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  1. The Slaves of Dubai
  2. Are Pashtuns Stupid People?
  3. Future Afghan Scenario
  4. Pakistan to request Interpol to arrest Facebook owners, woman
  5. An assessment of the us strategic plan in afpak
  6. aid comparison
  7. A united Pakistan and Afghanistan
  8. ...... Pakistan ......
  9. What should be done to make Afghanistan a Developed country
  10. Confessions of an economic hitman: how US tried to create a global economic empire
  11. پښتنې سيمې ولې بمباريږي ؟؟ دخپریدو نیټه
  12. Hamid Karzai
  13. Political Mullahs in Ghani Khan's Views
  14. Why India is interested in Afghanistan?
  15. کډوال ماشومان د پناهندګۍ غوښتنه نسي کولای
  16. برتانیې ته د ډاکټر ذاکر نایک پر ورتګ د بندی
  17. Human Rights Democracy And Other Lies
  18. Why Gazan sympathisers silent over FATA’s plight?
  19. Would The Afghans Ever Vote Again For A Farsiwan President?
  20. A.N.P Pashtun Nationalist Burn his Uniform
  21. People of FATA are grateful to His! Excellency Karzai for his statement against FCR
  22. Ahmad Shah Masood National Hero?Or National Traitor?
  23. 'Afghan war is lost and US govt has to face it'
  24. Pashtunization
  25. Could the Taliban Take Over Pakistan’s Punjab Province?
  26. RAND: Counterinsurgency in Pakistan
  27. The Sun in the Sky: The Relationship Between Pakistan’s ISI and Afghan Insurgents
  28. Crimes of the Pakistani Army & Government
  29. The Ban on Niqab: What women want
  30. The Declaration of Independence
  31. The Northern Front: The Afghan Insurgency Spreading beyond the Pashtuns
  32. Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef about AFGHANISTAN
  33. american talk's about the war and situation in afghanistan
  34. Pakistans political future
  35. when did it start... how did we get here?
  36. Puncturing Pakistan's "madrasa myth"
  37. Pentagon and NATO censorship and filtering of Media and News
  38. ISI is the source of all Afghan Woes: NOT
  39. Govt can takeover your computer
  40. Kuki Khel vs Mangal Bagh
  41. da pukhtoonkhwa mili awami gwand uk malgre Noor allah pa zrah pore khabre
  42. Islam: The Fallacy of Identifying “Moderate Islam” and “Conservative Islam"
  43. Iran's Afghan strategy
  44. What did America ask Mula Muhamed Umar including Usama bin Laden Handover
  45. Torture Prevalent in Pakistani Security Forces' Custody: Report
  46. ‘Dealing’ with militants in Punjab, agencies style
  47. Jihad by petro-dollars
  48. No point in talking to the Taliban
  49. Arab Nationalism & Islam
  50. Ibn Taymiyyah on The Need for A State
  51. the animosity towards pakistan - completely illogical
  52. Democracy: A Religion
  53. Mossad Hit Men Targeted Turkish Prime Minister
  54. Punjabi Talib says Mullah omar rejects those who fight against Pakistan
  55. Darul Islami Haqqani, the birch place of Afghan Taliban
  56. Pakistan trying to broker Afghan peace deal
  57. Taliban are the only solution for Afghanistan
  58. Analysis: How Tribal Are the Taleban?
  59. How to become a minister: bribe the parliament (with the results of Monday's vote)
  60. Ghairat, Ezat, Efat, Nang and Namos
  61. Free Market Economy or Nationalization of Industry
  62. PSYOPS to change into "Military Information Support"
  63. Beware the Maulana
  64. The Punjabi Mullah who was part of Bin Ladens Fatwa in 1998
  65. Punjabi ISI Agents met with TTP to Target Afghanistan and Nato Instead of Pakistan
  66. Punjabi ISI Colonel Imam: ‘I have the Green Beret but the Taleban beret is better’
  67. Indian ambitions in Afghanistan and designs against Pakistan
  68. Women to be given state land in Fata
  69. Asking Respected Khyaal Saib
  70. The Haqqanis and al-Qaeda
  71. BLA guns down Baloch Journalist
  72. Pakistan to help train Afghan military
  73. Armenian Genocide And ongoing Palestinian, Iraqi And Afghan Genocides
  74. د جنرال تګ د طالبانو دریځ
  75. فارن پالیسي:
  76. یا دافغان ماموریت پای شته؟!
