 Coincidences..False Flag
  130. US U-2 Spy Plane flying over Moscow hit by USSR in 1960 at the height of the Cld War
  131. Qusetions from bls_1919v2 wror
  132. Electronic Media and Pakhtun National Interest
  133. No peace in Afghanistan sans Pakistan
  134. Afghan War, Afghan Holocaust & Afghan Genocide 9th Anniversary - 4.9 million dead, 3.
  135. The un-ethical survey
  136. هند او پاکستان، د افغانستان د سیاسي سکې دو
  137. Pakistan will target militants in N.Waziristan
  138. Misplaced Opinion?
  139. Paktia Peace Jirga
  140. Desification/Pakistanization of Pashtuns?
  141. VIDEO: Election Fraud in Afghanistan Exposed
  142. Pukhtun Students Federations
  143. Anp?
  144. Irans Role in Afghanistan
  145. Afghan Innovation
  146. Haqqani’s two sons mediating in Kurram
  147. Pakistan left out of Afghan-Taliban talks, official says
  148. Is Pakistan in denial about tackling problems?
  149. The influence of Naturalist Teachings on world Nations! (Sayed Jamaludeen Al-Afghani)
  150. Pukhtun cha spak kru
  151. Iran Said to Give Top Karzai Aide Cash by Bagful
  152. Western Media Getting Afghanistan Wrong
  153. Afghan Army chief at National defence academy -India
  154. The sorry state of Secular Liberal Pukhtoon Nationalists
  155. da dey sa mtlab ?
  156. A trip back down the memory lane...
  157. The Failure of Pakistan's Political System
  158. Iran pays Afghan president’s chief of staff: report
  159. Pakistan ka iran
  160. Pakistan ignores Pashtuns
  161. Khyber punjabay
  162. BOOK: Emerging World Order - The Islamic Khilafah State
  163. What the....
  164. The Karzai Declaration: Blackwater is behind the terrorism
  165. Afghan poem for Pakistanis
  166. The political divide
  167. Pakistani culture
  168. كرزي ته ديوې امريکايي مور ليک
  169. Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki "The New Mardin Declaration"
  170. Guys this one making my crawl around my room!
  171. د افغان جګړې تر شا
  172. Foreign aid and corruption in Afghanistan
  173. What is wrong with the ANP? —Farhat Taj
  174. intersting things just watch it
  175. خیر ولي، که پښتون یې نو ضرور یې ولوله!!!
  176. The Ultimate Guide to America's Successful Failure in Afghanistan
  177. Israel's Destruction of the Bedouin Village Al-Arakib
  178. Parachinar
  179. بهرنيو چارو وزارت بايداساسي تصفیه سي
  180. A practical and realistic roadmap for Pashun unification
  181. America: no stranger to genocidal war crimes
  182. د ډيورنډ د استعماري کرښې په اړه د يو شمېر پو&#
  183. More Afghan Refugees Returning Back to Afghanistan
  184. Afghan Taliban threaten to kill anyone talking peace
  185. Jama'at-e Ahmadiyya is not a political organization
  186. Dr. Muhammad Najibullah Ahmadzai
  187. Letter of Qari Mohammad to Members of the American Congress
  188. The Afghanistan Pipeline Story Is a Floppy Red Herring
  189. کای ایدې په اندد ایساف قوتونه په ناسمو لار
  190. Pashtun strength in parliamant wanes thank to Talibums
  191. Safe havens for terrorists within Pakistan borders unacceptable: Obama
  192. A Pashtun can be a Pakistani?
  193. طالبان ملکی او بیګناه انسانان وژنی
  194. The West Must Excise the Cancer of Terrorism in Pakistan -- or Brace for Failure
  195. د نوامبر ۱۲ د "ډيورند لاين" د خيالي کرښې يو 
  196. Relation between Taliban and M.I Pakistan
  197. Q&A: The reasons behind America's war in Afghanistan
  198. Are Indians foes or friends?
  199. Durand line-afghanistan-pakistan-border disputes-resolving the afghanistan pakistan
  200. Afghanistan & India to sign Mining Agreement soon
  201. Is there anything that the majority can agree on?
  202. The many shades of Pashtuns/Afghans and Pashtun nationalists
  203. Say good bye to American century and ni hao to the new super power
  204. new vido of Pakistan army killing an innocent Pashtuns
  205. Analysis of situation in Swat
  206. Pashtunistan: Response to Levanaye and Admin Khan
  207. Pashto academy merger
  208. په افغانستان کې د امنیت پرمختګ
  209. د سنتکام لخوا د لوی اختر مبارکی
  210. How can that happen?
  211. Pakistan = Terrorism
  212. د ایران د ای ار بی مقاله امریکا د وتلو په هکل&
  213. Ibtisam Ilahi Zaheer on Pakistani government
  214. Afghanistan Wrong National Anthem
  215. Ceasefire is possible. Hezb e Islami
  216. Islam & Democracy by Abdur-Raheem Green
  217. Interested
  218. 92% of Afghans never heard of 9/11
  219. to all politics member's please read and post [it's only gona take 5 min]
  220. Response of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan as regards Lisbon Meeting
  221. The Americans can no longer conceal their defeat in the Kandahar Operations
  222. VIEW: Pak-Afghan relations
  223. خبر:په نره مې قانون مات کړ!
  224. ISI dispatched imposter for discussion: NYT
  225. Taliban Leader in Secret Talks Was an Impostor
  226. Proof 9/11 was staged
  227. Taliban true followers of Islamic ideology: Pakistan minister
  228. Taliban are the true followers of Islam- Pakistan Minister
  229. Dirty dancing to the drone hum
  230. که ناټو په افغانستان کی ماته سی نو بیا ؟ که ن&
  231. په زابل کي دریمه ورځ هم لاریون وشو
  232. Pakistani govt rejects changing Fronteir name on law enforcement agencies
  233. Durrand not a legitimate border
  234. د ملا فضل احمد معنوي چلبازۍ او خطرناکه دسي
  235. Remember 26/11 !
  236. Dr. Rostar Tarakai
  237. Kurdistans gas and oil development
  238. Do Pakhtuns have a Leader?
  239. Talking to the Taliban
  240. Shia deal gives militants new Afghan access
  241. Martin Luther King "I have a dream"
  242. 6 martydomr-seeking Mujahids storm D.I.E center
  243. Two martyr attacks rock police headquarter in Paktika: 56 NATO-Afghan cowardly troops
  244. Nato's exit could mean civil war, Kandaharis say
  245. Afghanistan's intelligence agency denies pursuing talks with a fake Talib
  246. A song from heart
  247. Afghan people: Why is U.S. here?
  248. جهالت انسانان وژنی- القایده تل د نری د دینی &#
  249. Ignorance that kills…AQ and their likes that antagonize scholarship
  250. Brave Waziri tribesman sues America over drone killings