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  1. Interview with taliban commander from Kunduz (Tolo news pukhto)
  2. Sima Samar Pawned with a question regarding her pas involvement in hezb wahdat
  3. Want a head twisting story lol Read this new story news
  4. bollywood exposed
  5. Radical Islam will not be tolerated in America Biden Says
  6. American helicopters which faced "technical" defficulties
  7. Pakistan's Secret Service Arrests 5 CIA Informants Who Spied on Bin Laden
  8. Leahy pressures officials to end Afghanistan war
  9. US senators press Obama on Afghan withdrawal
  10. Why the Taliban are winning in Afghanistan
  11. Republicans Return to Reality
  12. Muslim American Soldier framed for refusing to go to Afghanistan
  13. Entering the endgame
  14. U.S. Mayors Announce Call to End Afghanistan War & Invest in Job Creation
  15. The Bush administration's CIA smear campaign
  16. Meet the Taliban
  17. Pak concerned over NATO attack on military post
  18. Afghan Trials
  19. President. Najibullah
  20. Karzai Takes Another Shot at US-NATO Coalition Over Motives
  21. U.S. negotiating with Taliban, Karzai confirms
  22. Obama Launching World War III
  23. Did u guys watch this video?
  24. 'US promotes instability in Afghanistan'
  25. د افغانستان او امریکې د ستراتیژیک تړون بش¦
  26. Napakistan shot over 40 missiles on Kunar,Afghanistan
  27. Proof the Taliban are cowards and they covet the USA
  28. Nine US-led soldiers die in Afghan war
  29. Pakistan says it drives militants into Afghanistan
  30. Afghan Taliban deny hand in Pak border attack, say operations restricted to Afghanist
  31. Pakistan village raided 'by militants from Afghanistan'
  32. US envoy reproaches Afghan president on criticism
  33. Press TV and their selective news?
  34. SCO steps out of Central Asia
  35. bravery of Taleban
  36. Pakistan destroying Pashtun children schools
  37. Rocket attack kills six in Afghanistan
  38. US drone attacks kill 12 in Pakistan
  39. Spirit of Swat Musical Show
  40. Can US and Taliban cut a deal in Afghanistan?
  41. who are these?
  42. Taliban refute reports of talks with US, Kabul
  43. Afghan refugees melt into social fabric of Pakistan: UN official
  44. 2 more US-led troops die in Afghan war
  45. US raid kills civilian in Afghanistan
  46. Huntsman Urges Swift Withdrawal from Afghanistan
  47. Afghan Troops "A Systemic Threat"
  48. Civil War 2.0 Afghanistan - get ready!
  49. 90% of Petraeus’s Captured ‘Taliban’ Were Civilians.
  50. Taliban disinformation campaign thwarted by ANA and U.S. forces
  51. ANA capable of averting Taliban attacks: Azimi
  52. Soldiers and ANA fight to drive out last Taliban stronghold
  53. US-led forces kill Afghan civilians
  54. PressTV: Backed by Iran "All the News Iran Sees Fit To Broadcast"
  55. Stop Islamization of America (SIOA), Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE), World Leader
  56. US troops kill five civilians in Afghanistan including a 7-day-old infant
  57. US Soldier who killed and raped a 14 year old Iraqi Girl
  58. 30,000 troops to be out of Afghanistan by end of 2012.
