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  1. Irqa Veteran : I killed Innocent people.
  2. Anti-Taliban leader killed in NW Pakistan
  3. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood claims strong showing in vote
  4. NATO rockets kill three Afghan women
  5. The Karzais: An interesting Investigation by the Toronto Star
  6. ۱۹۰۰ امریکایی پوځیانو ځانونه وژلی دي
  7. Karzai orders probe into nuke dumping allegations
  8. Russia Could Deliver Death Blow To NATO in Af-Pak War Theater
  9. It's Time to End Our Relationship With Pakistan
  10. IEA: Mullah Muhammad Umar (hz) does not push TTP for Peace with Napak Army
  11. Arab Poison in Afghanistan
  12. Afghan Rape Victim Freed from Jail After Agreeing to Marry Rapist
  13. Support for Pakistan's support for the US war/occupation of Afghanistan
  14. Mahmud Ahmadinijad's house
  15. Pakistani Establishment Stupidity Knows No Bounds
  16. Pashtun kid from Bajaur exposes pakistani army
  17. Pentagon says Pakistan refuses to jointly investigate raid
  18. Pak study for dummies
  19. Liberal commentators and ‘strategic depth’ —Farhat Taj
  20. Islamist landslide in Egypt’s polls
  21. Dispatches: Iraq's Secret War Files
  22. yet another Chechen vs Russia - football player gets beaten in Grozney
  23. Speech of a member of the Taliban after US attack in 2011 on Islamic Emirate of Afgha
  24. US-led forces kill three Afghan civilians
  25. Farhat Taj does it again!Bravo
  26. Farhat T Anderson still gets it wrong part 2
  27. Mujra In National Assembly : Pakistani Parliamentarians and their activities .
  28. Afghanistan: A Timeline of Corruption
  29. Muslim Halal KFC Worker Loses It for Bacon, Colbert, Islamophobia for Dummies حلال
  30. Afghanistan deaths
  31. Bonn Conference discussion
  32. A little birdy told me......
  33. An Afghan Mullah tells the Truth! (Pashto)
  34. Taliban absence looms over Bonn meet
  35. Afghans protest US killing of civilians
  36. Another recession in Europe draws near
  37. 15% of Afghan Army drug addicts/10% Afghan Army Deserters
  38. Who is Azam Khan Swati ?
  39. US-Pakistan ties close to collapse: Chinese daily
  40. Calling Pakistan's Bluff
  41. Pakistani Taliban splintering into factions
  42. American vs Iraqi - wrestling
  43. ISI always keeps its hand in politics: Ijaz
  44. Pakistan Stops Oil supply to Afghanistan at Torkham
  45. Hindustani/Pakistani demonisation of Pashtun IDPs in Karachi
  46. S&P downgrades big U.S. banks
  47. Hamid Karzai 'to stay in control of Afghanistan after 2014'
  48. Pakistan changes ambassadors in 14 countries
  49. Westerners are against war on Afghans
  50. Stop the war in Afghanistan - the pictures
  51. Why hasn't Pakistan had an uprising like other countries?
  52. Secret Iraq: Insurgency
  53. Endless needless death of Pashtuns
  54. US senators call for full review of Pakistani ties
  55. German Intelligence and Karzai
  56. Pakistani Lashkar-E-Jhangvi responsible for suicide attack in Kabul
  57. Pakistani filth responsible for another suicide attack in Afghanistan
  58. Pakistan pulls out of liaison posts; U.S. concerned
  59. Ormuri: The silent victim of militancy
  60. طالبانو په کابل او بلخ کي ننني بريدونه وغن
  61. Blackwater/Xe cells conducting false flag terrorist attacks in Pakistan
  62. Karzai: Blackwater behind terrorism
  63. Taliban condemns Afghan bomb attacks
  64. Taliban leader Mulla Omar killed: report
  65. Pakistani Agent to Plead Guilty in US Court
  66. Urdu documentary about Mujaheed-e-Waziristan
  67. MK Bhadrakumar points to Western occupation behind Ashura Afghan bombings
  68. Western designs to divide Afghans failed
  69. US Central Command strongly condemns yestarday's attack
  70. Did american planes bomb these guys?
  71. 'US, terrorists meet in Afghanistan'
