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Default 10-17-2017, 09:43 PM

Originally Posted by Farahshah View Post
I know most of you guys don't know much about the kind of language Paschtun women use. Nor i think you people pay much attention to it. But have you ever heard your mother or other elder women use unique pashto curses. By curses i mean not shkanzali just sharawi. My mother says a lot of sharawi when she's angry, irritated and being sarcastic. She says things like; drubba de owaha, pa tsango akhta say, mlaa de maata/shna sa, khula de da galla daka sa, da Arzael(corrupt form Izrael) wa khula ta say etc etc.
A lot of women from different tribes and regions of south use them. Do your women say such stuff too?
A dictionary of it, but unfortunately can't remember!
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