  59. Dutch and ANA fighting for Afghanistan Part 1
  60. ANA and British forces in major new operation 21.02.11
  61. Terrorist description on Wikipedia
  62. Amrullah Saleh on 60 minutes
  63. The (Not So) Secret (Anymore) US War in Pakistan (for graveyard)
  64. Addicted to heroin in Afghanistan
  65. Threat to US comes from Pakistan, not Afghanistan
  66. Feeling the Ignorance at AIPAC 2011
  67. Anti-Semitism on the Rise? ABC Primetime asks, "What Would You Do?"
  68. What would you do (muslims)? ABC programe
  69. Taliban dismisses US troop withdrawal in Afghanistan
  70. Pakistan want to fence and mine her border with aghanistan.
  71. Afghan tribunal ejects lawmakers over election fraud
  72. Gen Kiayani inaugurates Wana Cadet College
  73. Karzai & Hezb i Islami
  74. Even families of US Military are against these 2 wars!
  75. Afghanistan similarity with Vietnam
  76. Unleashing our reserves of desperation
  77. Media rounds on Pakistan's spies
  78. Mullah Omar sends trusted envoy for Taliban- western officials talks
  79. News about Orakzai Tribal area and TTP (Dawn news english/urdu)
  80. Iranian, Afghan, Pakistani presidents hold trilateral meeting
  81. Civilians and Who They Blame
  82. Taleban chief's son-in-law one of secret envoys at peace talks
  83. Northern Constituencies are threatened by Pashtuns? Hillary Clinton
  84. Afghans Ready to Retaliate Against Pakistan Missile Attacks
  85. Attack on hospital .
  86. Charlie Wilson's War
  87. Abdullah Abdullah Interview
  88. paki news caster talking about paki ezath and ghairath
  90. Taliban deny Afghan bomb involvement
  91. US presence root of region's problems'
  92. Taliban denies it carried out Afghan hospital car bomb attack
  93. Taliban refute reports of talks with US, Kabul
  94. The Real Reason for NATO Attacking Libya EXPOSED
  95. Mustafa zaher
  96. the brave taleban using 8 years old girl as suicide bomber
  97. Afghan baki Kohsar Baki Alhukmu Lillah wal Mulku Lillah
  98. Facing The Horror Of The Needless Afghan War
  99. Taliban Chief splits from TTP
  100. Obama's Afghan war speech hasn't done much to sway opinion, poll finds
  101. Pat Buchanan: The beginning of the end in Afghanistan
  102. China Starting to Shift From Dollar
  103. Muhammad Ali Jinah Kafir tha - Ahmad Raza Khan Barelvi Ka Fatwa
  104. Do you see anything strange on this picture and the text
  105. 'Kabul probes use of chemical weapons'
  106. Afghanistan: Why Civilians are Killed
  107. US drone goes down in Afghanistan
  108. Barack Gorbachev: Adjusting to the Global Reality
  109. 250,000 Afghans 'flee homes in two years'
  110. pashtuns murdered and their truck torched in karachi
  111. پان ايرانېزم دافغانيت لوى دښمن !
  112. Khamoosh to attend left wing parties’ world moot To expose US designs on region’s nat
  113. Karzai faces polls fraud crisis
  114. Religious Reasons for the Taliban Attack on the Intercontinental Hotel
  115. A Miss Khan fired over Hijab, bravely sues retailer
  116. 'Burnt-out' case exposes US-Afghan rift
  117. American anti-Muslim Bias
  118. Taliban murderers of innocent Afghans
  119. US kill team in Afghanistan
  120. Taliban say French hostages freed in exchange for commander
  121. Beginning of a violent end for America?
  122. Remember: No nation has a “right to exist”
  123. Afghan Brig. Gen. Aminullah Amarkhel, resigned on Wednesday
  124. Ashraf Ghani- a failed traitor
  125. US strike kills 5 Afghan civilians
  126. US War Crimes In Mazar ( Afghanistan ) - Documentary reported by Jamie Doran
  127. Taliban winning hearts - and more
  128. Geo tv trying to incriminate Pukhtane in Karachi
  129. General Akhtar abdur rahman
  130. 100 year old Afghan lady: War Veteran
  131. RT News doing wrong translation of Afghans(caught by me)
  132. 2011 On Pace to Match Deadliest Year in Afghanistan for U.S. Troops
  133. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO: Afghanistan, Pakistan welcomed; U.S. is n
  134. Talks with Taliban must be secret to be successful
  135. ‘The US has already lost the Afghanistan war’
  136. the Loya Jirga
  137. Anti Pakistan protests in Kabul
  138. Kabul Airport to be renamed?
  139. Imran under US watch as his popularity grows: Report
  140. Anti-Americanism fuels Imran's political rise
  141. Afghanistan bans more security firms
  142. Iranian shia mullah talks abotu Afghans
  143. This report looks suspecious - fake or real?
  144. NATO tankers torched in Afghanistan
  145. US wants more Pakistan shelling in Afghanistan
  146. The first step
  147. Poll about USA
  148. The US has already lost the Afghanistan war
  149. 'US to fail in bringing Taliban to talks'
  150. "Apple cloud be a target, too" says hacker group Anonymous
  151. Hacking of Fox News claimed by group with links to Anonymous
  152. U.S. troops murdered Afghan civilians for Sport
  153. Best current president/leader?
  154. “I am the army”