  72. Memogate: Man who delivered memo wants US to leash ISI
  73. US ambassador faces legal threat after drone attack kills two boys
  74. The US AND PAKISTAN dirty war on pashtun/afghan soil
  75. Karzai to take up Kabul attack with Pakistan
  76. Brave Afghan boy Must See
  77. War in Afghanistan some Pictures
  78. Sad Honour killing..Afghan student shot dead in India (UP)..
  79. Sad Honour killing..Afghan student shot dead in India (UP)..
  80. Coup in Pakistan: Zardari Forced Out of Power
  81. Pakistan an obstacle to a Peaceful Afghanistan
  82. Osama bin Laden's wives told they are free to leave Pakistan
  83. Why someone is blackmailing Kayani
  84. Latest news: military coup in Pakistan !
  85. Zardari had mild stroke, bleeding in brain
  86. Mullah makes 300 women pregnent
  87. Pakistan army believes NATO attack planned: reports
  88. Bomb attack kills three Pakistan soldiers in Karachi
  89. Pseudologia fantastica,mythomania,or pathological lying
  90. Pakistan Deploys Air Defense Weapons to Afghan Border
  91. Trader is being honest "I dream of another recession"
  92. US-NATO attack on Pakistan was pre-planned
  93. The Pashtun mothers tears in her eyes
  94. Geopolitical Fault Lines – The Case of Afghanistan
  95. Afghan student killed in India 'over love for Hindu'
  96. The ANP and sucking up to the Punjabi golf club Generals
  97. Saleem Sapi Interview on Bonn Conference 2
  98. Afghan and Paki
  99. Pakistan's blockade of NATO supply lines into Afghanistan enters third week
  100. Gingrich calls Palestinians 'invented' people
  101. US-Pakistan may go to war in 2012
  102. NATO convoy attacked in Pakistan
  103. Pakistan says U.S. drones in its air space will be shot down
  104. Government must shut down Nato supply lines on permanent basis: Jamaat-i-Islami
  105. questions for pashtuns
  106. Pakistan Says US Drones In Its Airspace Will Be Shot Down
  107. In Afghanistan vs India was rigged,Indians cheated
  108. Newt Gingrich takes questions from zionist callers
  109. Why is our brother Tor Khan being partisan?
  110. Hoti to join PTI on Dec 16
  111. Pakistani Taliban deny they are in peace talks
  112. Afghan Socialist Democratic Party
  113. Bill Maher pro Israel Bias
  114. Taso da pakhtun num pa dunya kai sharmawalai dai
  115. Ranjeeth Singh awlad once again in pukhtunkhwa
  116. Afghanistan Lost War Documentary
  117. 5000 Punjabi Talibs:afrasiab khattak
  118. TTP statement:Important
  119. Imran Khan Trojan horse from Punjab
  120. Noorzai from centcom vs Gadoonwal from Pukhtunkhwa
  121. Pak to US: Get Out But Keep the Money Coming
  122. Opening of a Taliban mission in the state of Qatar
  123. Taliban, HIA militants clash in Wardak
  124. Children Rescued from Madrassa Dungeon
  125. Fazl-ur-Rehman supports the afghan taliban but not the paki taliban
  126. Pashtuns and balochs strugglling for 172 years
  127. song for ANP
  128. TALIB And Afghan Army live Call
  129. Imran Khan tells Pak govt to pull out of US-led war on terror
  130. The ANP and revenge attacks —Farhat Taj
  131. يو څو مهم ټکي
  132. Farsi speakers: translation please?
  133. 10 Facts About US Withdrawal from Afghanistan
  134. ‘Pak Taliban to set up check points for Afghan-bound vehicles’