  77. Did the Taliban claim to be a political group?
  78. The Real Grand Total of American Casualties; 655,000
  79. Peshawar declaration
  80. Class Struggle: A Flawed Theory or Fact?
  81. A Pakistani General is worth Rs 500 million!
  82. Interview of Maseed IDPS in DI Khan(A Must See)
  83. Pashtuns made homeless and cleaning shoes in Lahore
  84. گپوړى فرانسوي جنرال وينسينت ديسپورتس : په 
  85. Pakistan to train Afghan military officers
  86. JI (Jamaat e Islami) flays crackdown against FATA tribesmen
  87. A woman’s story Road construction in Afghanistan
  88. US Gen Petraeus urges unity to tackle Afghanistan war#
  89. Pakistan puppet masters guide the Taliban killers
  90. Pakistan weighs up chances in post-McChrystal era
  91. Unreported World: Afghanistan: Waiting for the Taliban
  92. What to do with pseudo-Pashtuns?
  93. List of Terrorist Groups Produced in Pakistan
  94. DEBATE: Islam isthe root cause of backwardness in Pashtun society
  95. DEBATE: Secularist Pashtuns
  96. Pakistan urges world not to interfere in Afghan affairs
  97. A great speech by Mohammad Khan Achakzai
  98. The Pashtun question!
  99. Jihadi literature available once more outside Lal Masjid
  100. Spring 1989: ISI and Bin Laden Allegedly Plot to Kill Pakistani Prime Minister bhutto
  101. Hamid Gul Saved Bin Ladens Life
  102. VIDEO: Debate: Islam or Secular Liberalism? Hamza Andreas Tzortzis vs. Dr Haydar Bash
  103. VIDEO: An Intellectual Response to Freedom of Speech by Hamza Andreas Tzortzis
  104. Intelligence Chief, a brilliant appointment by Karzai!
  105. Is Karzai turning into another Shah Shuja?
  106. Islaamic Universal Government
  107. DEBATE: Political And Economic Globalization
  108. Target Killings of Pashtuns in Karachi
  109. You Are More Likely To Be Murdered In The U.S. Than In Many Muslim Countries
  110. Asfandyar Wali Khan is a Traitor(Farid Toofan Speaks Out)
  111. Tajik perspective on Pashtun Politics :)
  112. A Smart Pashtun Play
  113. Ahmed Rashid: Terrorist Sanctuaries in Pakistan
  114. The Erotic Imginations of Saudi Clerics
  115. Pakistan’s Afghan policy laid bare in Q &A guide
  116. Emergence of Hindu Taliban in India
  117. The infinite Evil of R.A.W; The Indian Spy Agency, an eye opener
  118. Reality Check: Taliban Will Win the War
  119. Record 3,500 Baloch youth join the Pakistan Army
  120. Killing Afghans then hiding it; The US Marines' probe excluded key witnesses
  121. The inevitable peaceful union of Pakistan and Afghanistan
  122. Why premature victory claims? By Jan Assakzai
  123. Pakistan’s risky Afghan overtures: By Jan Assakzai
  124. US's Afghan strategy based on false premise about Pashtuns: By Jan Assakzai
  125. The Pakistani Oppression of Baluchistan
  126. The FBI: Foiling its own plots since 2001
  127. Pashtun beseiged: Is there a way out?
  128. imagine secularism in Afghanistan.
  129. "NATO Forces Invaded Our Home!"
  130. Dirty ISI Stalks Poor CIA, Again
  131. Pakistan’s aim of controlling Afghanistan is for its own survival
  132. Continuing Atrocities in Indian Administered Kashmir
  133. Afghan Hindus and Sikhs grapple with uncertain future
  134. Excuses, excuses : NFP
  135. Indian Muslims wrongly arrested; Proof Hindu Terrorist Group Abhinav Bharat involved
  136. Partition was the worst thing to happen to the Indian Sub Continent
  137. Three monsters of Balochistan: By Jan Assakzai
  138. The men from mountains (Interesting read about Pakhtuns)
  139. Post-US Afghanistan and likely scenarios in Q&A guide: By Jan Assakzai
  140. Pakhtun Sunni and Shia wars...what is the history?
  141. afghan pashtun pride is blinding
  142. My Email response to an ignorant American columnist advocating Afghan partition.....
  143. ټورنټوسن :د ناګټونکي جنګ څخه ځان خلاصول
  144. Post-US Afghanistan and geo-political contest: By Jan Assakzai
  145. Western myths about Pakhtuns and Taliban insurgency- By Jan Assakzai
  146. Ani-Pakhtun rhetoric on the rise: By Jan Assakzai
  147. Is India in Afghanistan to help develop our economy or for there own interests?
  148. US building secret Afghan bases to attack Russia
  149. Karzai seeks delisting of Taliban leaders from UN terror list
  150. Pashtun
  151. 7/7 bombing: British Pakistanis’ lurch to radicalism: By Jan Assakzai
  152. Pakhtuns as “people vs citizens debate”: By Jan Assakzai
  153. Download: Karamaat of the Awliyaa
  154. QuranAwSunnat.Com - Pashto Lectures, Videos, Books.. and much more...
  155. Saving face in unwinnable war
  156. Terrorism: Incoherent policy doomed to failure: By Jan Assakzai
  157. Video of Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad surfaces
  158. Political Poem of ANP(fake Nationalists)
  159. The Problem of Pukhtunistan
  160. Pashtun Tribal Nationalism
  161. VIEW: The roots of bloodshed —Ammar Aziz
  162. Pashtun Nationalists and Islam
  163. Bus stop suicide bomb in Pakistan's Swat kills five
  164. National Geographic Explorer: Talibanistan
  165. Israel's Militant Jewish Radicals
  166. India: ISI behind Mumbai attacks
  167. which one of the following holds greater hope for the world?