  155. Pashto Bayan by Taliban
  156. Afghan Parliament cat fight!!!
  157. Losers and winners in Obama's Afghanistan
  158. Message From Anonymous to NATO
  159. The loaf sugar in the small guy Dou
  160. Love Versus Hate in Afghanistan - An Ex-Soldier's Tale
  161. Reporting Insulting/Inappropriate/Offensive Posts
  162. Mujahideen Punishing Americans
  163. Cargo plane crashes in Afghanistan
  164. UK soldier jailed for 'disobeying orders to fire gun' over opposition to war
  165. ‘Taliban’ claims responsibility for collapse of Azerbaijani plane in Afghanistan
  166. 4 Afghan civilians killed by RAF drone
  167. Afghans protest US killing of civilians
  168. Gay rights in Pakistan
  169. Taliban again refute claims of peace talks with West
  170. US behind border raids against Afghans
  171. Gunmen hijack bus, identify and kill all Pashtuns on board
  172. US airstrike kills 8 Afghan children
  173. Why is the media not covering the protests in Afghanistan?
  174. We will keep shelling you .
  175. New massacre of civilians in afghamistan in us raid
  176. مارشال صاحب زمین دوز
  177. NATO chartered cargo plane down inAfghanistan.
  178. Afghan Police surrenders to a few lighly armed Taliban
  179. 32 more killed,mqm terrorists target killing of pashtun
  180. protest in khost, against ISAF,
  181. Pakistan is no friend of pashtuns
  182. The Islamic Revolution and Scientific Literacy
  183. Taliban claims responsibility for end of Canadian combat mission
  184. 81 killed in Karachi over four days
  185. Why did the Taliban attack the Inter-Continental Hotel in Kabul?
  186. U.S. faces default
  187. Pakistan: Secret, dirty killings in Balochistan
  188. Nokia afridi complaining about every pro pashtun comment
  189. Afghan guard kills two US soldiers
  190. ACCI Urges End of Trade Relations with Pakistan
  191. Dems challenge Obama's Afghan withdrawal plan
  192. 'Sadr to use force if US overstays'
  193. America's barbaric treatment of my son John Walker Lindh
  194. the pathan and the pakhtun
  195. canadians oppose ISI 'meddling' in Afghanistan
  196. افغانستان دغازي امان الله خان په دوره كې - ل&#
  197. pakistan army extrajudicial killing in Malakand
  198. Wagma's home robbed
  199. this wouldn't happen during taliban times
  200. US suspends military aid to Pakistan
  201. 'Pakistan must evict US from secret base'
  202. Two more dead in Afghanistan
  203. The recent US airstrike
  204. what is the problem lets ask pakistanis and pathans should watch...
  205. When the neighbour's house catches fire
  206. Lets Remedy a Few Things
  207. U.S. suspends $800M in Pakistan aid
  208. Pakistan Says It Doesn't Need US Military Aid
  209. Taliban blames ‘US agents’ for deadly attack on Pak military convoy in N.Waziristan
  210. Do you support the US occupation of Afghanistan?
  211. The only wise in Congress
  212. Love Crimes of Kabul’: Meet the Sex Outlaws of Afghanistan
  213. 90,000 Military Email Accounts Leaked in Latest #AntiSec Attack
  214. Jinnah and co
  215. Kashmiris demand withdrawal of Pakistan troops from Pakistan occupied Kashmir
  216. Want to read something funny
  217. US drone strikes kill 50 in Pakistan
  218. Taliban's view on its talks with US
  219. US-led raid kills 16 Afghan civilians
  220. Is the US behind Ahmad Wali Karzai's death?
  221. Baluchistan not far from freedom,punjabi establishment on the fall
  222. Who Else Is on the US spy Payroll?
  223. Obama's Drone Surge in Pakistan Doing More Damage Than Good
  224. US killing Afghans with airstrikes due to losing
  225. a picture worth a thousand words
  226. Foreigne Media Influence
  227. The dog reached U.S.A
  228. Hypocrites lock down Kandahar for one death....
  229. Karzai: Blackwater behind terrorism-10-24-2010
  230. pashto status in pakistan
  231. Taliban deliver hammer blow to NATO
  232. Why The US Won't Leave Afghanistan
  233. Historical treachery against Afghans
  234. Karzai Buries a Brother, and Quickly Appoints Another as Successor
  235. Bikini vs. Burqa
  236. Victom of merciless adminstration of UOP
  237. How to exit Afghanistan without creating wider conflict
  238. Five  French  soldiers  killed  in  Afghanistan
  239. Political Party Tiiiiime
  240. UN: Deadliest six months for Afghans so far
  241. UN supporting US murder of Afghans
  242. is pakistan good boy dog?
  243. This is not Islam
  244. US soldiers ‘joked about killing women and children’
  245. China Eclipsing U.S. in Global Reach, Poll Finds
  246. Dear Everyone :)
  247. Za khu ba na pohgam "?"
  248. Afghan Legislators Claim To Have Met Taliban Leader
  249. Taliban reject official civilian death figures
  250. Taliban and Pakistan are Habaa of people.