  135. Haji Ahmed Farid - Taliban and the War
  136. You have the watches, We have the time
  137. Call for a self-determined afghanistan
  138. Afghanistan reality for the US
  139. Imran Khan?
  140. یو اولس ، یو هیواد
  141. Pakistan support for US war
  142. Despite Rebels' Tug of War, Afghan Talks Advance
  143. Local Afghan council shuts over US raid
  144. US beseeches Taliban to talk
  145. Watch out, Afghans! - if this is true
  146. Rethink Afghanistan War (Part 6): Security
  147. Biden: Taliban Is Not Enemy of US
  148. Taliban destroy two schools in Charsadda
  149. Balochistan at point of no return
  150. Ustad Haji Farid about America and Nato
  151. Imran Khan exclusive...
  152. Flaws in Counter Insurgency
  153. Nato must rectify the errors it has made in Afghanistan
  154. The REAL cost of the drone war
  155. Pakistani Taliban attack fort, kidnap 15 soldiers
  156. په خپلو کولمو د نس ګنډل
  157. For the Loy Afghanistan/Pashtunistan supporters....
  158. Another Bank Bailout...for Afghan President Hamid Karzai's Cronies
  159. Canada's quest to turn Afghanistan’s army of phantoms into fighters
  160. Imran Khan Karachi Jalsa
  161. Peshawar’s open secret: Hardcore fun for a hard-line city
  162. The trap - we will force you to be free
  163. Soldiers defecting from the Alawit controlled army of Syria
  164. Soldiers od the Syrian Alawit army massacring Donkeys-WTF?
  165. Syrian muslims slaughtered by Alawit and shia Governement
  166. Maulana Diesel in the hot seat
  167. Imran Khan Continues Campaign, Amid Concerns of Army Support
  168. Hurry, order your Drone (very gently used) for that special person THIS holiday !
  169. So Musharraff Bangash just threw his weight behind Imran Khan
  170. Mutalib Beg, a former commander of Northern Alliance DEAD
  171. ملي یووالی
  172. Afghanistan belongs to Pakistan.
  173. The problem of Pashtun alienation
  174. China Gets Afghan Approval for Oil Exploration
  175. Unity stressed to resolve Afghan problems
  176. Benazir ?
  177. مسؤول څوک دی؟
  178. Mullah Omar off FBI most wanted list
  179. Imran Khan PTI is a hypocrite
  180. My video on Imran Khan
  181. پاکستانی هوام کی آواز
  182. Russians were arming Rabani so called government
  183. Taliban MiG-21 intercept russian IL-76
  184. The ISI and the Taliban
  185. Imran Khan’s great leap forward
  186. Khorasanis
  187. I have all the opposition by their balls: Imran Khan
  188. Taliban, US Agree Several Negotiation Points
  189. Democracy pa watan daase lobe wakri...
  190. The murderers of Daud Khan
  191. A Message for Mother From a Mujahid (German Taliban)
  192. pro war people joining Afghan National Army?
  193. What does Pakistan want in Afghanistan?
  194. US May Release Taliban Prisoners From Guantanmo in Goodwill Gesture
  195. Taliban join government
  196. Mozhdah Jamalzadah on Breakfast Television
  197. U.S. Soldiers talk about the Taliban
  198. New Year's gift: Obama signs bill freezing aid to Pakistan
  199. Murdering the truth
  200. "the French has led the way"
  201. My video the Islamist
  202. Liaison Office Seven Taliban leaders take families to Qatar
  203. Karachi Kidnap
  204. Imran Khan and Pakistan's Lota-cracy
  205. Taliban say agreed to liaison office in Doha
  206. Pakistan slave trade
  207. Pakistan, India leaders in Googling ‘sex’
  208. Kidnapping, Selling of Afghan children - Opium Bride
  209. Exclusive: Pakistan Taliban commanders "at each other's throats"
  210. New Province for Baluchistan's Pashtuns
  211. Balochistan: Pakistan's other war
  212. Hezb-e-Islami Welcomes Afghan Peace Efforts
  213. Video:fake nationalism
  214. US likely to release top Taliban leaders from Gitmo
  215. Noam Chomsky is interviewed by a Zionist Israeli woman
  216. Conversation with Ustad Yassir Wardak (may Allah free him) in before his imprisonment
  217. Can Pakistan & Afghanistan Unite?
  218. Imran: a risk to take
  219. How likely is this?
  220. A very true and telling article about Pakistan
  221. چټک پرمختګونه او تاوده غبرګونونه
  222. Split Discussion: Arabs
  223. USA responsible for Arab "revolutions" of 2011
  224. Racists exposed
  225. Musharraf: Israel Could Help Pakistan
  226. TTP kills Swat peace leader in Karachi
  227. Amusing, great video mocks the Mountain of Lies told
  228. indian army protecting the pakistani army officers
  229. A synopsis of Pakistan’s political parties
  230. Split Discussion: Persian Gulf or Arabian Gulf?
  231. US to divide Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran?
  232. New Video : US Marines peeing on dead Afghans
  233. pakistan army make up (ethnicity)
  234. Taliban say Marine tape won't hurt Afghanistan talks
  235. ANP FATA arranged 'Qabaili Jirga' at Nishtar Hall on Jan.1, 2012
  236. قبایلی جرګه- د افراسیاب خټک وینا
  237. Remarks of Islamic Emirate regarding the video which exposes American transgressions
  238. Pashtun Nation - Problem and Solution
  239. FATA Tribals speak out
  240. Is the U.S. coming to terms with the Taliban?
  241. The Truth
  242. Pathans Are Lost Israeli Tribe ???
  243. Americans insulting Karzai very rude remarks.
  244. د ترور پر ضد د جنګ له برکته
  245. Everything You Think You Know About the Collapse of the Soviet Union Is Wrong
  246. My response to the peening incident
  247. Criminal anti-human terrorist Hakimullah Mehsud killed
  248. Pakistan, Afghanistan vow stronger trade ties
  249. Go home Terrorists, Go home: Sheik Th'aban Al-Bazoun
  250. Mohaqiq & other Warlords, federalism, peace and Taliban in Afghanistan