  168. Balochistan sleepwalking into Pakhtun-Baloch strife: by Jan Assakza
  169. In defense of Pakhtun nationalism in Pakistan & Afghanistan: By Jan Assakzai
  170. are you racist?
  171. An Attack on the Defense of Pashtun Nationalism
  172. Sahar E magazine-the voice of pashtoons
  173. Taliban related questions
  174. Take it as you may...
  175. Atrocities of talibans against swati women
  176. plans to break up afghanistan
  177. What can you do?
  178. Afghan-Pakistan Transit Trade Agreement
  179. برتاينه : کرزي به د کابل په کنفرانس کي د بهرن&
  180. Taliban adapt tactics to meet US surge
  181. The US secret intelligence gathering systems have grown so much since 9/11 that no...
  182. Pakistan accepts Karzai as post-US Afghan leader? By Jan Assakzai
  183. Bin Laden still in Pakistan
  184. 'Graveyard of Empires': Who's Next?
  185. US Special Operations in Pakistan
  186. Afghan soldier kills two US civilian trainers
  187. Afghan Medical student killed by NATO troops.
  188. THURSDAY, JUL 15, 2010 07:01 ET Hundreds of Afghanistan contractor deaths go unrepor
  189. Conference endorses Afghan goal for security handover
  190. Fighting kills scores between Taliban and HIA (Hezb e Islami)
  191. Pashtun Nationalist Praises Ahmed Shah Massoud
  192. Afghan versus Pashtun Identity
  193. Taliban call to kill collaborators
  194. Pakistan seeks greater Afghan role
  195. Kabul Conference: A chance to fine tune US strategy. By Jan Assakzai
  196. Democracy & Islam A Comparison
  197. "What Was My Father's Crime?" Afghan Tells Story of His Father's Killing in a U.S. Ni
  198. Interview with CIA director, Leon Panetta
  199. America must give the south to the Taliban
  200. Taliban-HIA (Hezb Islami) clash kills 17 combatants - Badbakhto.
  201. Talking to the Taliban?
  202. Do you support Durrand line?
  203. په بغلا ن کی دی طالیبانو چلند دی ولوس سرة.
  204. Message to all those Patriotic People
  205. This is what Nationalists and Secularists are after
  206. Afghanistan: Substantial US withdrawal slips to 2014. By Jan Assakzai
  207. Pashtuns United for Pakistan
  208. End Collective Punishment in Swat
  209. Dawn's editorial about Kabul conference
  210. Canada's First Female Pashtun Senator Seeks To Improve Women's Lives
  211. why
  212. Regionalising fight against terrorism fails: By Jan Assakzai
  213. In Afghanistan, signs of crony capitalism
  214. د نر پښتون ميان افتخارحسين ځوے شهيد کړے شو
  215. Exclusive: Training with the Hezb E Islami.
  216. How to fix Afghanistan
  217. The Jirga in Kabul
  218. Why Did The Othoman Empire Allow Europeans to Capture Muslim Lands?
  219. US blacklists Taliban associates
  220. بلکويل زړور شو، چټيات یې لا دوام لري
  221. Pakistani Teacher of Osama and Mullah Omar Pakistan Zindabad Army of Muslims
  222. Pakistan and the Taliban
  223. We are historically imperialist!
  224. Pakistani Pashtun
  225. Proof of US False Flag Operations Since '62
  226. Karzai & The International Conference
  227. Brave Pakistani Pashtun Mother
  228. Hindu appointed as a political advisor to the president
  229. account of Afghan war
  230. Iran: A spoiler or saviour in Afghanistan? By Jan Assakzai
  231. Afghanistan War Diary
  232. Afghan Parliamentary Campaign is in Full Swing!
  233. The Wikileaks Tet Offensive
  234. Afghan forces' flaws exposed
  235. The Female Afghan General
  236. د افغان جګړې محرم اسناد خپاره کړ
  237. Pakistan Aids Insurgency in Afghanistan: Wikileaks
  238. Innocent Pashtuns Being Massacred in Karachi Once Again
  239. Days of Clashes: Tens dead in Fighting between Hezb e Islami and Taliban
  240. US withdraws 'heat ray' gun from Afghanistan
  241. Afghan army struggles with ethnic divisions
  242. ISI and Taliban Bhai Bhai Afghan War Leaks Video
  243. Afghanistan: India losing to Pakistan? By Jan Assakzai
  244. Bhutto and Zia
  245. Aljazeera report on Kunar Province.
  246. باډي ګارډ د سرپل د بې عزته شوې نجلۍ پرده خون&#
  247. List of Pakhtun Leaders in last 100 years!
  248. Afghanistan bus blast 'kills 25'
  249. What will happen????
  250. پاچاخان ځدراڼ له ماين چاودني روغ ووتئ