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Default 07-01-2015, 04:21 AM

Originally Posted by ImAjEw View Post
from saudi and qatar
also they sell oil
and especially from the western countries!
do you know much money come from western countries as donation through different organizations?
also they, well in germany, open an internet cafe sell mobilcards etc. and doing insurance fraud; they do lots of such kind of businesses
i used to work in a post office for few weeks and i talked with one co-worker, she told me they had once money transfer system which they stopped to do because it started to become dangerous; money which moslem customer transfered went to pakistan
From USA/UK as well!

The world is grey and very complicated. But to make a general assumptions the most powerful players and their pawns I would say.

USA/NATO/Israel/EU and their puppet states Qatar, Saudi baboonia, porkistan, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Japan, South Korea, Philippines semi Afghanistan etc VS BRICS + their puppet states Cuba, Venezuela etc. Iran is a joker right now. They are a independent regional power that makes countries like, Israel, USA, UK, Saudi Baboonia, Porkistan etc **** on their pants. Look where Iran is today after those powers throws everything at them with Sanctions for 40 years. Saddam's Iraq piss on themselves after few sanctions. Not surprised so much that region used to be super power from Achameneids to Sassanids and beyond. But I am impressed how the leadership of Iran have tight control over their population and have them somehow united almost as one body and one mind. That is what I want for Afghanistan/Pashtunistan minus the arabisation, and the ones that doesn't really belong there of course!
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